Spiritual-Awakening lies within each of us.

Spiritual-Awakening may not be comprehended, but can be experienced.

Spiritual-Awakening is not a mental conception, but entails a transcendental experience.

Spiritual-Awakening: Our personal experience is the essence.

All life is a play of energy. Spirituality is everywhere.

Spiritual Awareness is finding your energy of life.

Your brain/mind is your bridge between the material and the spiritual. Spiritual-Awakening is awareness arising.

Your sobriety is your addiction recovery affirmation for daily living.

Nathaniel Branden, author of “The Art of Living Consciously” makes clear:

“Whoever continually strives to achieve a clearer and clearer vision of reality and our place in it---whoever is pulled forward by a passion for such clarity---is, to that extent, leading a spiritual life."

The clarity of awareness is enrichment for sober living.

Spiritual-Awakening means anyone seeking awareness and personal growth which includes self-examination is on a spiritual path. The fact that you are reading this infers that includes you.

Spirituality is experience, how existence is experienced. Spirituality is behavior and experience not beliefs, roles, or rituals.

Spirituality gives soul to the universe,Wings to the mind,Flight to the imagination,And life to everything else. From Plato

In addiction recovery our spirituality is evidenced by our sobriety, our living sober.

While there are many approaches to Spiritual-Awakening and to spirituality, to prayer and to the idea of God, we venture a general and organic perspective here.

But, in any case, you should follow your own sense of discovery. Let the following be a spark for you own fire of awareness.

We begin with the universe is. The question of why something instead of nothing is not relevant. To us the universe is and just as with our sobriety, we learn to let go and let God.

If, we can allow the inner working of Spirituality within us to direct our spirituality progress, we can eventually come to a stage where we must let go, let go our attempts at control.

We must experience a leap of faith, of trust, and of surrender to make continual progress. We let go let God.

The Letting Go and The Let Go screens offer some excellent suggestions. An Awareness. See them.

Spiritual-Awakening learns to Let-Go-Let-God.

See Letting Go Addictions, find a life of sobriety.

Spiritual-Awakening Integration

In developing your Spiritual-Awakening, your personal spirituality awareness, the only real criteria is that it works for you. It determines and reflects your relationship with life.

The better option is spirituality awareness, an integration which opens your life to a larger growth process, a grander perspective, while you are awakening from being trapped in the limiting perspective of addiction.

The full quality of your relationship with life is at stake. Your sobriety, your sober living is at risk.

To begin you want an expanded level of consciousness, an extended awareness.

So you explore ways of living that work better than the ones which led you to addictive behavior. You need a different set of rules to play by, ones where you are not a victim of life.

Personal addictions recovery, like life, is a dance of selection, integration, and balancing. A dance which works for you and brings some of what you feel is happiness.

The Book of Tea says: “Those who cannot feel the littleness of great things in themselves are apt to overlook the greatness of little things in others.”
Relationships as Spiritual Practice can help change your Affection Addiction to Love.

Build Spiritual-Awakening into your mindscape.

Make it a permanent part of your self concept, your beliefs, your personal faith. Integrate it into your inner processes.

Spiritual Awakening is not a religion issue, but one of spirituality.

Take time to listen, and get out of the way. When you take time for yourself, you get to the issues that matter to your life, your recovery, your sober living.

Keep in mind, life is not some kind of test. We are here to learn, to experience, to grow, and to feel this process of life. Life is to be lived.

Our non-conceptional self needs no improvement. Never did.

We must stop the addictive sense of shame and judgment in our internal relationship with our self.

Enjoy your involvement with life. Let your Spiritual Awakening define and describe the quality of your relationship with life.

In addition, an expanded level of conscious awareness which facilitates your personal growth and sober living.Sobriety affirmations confirm your spirituality.

Often people recovering from addictions experience a Spiritual Awakening. It is an awakening awareness to your true natural purpose. Your true self is revealed. Your personal affirmations validate your spirituality.

Awareness: Your inner eye, blinded so long by addictions, opens to a vision of possibilities. From that awakening your life can never be the same. The Serenity Prayer becomes your light to see the sober way to serenity.

You have acquired recovery awareness. It is a quantum shift, a vivid and surpassing personal transformation.

It may seem like a moment of grace.

For some, an epiphany. Spirituality personified.

A life altering awareness transformation. There is no going back to before.

Your sense of self has shifted.

The light of promise, hope and possibility has suddenly, like the morning sun, cleared the eastern rim.

It is suddenly clear you have it within your power to recover. Evolving Personal Spirituality can open new doors for you.

Spiritual-Awakening might be called Spiritual Awareness.

Spirituality is a journey of our brain/mind which starts with asking, “Who am I?”

Spirituality answers with, “I am unknown.”

Spiritual Awareness is finding your own personal internal Guru and greeting the universal essence within yourself.

See through new eyes. See with lidless eyes.

You begin owning your own responsibility when you become part of the healing solution.

Some say: “Religion is for people who are scared of Hell.” Well, Spiritual-Awakening is for people who have been there.

Make it so. Relationship Addictions can give you a perspective on your relationships.

Develop your personal Spirituality-Practice.

The-Serenity-Prayer is addiction-recovery's foundation.

You will find Mindfulness-Awareness to be helpful.