Sobriety-Tools are your essential choices for living sober.

Sobriety-Tools are the use of personal internal strengths for addictions-recovery.

Sobriety-Tools are the decisive choices you make.

Sobriety-Tools are Strategic Choices.

We know our lives are continuous choices. As human beings we are enormously free to choose our own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

But, the catch is that the whole person must take the consequences for each of those sub-self choices.

There is no guarantee our non-conscious sub-selves will always make great choices. Yet, confusion comes from ignoring our sub-conscious-selves.

This happens when we do not allow our internal negotiations to have articulate voices. We sometimes stifle divergent internal points of view. Open negotiations are needed for the best choices.

We must understand why sobriety is a lifelong commitment.

In developing your choices and commitments for sobriety let each of your sub-selves have a say.

One of our major Sobriety-Tools is self-talk. Self-Talk conversations is speaking to yourself, not as you would in a mirror, but from one part of you to another.

Your sub-selves can’t always be in harmony. The reason that sub-selves exist is to give voice to divergent goals and purposes within each of us. Let them speak.

Our sub-selves should make a commitment to recovery from addiction: Living Sober.

Sobriety-Tools mean choices, goal setting, and commitment. When love and skill work together expect a master piece. Sobriety-Tools are the foundation For Addictions-Recovery. See for yourself.

You can learn to handle urges, triggers, impulses, and drinking buddies.

We need commitment because as Snow Goose says: “Alcohol is cunning, baffling, powerful and sneaky.”

A tough enemy. Combat will be up close and personal. Our choices and our goals for Addictions-Recovery must be backed up by a firm personal commitment to sobriety.

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come: Sobriety Living Sober. The beginning of wisdom is a firm grip on the obvious, our sobriety affirmations.

Abstinence is a powerful tool.

Clearly state the issues to yourself. In your self-talk you must decide who is talking. Which of your sub-self personalities is speaking for your entire being and life? Don’t procrastinate.

Abandon Addiction Slavery.

What we usually call procrastination is only the second act of the play, the reaction to delay. We completely ignore the first act. The cause of the delay. Find them and you’ll find your sub-selves.

It is we who have lost our way. The way, first, is just that. Second, commit to do just that by awakening your sub-selves. Make commitment to sobriety.

You can then have the courage to experience your Addictions-Recovery.

Until we are committed there is hesitancy, the chance to pull back, always ineffectiveness. The moment you definitely commit yourself, all sorts of things occur that never otherwise would have occurred.

“I’m here and I’ll do whatever it takes.” Addiction is a Spiritual Disease. Not out There, In Here.

Sobriety-Tools are Self-Talk, Prayer, and personal Affirmations for living sober.

Prayer is a personal partnership you commit to between yourself and your higher power. Like a living sober daily affirmation.

We have used substance abuse to induce pleasure and infuse false feelings of self esteem. Now, we are simply shadows divorced from the underlying human conditions essential for us to flourish as humans.

We want to feel good about our selves and our lives, but really only as a result of doing and being good.

Prayer is not about getting.

It is about being mindful of the moment and perceiving the magic in the mundane, our ordinary day-to-day life.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony is an excellent example of the ordinary which grew to magic.

The following is a quote from Prayer Is Good Medicine.

The unexpected outcomes of selfish prayers are fertile fodder for jokesters and cartoonist. Here is one showing the Almighty’s dis-pleasure for our selfish wishes.

God pulls a man out of the cosmic cooker where he has been incubating, awaiting his next reincarnation. The man comes up talking.

“Look. This time around I want a four-day-a-week job, a salary of fifty dollars an hour, health benefits, a retirement plan, two months vacation a year, good potential for promotion, and…”

God lowers him back into the cooker and says, “Not quite done.”

We must learn to let go let god.

The unexpected outcomes of selfish prayers often aren’t what we want or expect. What we need is sobriety-living -sober. If you can find a used copy of Prayer is Good Medicine get it. Probably out of print. Discover: How To Stop Alcohol Abuse.

A Prayer For Prayer

May we let prayer be. May we allow it to follow the infinite patterns of the human heart. May we learn to practice the most difficult art, the art of noninterference.

May we be guided by prayer instead of attempting to guide prayer. May we allow prayer to be what it needs to be, to be what it is.May we let prayer be.

And may we learn that things are what they are.Let them be, let them be. Let go Let God. Make Affirmative Prayers your personal daily highpoint.

Sobriety-Tools mean we can finally Let-go, Let-God.

Our personal spirituality grows as we Let-go, Let-God.

Sobriety-Tools Speak:

“I go amid the bustle and flow of my daily ordinary life. My body’s needs and functions remind me of my humanity.

My serenity, sobriety living sober, and peace of mind do not depend upon my partner’s or someone else’s sobriety.

Don't do a sabotage of your addiction recovery.

My embodied brain/mind’s sub-self thoughts float by. I latch onto some, others recognized, go on by, returning to their neuron recesses until awakened again by a spike in my brain wave revolutions.

I am at peace with my living sober life.” Start Your Recovery: Let-Go-Addictions.

Living Sober doesn't have to be a daily grind.

Sobriety-Tools mean living sober:

My affect is quiet. I enjoy both silence and sounds. Each in its own time and natural place. I make some plans, but, primarily, distractions of the day fill my time of doing. I choose without effort.

I choose living sober.

I have few expectations except that the universe will flow in its inevitable way. What it brings each day is my life.

Days filled with joy of discovery, sometimes requiring the courage of my faith.

I know there is hope, there is help, and I have an inalienable right to human dignity.

It does not matter how slow I go, so long as I do not stop. Just for today I will find a little time to relax and to realize what life is and can be, time to think and get a better perspective on myself.

If my problems bring me to prayer, then they have served a purpose. I know that sobriety means to live sober. Sobriety is a choice.

The harder we try to catch hold of the moment, to seize a pleasant sensation…the more elusive it becomes…it is like trying to catch water in one’s hands---the harder one grips, the faster it slips through our fingers.

We are lonely because we build walls instead of bridges. Adopt a Serenity Life Practice, Live Sober.

Sobriety-Tools Require Abstinence and Avoidance.

When do we accept and when do we avoid?

The secret we learn through our Serenity Prayers is to know the difference. We need a 24 hour plan for addictions recovery with abstinence and behavior changes especially in the initial stages of sobriety.

We must deal with each day on each day’s terms. Sobriety is being honest…being one with what is. Where we self sabotage our sobriety that is where avoidance comes in.

We must live the Sobriety Prayer.

Hanging out with our old Buddies at the favorite watering hole, won’t cut it.

Demanding our family know we are right, won’t cut it. Making it all about us, won’t do it either.

Storing that extra pint in the back of the toilet, isn’t sobriety living sober.

Neither will trying to live all alone do the job.

Taking on all the problems of the world isn’t the best idea for living sober.

We can not win sobriety by focusing on other’s problems instead of our own, or trying to make it My Way or the highway.

We also must keep our Addiction Recovery program commitments.

It doesn’t pay to live in the past…there is no future in it.

Avoidance is a major asset of our Sobriety-Tools for living sober.

No longer must we accumulate the burden of guilt or resentment that only becomes heavier and more potent over time.

Each day, each new moment can be an opportunity to clear away the obsolete addictive attachments and to start again fresh, sober, and free.

Your task then is to reprogram through positive self-talk your negative belief systems by creating the kind of sobriety, sober life, you desire.

Sobriety-Tools know that if you are not sure of which harbor you are making for, no wind is the right wind.

Say to your self: “What you think about me is none of my business. What I think about me is my business. It is really about my level of commitment to myself. I’m here and I’ll do whatever it takes to stay sober. Addiction To Alcohol is a Double Bind Affair.

Sobriety-Tools recognize Recovery takes time, and courage.

At ground level your sobriety doesn’t depend upon someone else being sober. Not Really.

Stand forward in your sobriety, celebrate the joy that is inside you. Have a First Class Life, not a Second Class one.

The real voyage of discovery doesn’t consist in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Adopt your own ADLs of Addiction Recovery.