Stress-Relief Enables Personal Addictions Reovery With Spirituality, Prayer, and Meditation

Stress is related to our beliefs. There is Nothing that Thinking doesn't Make So.

For Stress Reduction try the Mindfulness of Awareness.

Stress-Relief defuses Addictive triggers, mental urges and cravings.

Effective Stress-Relief can eliminate the instigators of defensive reactions which set-off Addictive Behaviors.

We are going to explore the Mindscape for a way to Stress-Relief in order to modify and change our behavior without setting-off our self-concept defense system.

You should find this very useful in your Personal Addictions Recovery.

We recognize that when we experience a situation which is opposed to our self-concept, part of our inner Mindscape, we perceive it as a threat.

Our mind, part of it , that is, begins tightening-up the defense of our self concept. Our defenses attempt to protect and maintain consistency. The fact is our self-concept simply doesn’t like inconsistency.

In an ironical way, we need stress-relief from our own self-concept.

We each, have countless perceptions, memories, and developed attitudes concerning our personal existence. Some valid, some not.

And we like to maintain the consistency of our self-concept. Each and every perception is balanced with the others of our Mindscape. Balanced for the stability and consistency of our personality.

Your self-concept isn’t easy to modify or change. It actively and strenuously resists what it considers as an assault. that's where the stress originates. It matters not if the threat is from others or from the self.

Not only we ourselves, but others in our sphere of influence depend upon the stability of our personality, if you prefer, character.

And this defense of our self-concept occurs whether the behavior under consideration is helpful or detrimental to our safety or welfare.

Now, we can see why our personal addictions recovery needs stress-relief from our own self-concept.

Negative behaviors along with positive ones get defended. Consistency at almost any cost. If the suggested change will affect an important or central belief of your self-concept, you can expect the defenses to resist change even more.

Self-consistency is the benchmark expectation of your personality. There is always me, the decision maker, I,” at the core of the self-concept within our Mindscape.

We’ll learn a number of interesting things about this “I” within us, as we explore related addictions and stress-relief materials.

For now let’s remember we tend to see the self as an object, with it’s own separateness. A reality know to us as “me.” This me allows us to reflect on our past, analyze the present, and plan future actions.

We see and experience the entire world and everything in it from our own perspective.

That is in relation to our self-concept. Even when those concepts produce addictive behaviors.

We behave in accord with our self-concepts, regardless of the consequences to ourselves or others. We’ll sacrifice our health, physical comfort and safety for the emotional satisfaction of self-consistency.

So the issue becomes, especially in regard to addictive behaviors, how do we change, alter, or modify the basic concepts which give rise to our addiction. Addiction triggers, mental cravings and unusual urges hit us unaware.

Can we do this, alter our behavior without the threat or actual loss of self esteem, which will only produce more feelings of anxiety and Artificial Stress?

If our self-concept constantly defends itself from attack, how are we going to have modification for growth and personal addictions recovery?

We’re are going to invite our self-concept to realize almost limitless potential for organizing and developing a more positive and dynamic self concept which includes a realistic world-view.

As we progress, you’ll experience that you can separate yourself from the misery and Artificial Stress caused by the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People.

SNUPs means Serves No Useful Purpose). You can let-go the illusions which sabotage your efforts and which set-off your Self-Concept Defense System.

It is your choice: be dominated by illusory forces outside yourself and your control, or unplug and experience life firsthand.

Whether it is a job, a place, an activity, a person, an idea, or a belief, the process for Stress-Relief success is here. Artificial Stress maintains its power over you only so long as you allow it to intimidate you.

So unplug, Let-Go, Let-God. Break your contact with the people, places, things, and ideas that drag you and your self-concept down and hold you back from achieving your goals. You can stop the sabotage. Addiction Recovery can be yours.


You want a personal recovery raft. One to carry you safely across the raging addictions river. Lets start now. Decide that the decision to unplug is yours to make.

Make your own decisions. Don’t be held in servitude to your UFOs: Unrealistic Expectations, False Assumptions, and Obsolete Relations.

The pressure from constant Artificial Stress can be great. Our servitude to UFOs is maintained because we believe what we think, instead of what we could see if we were to open our minds and eyes and SEE.

You can unplug, Let-Go, Let-God when you choose to do so.

Prayer, meditation and increasing your opportunities for spiritual activities can increase you feelings of spirituality and in turn assist your personal addictions recovery.

Let-Go, Let-God Awareness can be your guide where you learn why, when, where, and how to Let-Go the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People.

You can have Stress-Relief from their destructive behaviors.

Use your own mental and physical capabilities, to effectively challenge and eliminate Artificial Stress. Remember, Artificial Stress is stress we make for ourselves.

Discover the power of your own contemplation, but, without disturbing the alligators before you are across the river.

Let-Go, Let-God Awareness is a raft to carry you to the opposite shore of a great river away from the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People.

Letting-go is a Stress-Relief approach which can be yours for a full life.

When you are across the river and have let-go the old obsolete ties, you’ll only have need for the Stress-Relief processes and Awareness experiences you have integrated.

You can leave the raft on the beach, take the understanding with you, it is you, when you Let-go and Let-God.

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