Sobriety Thoughts for Living Sober…NOW

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Sobriety Thoughts for Living Sober…NOW

We are always alive in the present moment.
The present is always NOW, not yesterday or tomorrow.

So, Sobriety is NOW or NEVER.

Otherwise we are prisoners of our Addictive Illusions.

From which illusions do you suffer?

Our Immense Personal Compassion must spring forth spontaneously toward all fellow humans who suffer as prisoners of their illusions.

Are we all prisoners of one Addictive Illusion or another?

A major illusion under which we suffer is that “Happiness can be obtained from Out-There…from the world.

Not So.

“It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.”

---Agnes Repplier, “The Treasure Chest”

Suffering surely follows a negative (false) thought from our illusions, just as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draws it.

While the disciplined mind invites pure joy. Because, when the mind is not altered it is clear. When water is not disturbed it is transparent.

So, rest your mind, let it be still, by directing one-pointed attention on any specific object. Any object you choose.

And turn your back on longing. Root out all attachments.

Desire is the mother of pain.

Be in, but, not of, the world.

Cease striving.

No matter what thought occurs, don’t try to stop it.
Just let it pass on through. Let it go its way.

Happiness isn’t out there, it is in here.

Sobriety, living sober, can be ours.

We do not have to feel totally at the mercy of our emotions.

For there is nothing, but, thinking makes it so.

In life, as in Sobriety, learn to respond, but not react.

We do not have to be prisoners of our emotions, or our illusions, or our addictions.

Always, Self Care is Self Respect.

Sobriety Living Sober is within you:

Abstinence, Recovery, Sobriety, Serenity.

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