Survivors-Recovery you can have real relief, initiate your own alcoholism survival recovery.

Survivors-Recovery your emerging awareness can transform your alcohol survivors past.

Survivors-Recovery makes integration of the past possible for lasting non-addictive relationships.

Survivors-Recovery explains as Herbert L Gravitz and Julie Bowden make clear, “Adult children of alcoholics make it through childhood, and stayed alive. Shell-shocked veterans from the alcohol war zone.

Their lives threatened emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. Some sexually violated.

Children of alcohol were/are great at dodging, hiding, negotiating, learning, and adapting to stay alive.

They learned to survive despite the demand that they pretend there is nothing wrong. Learn to deny. Repress. Dissociate. But they survived.

Survived essentially alone. Alcoholism is an isolating, separating, and lonely disease. Most had to suffer in silence.

And even added alcoholism abuse damage: They may have known a relative watched/knew and did not speak up.

There was a secret, a shroud of booze silence everywhere. No body would speak…the obvious.

The sorrow: Betrayed.”

And Discovery January 2010 says, “Abuse Leaves its Mark on Victim’s DNA.

Childhood trauma of alcoholism may leave a lasting imprint not just on the psyche but also in the DNA.

Those abused as kids, their brains, in suicide autopsies, showed DNA modifications that made them particularly sensitive to stress.

During periods of adversity their brain chemicals left them with less resistance to feeling of stress. Among the abused their glucocorticoid-receptor expression was reduced by 40 percent.”

More than just betrayed. Damaged by alcohol for life. Discover a Serenity Life Practice for yourself.

What is Survivors-Recovery then?

Where does this leave the children of alcoholics?A wounded child never treated. Injury not allowed to heal properly. In adulthood, a chronic problem.

Survivors-Recovery counters the “Don‘t Talk, Don‘t Trust, Don‘t Feel.”

“Convoluted lesson here. Learn your judgment is poor and incorrect. “Nothing is Wrong.” But everything seems wrong. Must be perceiving wrong. Must misunderstand. Can’t trust myself or others. Crazy.

Maintain the status quo at all costs. Don’t rock the boat.

When people who “love” us, hurt us the most, we must be bad, sick, or crazy. “Yet, I should be able to cure or control the situation.” Mindfulness Meditation can help with the development of serenity.

What needs to happen so Survivors-Recovery can begin?

“The first thing children of alcoholics need at this stage is awareness. Becoming aware that something is not working becomes the doorway to change. Awareness to vulnerabilities. They need to make that connection.”

Mindful Awareness can come from learning. We can become aware from knowledge, but there is no guarantee. Intervention can and may need to occur. Another springboard to the next stage of recovery. Addiction is a Spiritual Disease, a Spiritual Wakening can help.

Survivors-Recovery is Emergent Awareness.

Emergent Awareness means becoming aware of our vulnerabilities. “There was something wrong in my childhood.” Yes, I need to know about it. But I don’t have to stay there. I can let my parents alone. I can move on.

Yesterday really did end at Midnight.

Intervention is like a sunrise. Dawn begins to flood a landscape previously shrouded in alcohol darkness. How To Stop Alcohol Abuse. Decide for yourself.

Survivors-Recovery means no longer trapped in the shadows of denial.

Intervention provides the light, the space, and the energy for awareness to emerge and changes to begin. Connects current pain to past family experiences of alcoholism.

The blocked out feelings used to recover. When you are ready and there is an appropriate opportunity, it is important to share. When this sharing is done---a wonderful discovery is made.

You are not alone. Understand The Mind of The Addict and capture understanding.

Survivors-Recovery is the best way to take care of yourself at this stage.

“First you need to truly accept that it is legitimate to take care of yourself. You must take care of yourself.

Be gentle to yourself. When you make a mistake, recognize it is a sign that you are growing. Success is getting up more times than you fall down.

Self responsibility is self care.

This means listening carefully to yourself.

Recovery means we change, we transform.

Foster it. Give it your time. Your attention. Give it your energy.

But, remember: What you decide to do, or not to do, is up to you. You do not have to change. It is up to you. You are in charge. Can you let go of Obsolete Relationships?

Not everyone know how to make lemonade, when life gives them a lemon.

We have the freedom to make mistakes, allows us continued growth and learning.

The journey is never over.

To travel hopefully is a better thing, than to arrive.

You will do so at a pace and in a style unique to you alone. There is no recipe or final resting place in human growth, relationships, or alcohol addiction recovery.

It is a lifetime’s work.

T. S. Elliot says:

“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is we start from.”

We are what we do and not what we think.

Failure is an event, it is not a person.

Alcoholism-Treatment is paramount for non-slip recovery.

Survivors-Recovery means Alcoholism Recovery is your right. And now.

Alcoholism is Addiction as a Spiritual Disease.