UNPLUG Unrealistic-Expectations.

Unrealistic-Expectations are reinforced by media and society.

Let Go The SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People, Free Your Adddictions-Recovery for Sobriety and Serenity.

Discover how Addictions-Treatment is the bedrock of Recovery and Sobriety.

Unrealistic Expectations can defeat your Addiction Recovery.

Unrealistic-Expectations which aren't based in reality can defeat sobriety, prevent serenity and clobber spirituality, prayer and meditation. Illusions are usually destructive.

Lets start with the Ultimate Unrealistic-Expectation:

This is when you want and expect the “world” to meet your every need and wish. Particularity, when you want it without having to do anything to make it happen.

You think as though you were born with the Divine Rights of Kings. When this unrealistic thinking happens relapse threatens your personal addictions recovery.

All of us, at some time, has Unrealistic-Expectations, we want the pains of childhood, and those after, to be burned away by some magic potion or person.

We expect the strong Father to come and save us. We expect the eternally giving Mother to nurture us.

But, instead we find the thorns of the rose, in our book of life, just as sharp as when we placed them there years ago.

No amount of retelling and rehashing the stories can seem to free us from the pain and stress of our ambiguity and our Artificial Stress.

And when these Unrealistic Wants are not met by those whom we want to meet them, we often turn to the illusionist and their false promises, addictive behavior is often not far behind.

It is then we adopt illusionist's absolute and, too often, destructive thinking.

As you can imagine, these absolute illusions are far more destructive than simple SNUPs. Our new Unrealistic-Expectations are expressed as beliefs and attitudes which are self-defeating.

A first step to the long-term sobriety and serenity of Personal Addictions Recovery is to discover and then to understand your overall beliefs about life.

This is a crucial first step toward changing your addictive attitudes and behaviors. You must confront your habits and attitudes which have become things…set in concrete…lifestyle patterns.

This all-encompassing, global, view of the world, and yourself in it was shaped beginning in early childhood. These attitudes were initiated in response to your reactions to experiences with caretakers and to your environment.

The problem is that we tend to think these early beliefs are absolutely true. The resulting consequences on your life, in a relative world, can be devastating.

Since your belief system supports and validates your individual philosophy of life, these early learned truths acquire a religious like conviction. You know/think they are absolutely true. These absolute concepts then direct your life.

However, this belief system is not always valid; nor do these early concepts necessarily correspond with reality. Many are Unrelistic-Expectations.

It is no wonder then that your absolute beliefs, your Unrealistic Expectations, get you into serious, even life-threatening addictive behavior situations.

Unrealistic-Expectations can steer your lifestyle away from life and toward failure. But, you can salvage your life. Accurate knowledge is not only powerful; it could provide you with the basic motivation and process to change your addictive behaviors.

Accurate information will go a long way toward reshaping your attitudes and beliefs. Your part is to attempt to be consistent in the practice of your new found awareness behaviors.

Clearly changing your attitudes and behaviors will require discipline and consistent effort on your part for you to be successful.

Nothing should be left to chance. Your commitment is paramount; wishful thinking means failure.

You must invest your personal energy into developing your Let-Go, Let-God Awareness. Luck won’t do it. Depend upon your own SEEING.

You have the courage to Let-Go, Let-God. Unplug, make the necessary changes. Success is really in your hands.

To change, to Unplug from your Unrealistic-Expectations and Self Sabotage you must SEE your life and actions as they are, and be responsible for the outcomes.

Begin to see the process, after-the-fact at first, and then gradually you become aware as the event is happening, as you are in the process of taking an action.

The final goal is to SEE what could happen before you act. Unrealistic-Expectations then begin to be seen for what they really are illusions.

Success at Awareness and Unplugging, even at the initial level, can help you be able to SEE that the process can be extended to more complex, more difficult, and more important issues.

Gradually you’ll be able to let go your Unrealistic-Expectations.

To have the awareness necessary for resolving your Self Sabotage, you need to become an observer, a non-judgmental observer of your own thoughts and behaviors.

Becoming an observer of your self means being able to witness your own thoughts, desires, and actions. This will require that you change from your current self-centered perspective.

You must move from where your own interest is primary, to one where you, as an observer, “experience” yourself. And that is objectively, but, from within. This will enable you to observe your self without Unrealistic-Expectations, without judgement.

You can experience yourself and your life from a new more realistic perspective: The Third Level. This neutral, perspective is unattached; that means you are an observer without expectations.

Yours is an awareness which is without illusory beliefs, without a pre-arranged agenda, where you cease judging in advance based on someone else's thinking.

Then you can SEE, and believe what you SEE, rather than what you think. SEE yourself and your life from “an observer’s perspective.” It is impartial, accurate attention.

By beginning to see your Unrealistic-Expectations before you act, you can then use this experience and the resultant Awareness process to confront your False Assumptions.

We’ll start that on the FALSE ASSUMPTIONSScreen. See the Expectations of The Mind of The Addict.

You Can Free Your Addictions-Reovery of Unrealistic Expectations.

False-Assumptions, like Unrealistic-Expectations Sabotage Personal Addictions Recovery, Sobriety and Spirituality

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