The-Addicted-Self can become fully sober and conscious.

The-Addicted-Self becomes history with sober recovery.

Recovery from The-Addicted-Self requires we explore our conscious self in depth.

The-Addicted-Self reviews Thomas Metzinger’s “The Ego Tunnel” to consciously ask,

“Why is there always someone having the craving experience?

Who is the feeler of the addictive triggers?”

Who is The Addicted?

Who is the alcoholic? The drug addict? Who drinks, shoots-up, gets high?

My Self.

What is the entity having these addictive experiences? The one experiencing addiction?

The Addicted is my body/brain/mind . It is the conscious one. Understand The Mind of The Addict, Heal It.

Consciousness makes the world present for us.

Everything is in the NOW. Whatever we experience we experience it as happening at this present moment. Even our memories we experience in the present. Now, this moment.

Our consciousness is here and now.

So how free is the person who is addicted

We clearly experience ourselves as beings who have choice, we have a sense of agency. The conscious experience of someone who acts.

We own ourselves. So maybe we can feed our brain/mind the good, useful stuff. No false information knowingly, no illusions.

We may even with effort and mindful meditation be able to let go our UFOs. Our Unrealistic Expectations, Our False Assumptions, and Our Obsolete Relationships

The-Addicted-Self: First UFO is Unrealistic-Expectations.

The Second UFO is False-Assumptions.

The Third UFO is Obsolete-Relationships.

What can we do Today about our Addiction?

We can input our affirmations of sober intent, our prayers of Intended recovery actions. We can consciously help select the addiction recovery data for our minds.

We can help our brains stay on track.

Feed your mind the good stuff. The truth. The real facts, not addictive illusions. We can with conscious deliberation let-go our addiction and the anguish from which it sprang. We can consciously choose addiction recovery.

We humans have a deep, inbuilt longing for fulfillment, an itch that seems hard to scratch. It is the seed of our subjective suffering.

Our anguish. We bounce from one addiction to another. We fail to realize:

Desire is the mother seed of pain and addiction. Our hope is the fact that we can let desire and it’s anguish go. We can have sobriety living sober. Understanding can free you from Addictive Relationships.

Even addicted we can attain conscious awareness and then take conscious responsibility for what we do.

We can choose to ride the tiger of sobriety and recovery. Yes, we can choose to be sober and recover. We do not have to be Addictions Spiritual Orphans.

The Self Can Become Sober and Fully Conscious.

It is our choice as conscious able beings. The sobriety-recovery success process is choice, commitment, and conscious action.

Recovery-Success is possible with abstinence and sobriety.