Weight-Loss means full commitment. No phobias. Let go your fear of making the decision to lose weight.

Commitment and discipline are essential to successful weight-loss.

You’ll find detailed Keys to loosing weight in the following material.

Weight-Loss: What is success at losing weight or effective dieting?

We have said that committed discipline is a critical factor necessary for effective long term body weight balance. So what will managing yourself bring you?

Dieting success is attaining the appropriate weight for your body type, age, sex, height, state of health, and lifestyle, anything else is great , but only partial success.

A new mother nursing her infant and a 28 year old Oregon logger have different dietary needs and goals for weight maintenance. Loosing Weight/Dieting plans should fit you and your situation, like a well worn glove.

You probably already have an idea as to what you ideal body weight should be. Are you Sidetracked by Obesity?

If you come from a Fat Family, you may find Fat Is A Family Affair.

Dieting help is only a click away. Do it now. You'll be proud of yourself.

Of course, you should consult your personal physician before beginning any diet program. He or she can help set your ideal weight based on the factors mentioned above.

So you have:

1. An appropriate goal weight.

2. You’ve made a firm commitment to achieve your goal.

3. You have pledged to yourself and hopefully to others you will exercise the discipline necessary to carry out your chosen plan/program. Compulsive Eating got you by the throat?

Now you need to find and select your weight loss plan or diet program.

Perhaps the Quick-Weight-Loss approach may help.

Choosing can be hard for some people, ask your friends how they lost.

You may feel you already have a program for loosing weight or know how to diet.

Many of us who have lost weight have done it a number of times before it took. For many of us it has been like throwing mud at a wall and seeing how much sticks.

You just gotta keep throwing the mud.If you came from a Fat Family, chances are good you are fat and your family will be a Fat family

Successful Dieting often takes more than one try. No crime in that.It is like learning to walk all over again.

It is now, the final effort which can bring dieting success. But, in any case you don’t need a fad diet. And be careful of the fast, quick, and Eat The Whole Thing Diets.

See How The SNUPS, Martians, and Drain People Can Sabotage Your Diet.

Martians, the Diet Devils, can not only stop Recovery, but disable your dieting.

Read some of the Atkins, Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, or South Breach diet success stories. See what leads to low carbohydrate, low fat, and other types of weight-loss. Discover your own personal diet approach.

You may want to take a look at our “Self-Sabotage screen.” It is all about being in charge of self, as much as possible, of your own eating. In some cases, it may be your only choice.

Also on our Diets screen, found on the tabs to the left, we offer a number of different approaches to weight-loss/dieting. And, in addition, some specific suggestions. Take a look:

You can Overcome Compulsive Eating, here's how.

Approaches to Weight-Loss/Dieting

But, when all is said and done, those who are successful at weight-loss are those who keep their commitment to their chosen diet plan. Stick to the plan. Make it your personal weight loss plan.

The discipline of a firm commitment. It is that pledge you call on when offered “second helpings.” When “friends” attempt to sabotage your diet program. Whether they do it consciously or not.

And they do it while they have their arm around your shoulder.

The bottom line of dieting is that it has to work for you. That is who, what, where you are, and that includes those involved with you and your daily life.

You are that which you seek. NISARGADATTA

As part of your Weight-Loss plan, take a close look at Food Addiction.

See If Compulsive Eating is involved.

Weight Loss Tips: Secrets to Diet Success.

Most of us have have several personal dieting stories we can tell. Do you have a great story about weight loss? Diet or weight loss Success? Help us. Share it!