Effective Stress-Reduction Enables Personal Growth and Achievement of recovery Goals

Stress-Reductuin Allows Personal Addictions Recovery

It Is Not Necessary To Destroy Your Life With Stress.

Stress-Reduction enables achievement of Spirituality, Sobriety, and Abstinence.

Accepting our limitations and what cannot be changed, we start the process of Addictions Recovery by being at peace with ourselves and our past addictive behaviors.

Reducing stress can bring a sense of relief and mission, a transcendence: a feeling of serving a higher purpose, which transcends, goes beyond, our self interest or codependency.

So, how do we initiate this Stress-Reduction for addiction recovery?

Lets start at the beginning. What actually is stress?

Stress is strain, tension, or pressure exerted upon a body or mind that strains or deforms its shape. Here is an example of natural stress.

You are alone on the ninth floor of an old brick building. The floor begins to roll and the walls start to wobble. The glass windows crack.

Your mind says, “Earthquake.”

Immediately your body goes into a hyper-alert state. Your blood pressure and pulse rise. Your anciently derived body and its brain/mind are getting ready to “fight or flee.”

You have a dilemma. Do you know that if this, or any other stress, goes unrelieved it begins to eat away at your mind and body? In fact, it will not only disrupt your functioning, but, can destroy your entire life.

As a product of nature, your human body-brain-mind is tuned to its own rhythms and set to the cycles of your daily life as experienced within your personal environment.

These are the people, places, things, and ideas which constantly bombard you and your life. These interactions which help to shape and alter your self-concept also take their toll on your body and mind.

They are also the constant companions of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and other Addictions. Stress-Reduction is sorely needed.

That’s because your integrated physical-mental combine controls your life, from necessary functions such as breathing, and blood pressure, to making your muscles move your body.

In addition, it also controls your embodied brain, houses and operate your inner world of thought, memory, and sense of reality, including your user’s sense of consciousness, your self concept. The “I” whom you think you are.

So stress, especially Artificial Stress, disrupts your functioning, distorts your view of the world, and your life in it.

The real fact is that stress can turn your life into a shambles. No doubt that your recovery will be enhanced by stress-reduction.

The usual problem is that in response to stress you are called upon to act with your ancient “fight or flee” response. When this happens, the result is often neither “fight nor flight.”

Your brain and body want Stress-Relief and Stress-Reduction and so expect effective action as a response to stressful situations, but you rarely get it (appropriate action) in our modern world.

This dilemma leads to both physical and emotional problems in your personal life as well as having direct consequences in the external world.

What you do get, very often, from your reaction to stress is increased tension and additional pressure from your inappropriate responses, when what you need for your addictions recovery is stress-reduction.

A different approach might serve you better in our modern world.

Let-Go, Let-God unplugging offers you a positive Stress-Reduction alternative to the unproductive “fight or flight” response.

But, what about Artificial Stress?

To begin with, Artificial Stress can have either internal or external simulators of its self-induced pain and destruction. But you can unplug, let-go from these instigators of suffering and experience personal stress-reduction.

Freedom, stress-reduction, from Artificial Stress is possible because Artificial Stress does not arise from natural consequences or events.

Artificial Stress is stress we make for ourselves. It is stress which is put and held in place by illusions, fears, absolute beliefs, and just plain old ignorance.

Do you have helpers when applying this Artificial Stress process to yourself?

Yes. You bet you do. In fact, lots of them. There are illusionists of every ilk. And their stock-in-trade is absolute ideas, on which they base their illusions.

They will try with their illusions to sabotage your attempts to unplug and recover. They need your bondage to their illusions in order to control you through their absolute ideas.

The illusionist’s sabotage is legendary. However, too often, we sabotage our own efforts. Perhaps, that is why so many fail in their attempts to alter their lives, recover, or to change the addictive behaviors of their lifestyles.

Stress Reduction and Tech Addictions

A good example today is the depth of our involvement with technology. Can you unplug your brain/mind from all the busyness? Or has addictive screen sucking got you?

We often see cartoons and jokes about our obsessive/addictive relationship with computers and surfing the net. But, actually, many of us spend more time on the tube.

At first glance it might seem unplugging/letting-go should be simple…as from television. Yet, television is the focal point in many of our homes.

There is seldom a “reading” room in the modern home, much less a library. But there is a room (or two) devoted to and arranged around our addiction: TV viewing.

Night after night, we keep the vigil. We live our lives vicariously through the actors on-screen roles. But the actors are living their lives. They act for a living.

And how hard it is to unplug the machine even for a day or two…and see what happens. Our addiction is just too tough to break, or maybe even to bend a little.

Stress-Reduction and Web Warriors

Are you an over-wired Web Warrior? Did you start early in the computer game? Saw the WWW come into being?

By now you may be a Web surfer, playing games online, with e-mail, instant messaging, phone, chat, downloading music and films, maintaining a web site, text messaging, a blog, videotaping, making your own CDs and DVDs, photos, graphics, movies, and the list goes on and on.

In addition, have you had viruses, trojans, adware, jars and registry problems, and have the bad guys kidnapped your browser yet?

Over-wired Web warriors aren’t the only addicted technological marvels. Do you program the VCR, DVD, cell phones, USB, special adapter, the home network, WIFI, or your home security system?

Are you multitasking yourself silly? Do you have tech fatigue? Are you plugged into your equipment, just an extension of it? Are you headed for on-line compulsive disorder?

Do you need help?

Stress-Reduction and Financial Wizards

Are you a reluctant financial wizard? Has money-management inertia paralyzed your retirement game? Do you have the time, or can you take the time to manage the financial aspects of your own retirement?

There are a lot of folks in the same boat. It is estimated as high as one half of us don’t want to be “active” daily managers of our own retirement accounts.

And now there is talk that Congress may take part or all of Social Security into private accounts.

One young father simply said, “I turned my plan over to an investment firm where a professional manager will make the daily decisions. Now I will have more time to spend with my family. We like the outdoors. And I know my future is in better hands than mine.”

Possibly. Don’t bet too much on it.

Is this an area you want to be involved in? Or do you want to make a plan and unplug? It is an important part of your future. And as you know, a secure retirement requires a fully thought-out plan.

Stress-Reduction and Tech Warriors

Since Artificial Stress is self-induced, it is a given for Tech Warriors.

Before phones, we often walked to talk. Now many of us are connected 24 hours a day. And before e-mail and instant messaging we wrote letters. Now we are connected, plugged-in, multitasking tech slaves pushing ourselves into Artificial Stress.

Are all of these connections really important to your life? Are some of them simply SNUPs? SNUPs means Serves No Useful Purpose.

We’ll take a hard look at SNUPs in the Sabotage Screens. Is technology involvement an area where you could use some “downtime?” A little Stress-Reduction?

Maybe try Unplugging/Letting-Go for just a day and see where it takes you? Discover what happens. Experience human contact with real live people? You may find you like it.

Is technology involvement an area where you could use some “downtime?” Maybe try Unplugging for just a day and see where it takes you? Discover what happens. Experience human contact with real live people? You may like it.

Unplug from Artificial Stress, Let-Go, Let-God, even for a day. Experience Stress-Reduction. Meditaion and Prayer can enhance your Sobriety and Serenity.

Of course the SNUPs are going to work to sabotage your efforts to Unplug/ Let-Go from them. See what your prospects are when you meet the SNUPs in the Sabotage area.

Stress-Reduction: One thing for sure, it can use up a lot of your resources and possibly Sabotage your Personal Addictions Recovery. Stress from sabotage can block your Personal Addictions Recovery and your Sobriety ans Serenity.

For Stress-Reduction Stop the Sabotage. Stress-Reduction Can Keep Your Life SABOTAGE-STRESS Free.

Stress-Relief With Sobriety Can Enable Addiction Treatment and Alcohol Rehab.

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