Why-do-people-drink-alcohol, alcohol drinking often appears to be social.

Why-do-people-drink-alcohol is often said for taste, stress relief, and just to get “plain stupid.”


We suggest it is anguish, existential anguish. Then, uncontrolled satisfaction (we abuse alcohol) brings guilt and shame.

Why-do-people-drink-alcohol will be approached from an individually sensed internal pain perspective. Part and parcel of our lives, it comes with the territory of our existence.

Current research indicates emotional and physical pain affects the same pain receptors. Emotions hurt more than we want to imagine.

The arrows of outrageous fortune, social rejection, cause “real” pain, not just an imagined slight.

We are as human beings prone to existential anguish and pain. It comes with the territory. Being human. Anguish is a problem of being itself.

We drink alcohol to deal with our anguish, our emotional thirst, brought on by our having our existence, our being, before we’ve defined our essence.
How To Stop Alcohol Abuse, NOW.

Sounds like we need a substance abuse recovery program.

Memories crowd in on us now, our lack of nurturing , feeling love, stings. We want permanent affection.

We’re here, we exist, we are alive, we can choose action, but we don’t comprehend our purpose. When we “know” our purpose we act. Before that, anguish, only pain of desire and craving.

Alcohol and the effects of alcohol bondage, is just a temporary bandage we place on our internal pain. Momentary relief which only brings its own pain, and often shame and guilt. Recovery from Alcohol requires we do our ADLs.

Why do people drink alcohol: anguish, desire, thirst, and cravings.

The urges and triggers come with the alcohol.

The reasons why? We only wanted a short easy reprieve from choice. A couple drinks. To relax, relieve work stress. Now we have a court date for DUI/DWI.

But, our lives are determined by our choices, they define us. Choice is what we make of life. Choice is the crux of being alive. Give this Idea a Real Chance.

An Addiction quote often ends up asking: “Am I an Alcoholic?

Of course, we are all overwhelmed at one time or another by our choices. It is part of being condemned to freedom. Choice is our individual human option and responsibility.

The Stop Smoking folks have a T.V. Ad out which says: “No one can make me stop smoking. But me.” Absolutely.

Serious Question:

Why do more alcoholics “stop drinking” because of spirituality, than from all the therapies combined?

Simply because: How To Stop Personal Alcohol Abuse.

Spirituality directly addresses choice by offering personal options for action.

But, it isn’t the only choice.

Many of us don’t like some religion’s answers and options. Why cry? That’s a choice too. Our personal option.

Our greatest human satisfaction is an enduring sense of “noble” ---other directed---purpose, instilled with a sense of anticipation. Reasons why our craving, desire, thirst, and wishing is called an addiction.

Uncontrolled desires and cravings lead to addiction, including alcoholism. We bigin with Addiction Is a Spiritual Disease.

Why-do-people-drink-alcohol : Do we trade our anguish for an alcohol addiction?

There must be another solution rather than our dependence on alcohol. A different inner choice. A different kind of substance abuse recovery program.

Why-do-people-drink-alcohol: Too often we seek relief, satisfactions, “out there” from sources in our external world.

We think if our physical desires are fulfilled, we will find and have permanent lasting happiness---a state of well-being which lasts and lasts.

Yet we “know” we live in a world of constant change, impermanent. A world filled with sorrow and pain, especially “our there.”

Yet we cling to our desires, our cravings, our urges, our anguish, for permanent happiness. YES. Self Help is Effective. Start Now.

Why do people drink alcohol, to quench an internal (spiritual) (emotional) (anguish) thirst with an external solution---alcohol.

We can’t quench an internal thirst (needs) with external choices.

Is there an alternative option?

Yes. “The Joy Beyond Craving”: A Buddhist Perspective on Addiction and Recovery by Joni Kay Rose.

Obviously painful situations can hardly be avoided. However, we can affect and moderate our responses to them.

Rose tells us how in her unique combination of Buddhism and the 12 Steps:

“We’ve seen that the cause of our suffering lies not merely in external events, but in our own thoughts and actions, based on our false concept of ourselves as independent entities.

Turning our lives over to a Higher Consciousness constitutes letting go of that self image, to recognize our oneness with the Emptiness of Ultimate Being.”

“Mystics of all religions have said that the way to find Spiritual Awakening is to open ourselves completely through prayer and meditation, and listen to the still inner voice.

Then when the distinction between our Higher Consciousness and ourselves disappears, it does so not because we absorb that Consciousness into ourselves, but because we put aside our illusory idea of “self” and become absorbed in the Emptiness completely.

This is the Spiritual Awakening of which both Bill W. and Buddha spoke.”

Why-do-people-drink-alcohol: a good question to ask yourself. Consider Sobriety Mindfulness. Maybe It Is Yours.

Happiness is difficult enough to find internally, it is impossible to find externally.

Want a real chance at breaking free of Booze? Try Alcoholism Recovery.

Why-do-people-drink-alcohol : Understand the Booze Problem.