Types-Of-Addictions is any process over which we are powerless.

Types-Of-Addictions like all serious diseases are progressive.

Some Types-Of-Addictions keep us unaware of what is going on inside us.

Types-Of-Addictions include ingestive addictions, substances deliberately taken into the body. Alcohol, drugs, caffeine, nicotine are the best known addictive substances.

But, they are not the “only” ones. There are mood altering chemicals like sugar. Food when it moves into abuse becomes compulsive and out-of-control.

A way of avoiding responsibility for oneself.

Process addictions is when we become hooked on a specific series of actions or interactions.

There are signs of addiction, often urges from cues, triggers, or a specific desired release. Discover The Mind of The Addict.

Types-Of-Addictions :

Process addiction is being hooked on specific interactions.

Process Addictions include accumulating money, (wish we had it!), gambling (this instead!), sex, porn, work, religion, and worry. All are processes. They are built-in problems.

The longer we wait to be rescued , to attempt to recover, the worse our addictive behavior becomes. Regardless what we are addicted to, it takes more and more to create the desired effect.

And no amount is ever enough for lasting relief or satisfaction.

We live in an addictive society. It asks us to become comfortable with our own non-aliveness.

Think of who pays and who benefits for alcohol production: employment, sales, taxes, consumption and treating the residuals of alcohol: police, jails, prisons, hospitals, sleep-offs, tent cities, DUIs, AA, rehab, and on and on.

OH. No mention of individuals, families, marriages, children, etc. A thoroughly functioning system of addiction production.

Food, drugs, sex, and porn have their own industries and likewise addiction systems. Make these Addiction Quotes your own.

Different Types of Addiction.

Usually something we have to lie about. Ashamed to make public.

Addictive thinking tells us it couldn’t possibly be our fault. Many of us have multiple addictions, they feed each other. Booze and sex. Food and drink. Bingo and pull-tabs. Just some favorites. Casual use moves into abuse. Abuse into addiction.

We really have a spiritual disease. We feel we must pleasure ourselves in order to be satisfied and happy. Fill that void inside, satisfy perpetual anguish.

Lately we’ve had a devastating example of Greed Addiction, with complete financial systems addicted.

The feeling of entitlement reigns complete. See How Addiction Works.

Different types of addictions destroy life and wreak havoc with relationships.

Relationship Addictions are models for the addictive system.

An addictive relationship, called love-affection addictions, is the basic relationship within our cultures. It is a “cling-clung” relationship. Both persons involved are convinced they cannot exist without it.

Half-Persons who must stick together to make a whole. We all suffer existential anxiety, yet it can be let go. But only by each of us individually.

Our Ending-Addictions screens address letting go all Types-Of-Addictions and their anguish origins.

Types-Of-Addictions include Relationship-Addictions.

Types-Of-Addictions :

Addictive Relationships are powerful and seductive.

Hard to resist. The relationship functions as an addiction. “I can’t live without you.!”

And then there is codependency.

Anne Wilson Schaef in "When Society becomes An Addict" says in our review:

"The addictive systems could not survive without their codependents. They are the people who keep them going. They are their advocates and protectors.

The addictive system invites us to be codependents, to refuse to see people and things as they are.

To recover from addiction we must break free.

We live in an addictive system. Addiction intervention means we must quit supporting it and allow it to collapse. But, it won’t be quick, the addictive system will fight back. It won’t quit and go away very easy.

We can no longer label one, or treat one, or see one with out acknowledging the presence of all the others.

We must undertake to treat the system as a whole."

The problem is systemic. In this, we must take responsibility for ourselves and for our own anguish. Self responsibility is self care.

Breaking our personal Addiction is possible.

The-Addicted-Self is our place in an Addictive Society.

When society becomes an addict, we have Relationship-Addicts.

See how an addictive society affects Relationships.

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