Stress-Management offers Stress Relief Tools for Your Personal Addictions Recovery.

Unresolved Stress Can Destroy Your Sobriety and in turn Alcohol Rehabilitation.

Stress-Management means eliminating SNUPs and Martians.

Stress-Management Tools are the very elements of feelings, thinking, and attitudes which you bring to each individual situation.

Often this is where our emotional baggage catches up with us especially from the SNUPs and Martians.

We’d be better off, as part of our self-help stress-management, if we would take the time to learn and develop our innate ability to relax and let go.

The deep relaxation and healing from meditation and prayer can provide relief and be miraculous. Our Personal Addictions Recovery wins immediately.

Our mind is composed of elements which are bits of memories, remembered sense perceptions, ingrained illusions, and hard-wired connections from nature.

And of course, our UFOs. Our Unrealistic Expectations, False Assumptions, and Obsolete relationships.

Spiritual-Awakening offers less stress and sobriety.

These UFOs are prompters of our response behaviors which set-off our stress arousal, including Artificial Stress and addictive behavior. This ignites our fight or flight response. Our stress-management efforts are severely tested.

Of course, we can’t avoid all stress producing events, but we can cultivate our ability and develop the skills and tools to relax during normal daily activities and to better handle the difficult threats to our abstinence and sobriety.

This Stress-Management material including the Stress Relief and Stress Reduction screens will help getting in touch with what can be called your Inner Self.

Your Inner Self is where you have built the Mind-scapes we mentioned in the material on knowledge.

These mind-scapes are where your controlling mindsets are stored and where you have built the self-concept which you maintain and polish. Your

Inner Self is where you process, consciously and non-consciously, your mental imagery, including your friend or foe responses.

Take a look at Free Relationship Advice in relation to stress.

Learn More About Your Personality Power For Everyday Living

Self-Consistency is a primary motivating force in most of our thinking and behavior.

We will maintain our self-concept, sometimes even if it kills us. Witness the martyrs of ancient times and those today. We do this even if our self-concept is based on falsehoods, illusions and UFOs.

This self-concept consistency also includes holding onto those cherished illusive, often false, memories of childhood.

Addictions, while often an attempt at health, that is to ease our tension, stress or craving, in the end become self destructive. We are acting on false information and illusions.

And while there are alternative approaches to our dilemma, most of us are drowning in information, yet starved for real addiction knowledge and recovery understanding.

The information we get is often, “Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Certainly millions of us, addicted or not, want those magic words, potions, or person to increase our health and energy. Make us whole.

But, the fact is, it isn’t out there. The truth is that we have inside us the most marvelous Recovery instrument. An instrument to self-help ourselves to sobriety and serenity. That instrument is our brain/mind.

The Activities of Daily Living eliminate stress.

What is needed for our personal addictions recovery is abstinence and change. We need an Attitude Adjustment. The problem is that what we are dealing with here is automatic resistance.

If we understand resistance, we can see why changing habits, addictive behaviors, requires such a firm commitment. And all the help you can get. Especially from your self.

We are in need of altering how we SEE our selves. We need to open our eyes and SEE, so we act on SEEING instead of what we think, or what someone else thinks. We need to see beyond our illusions.

We need a Personal Addictions Recovery strategy of stress-management which can be put into place in a gradual way. We don’t want our controlling self-concept to sabotage our sobriety stress-relief efforts.

Changing habits works best when the new behavior is repeated often, but, without arousing too much self-concept (ego) resistance. Certainly, your Self is a social product, and has value in your interpersonal relationships.

So you strive for consistency in responses, “you can count on George.” We all want positive regard from both others and from ourselves. Our self-concept requires stability to be OK.

This need for positive regard is a driving force usually toward self-actualization, so long as it is permitted and encouraged by our environment, including our internal one.

However, even with resistance, a change of our habits and an amended self-concept is possible.

Your self-concept can be strengthened. The negative self-talk can have a reduction. Positive self-talk can become your modus operandi. Practice and persistence is required.

Stress-management can reduce the need for addictive behavioral responses.

Abstinence and sobriety can offer you Personal Addictions Recovery.

The Meditation section and Prayer screens have some useful ideas on positive affirmations.

Obsolete Relationships cause us more stress than a barrel of monkeys.

In the sabotage Screen section you meet your UFOs, Unrealistic Expectations, False Assumptions, and Obsolete Relationships.

You’ll discover your self concept was learned, is well organized, and is dynamic. It really can change.

You were not born with a self-concept, it is a learned social product, developed through teachings and experience. So it has great potential for positive development. There is good reason to hope.

As part of that change, you can make a Personal Stress-Management commitment…

1. To develop an acceptance of self.

2. To establish Personal Addictions Recovery goals.

3. To never lose sight of your goals.

Nothing is quite so motivating as becoming really clear about what you want. Vivid goals can inspire us to do what‘s necessary to achieve them.

4. To believe, have faith in something: In our sobriety?

5. To do something physical on a regular basis.

6. To share. To find a Sobriety/Recovery focused social support group. For fun. (It must not be one which encourages relapse. Period.)

7. To work on savings, no matter how small. And as part of that to cut debt, again no matter how small.

8. To avoid “gunny sacking” your feelings.

This may require finding a safe place and possibly a safe person for a face-to-face, heart-to heart talk. A talk where you not only feel and express your emotions , but also where you own them.

9. Let-them-go. Let go. So you can say…

10. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change.

Courage to change the things I can… And the wisdom to know the difference.

The day-to-day clarity which Let-Go, Let-God Awareness provides can help with your self-concept development.

It can be a vehicle and tool for stress-management which provides positive change for Personal Addictions Recovery. It could also mean liberation from Artificial Stress.

How To Stop Alcohol Abuse urges, cravings, impulses, and triggers.

Artificial Stress is stress which we create for ourselves and which is held in place through illusions, fear, and ignorance.

let-Go, Let-God awareness allows as Susan Blackmore suggests, to disconnect before our habitual patterns of Artificial Stress incapacitates us. This is a key to our self-help efforts at stress-management.

And here you’ll learn to separate yourself, and your life, from your pain, your stress, your sorrow, your illusions, and your addiction.

Real Stress-Management offers Stress-Reduction and Stress-Relief to aid your self-help Recovery. Take a look.

Let-Go-Let-God Awareness is stress management.

Stress-Management enables real Stress Relief.

Stress-Reduction Allows Personal Addictions Recovery To Suceed.

The Addicted Self can make a conscious recovery.