Sobriety-Plan means abstinence of course, but, there is more: an internal “spiritual” element.

Sobriety-Plan for help-with-addiction recovery recognizes how our need to subcome to addictive behavior is “built-in,” part of our human condition.

Sobriety-Plan for recovery from addiction must account for our seeking external “worldly” substances and things to solace our internal distress and anguish.

Sobriety-Plan, our “plan” starts with human craving which grows from our basic human condition. We can become “addicted” to almost anything. Collecting CDs for example. Or marbles, for that matter.

Even what seems healthy areas such as food, sex, or exercise can have their addictive pull, if they relieve our feeling of stressful distress, anxiety, internal conflict, or anguish.

With human life being full of painful experiences and dis-satisfactions we must confront the addicting quality of life itself. Otherwise, we are set-up.

How To Stop Alcohol Abuse, starting now.

Our Personal Sobriety-Plan must confront our seeking solace and external relief from outside sources which can never offer real nourishment, only temporary relief.

A Band-Aide for an open wound. We need an internal, personal, approach. Probably spiritual.

Our emptiness and dissatisfactions drive us to seek in an addictive fashion for immediate self-soothing relief.

We approach help with addiction recovery suggesting a sobriety-plan which offers evolving satisfying spirituality. But, without specific belief strings or doctrines.

The reason is that at the core of our addictive behavior rests a spiritual void. Addiction is a spiritual disease.

We must remember that our greatest human satisfactions come from an enduring sense of “noble”---other directed---purpose, instilled with a sense of anticipation.

The lack of this satisfaction is the reason our desire, our thirst, our craving, and our wishing becomes an addiction.

There is a quality or drive innate in human beings that the Austrian psychiatrist Victor Frankl called our “search for meaning.” Meaning is found in pursuits that go beyond the self.

In our own hearts most of us know that we experience the greatest satisfaction not when we receive or acquire something.

But when we make an authentic contribution to the well-being of others or to the social good, or when we create something original and beautiful or just something that represents a labor of love.

It is soul satisfying. It dissolves anguish. It satisfies our inner yearnings.

Without this satisfaction our uncontrolled cravings and desires often lead to addiction, including alcoholism and drug addiction.

Eplore The Mind of The Addict.

Sobriety-Plans see Addiction as a spiritual disease.

We addicted, at least most of us, developed a compulsive habit, a drive to ease our human craving, our internal pain and distress, our (existential) anguish.

We attempt to do this by finding solace, something to soothour “suffering” from external sources---out there---in the world.

A great number of us find alcohol, in many forms, colors, sizes, and tastes; others find chemicals, both liquid and otherwise. The variety grows each day.

A current rage for the young people is artificial pot. Sold by your neighborhood grocer. Here is an Idea you can take to the bank" Sobriety Mindfulness

A Sobriety-Plan must include abstinence for living sober-clean.

Of course, out there, in the world, is enough natural and unnatural occurring pain, sorrow, and ambiguity to go around.

From natural disasters to unemployment. There’s an epidemic of ambiguity, uncertainty, and pain.

Add the pain we carry over from childhood, sex abuse, violence, hunger, shame, and guilt. The more we suffer the more we look for relief and solace to ease the festering emotions. Stop our internal anguish, our emotional pain.

We are just trying to find lasting relief from our anguish “out there in the world.” But that is impossible. Findout How Addiction Works, and Works,

A Sobriety-Plan that works must deal with our ambiguity and anguish.

The problem is that external solutions don’t offer long term relief to internal anguish. Simple as that.

Part of the problem is that you can’t get long term satisfaction from what you don’t really want. No matter how much you consume of it.

We want a Full Life, but it isn’t “out there.” It’s inside. We must go back to our beginning and understand where we’ve been and where we are. Who we are. Take a good look at Alcoholism Recovery.

A Sobriety-plan that works must function in the reality of our existential-stress, our anguish.

We are born into a world we didn’t make, design or wish for. A world which acts on us and we, in turn, react to it.

We know we are only here for a limited visit. Then there is a moment of pause and gone. It makes us anxious. And it never goes away.

We realize there is pain in the world. But we’ve missed, forgotten, or ignored the real source of that pain.

Because if we understand the source of our pain we can then work to eliminate the source of that pain. We can eliminate each individual pain, pain by pain.
Keep in mind that Addiction is an embodied body, brain, mind disease.

Our Sobriety-Plan has Four Basic Steps.

1. The process of recognizing your personal pain.

2. Discovering and identifying the source of that pain.

3. Seeking and applying solutions to eliminate that pain.

4. We can apply what we learn from our pain, to eliminate other pains and anguish. We can repeat this process for all our pains.

But, often instead we addictively seek a quick temporary balm to ease our pain. It seems to work for a moment. And then often causes problems, and pain of its own making.

And we do it often and a lot. That’s why it is called an addiction.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a spirituality factor to you Sobriety Plan.

Our Sobriety-Plan must also, of course, deal with the added personal baggage our addiction brings us.

Sometimes, our “solace” brings us more than we bargained for.

A DUI/DWI sentence from a few cool-ones. Or an altered automatic physical response by our bodies to the drug of choice. Divorce because of sex addiction, maybe even a little jail time.

Sex, gambling, and porn each bring their own specialties to the table. Community standards and Attorney Generals don’t appreciate our collections and behavior like we see it.

Often we don’t anticipate the full extent of community judgment on our “little” personal habit. Often the financial consequences to disclosure is unbelievable. Devastating.

And in addition there can be the loss of freedom for years. And then there is the Register. For LIFE.

A very High Price for a bad choice of treatment for our existential anguish. Our pain of living. A poor ROI. Perhaps, a Sobriety Prayer is in order.

A Sobriety-Plan should consider various options.

Yes. The Four Basic Steps applied to your pain and anguish.

Our greatest human satisfactions really do come from an enduring sense of “noble” purpose, which is other directed.

This purpose instilled with a personal sense of anticipation, and we can experience solace for our pain and anguish.

A prayer for sobriety, now and then, wouldn’t hurt either. Serenity Life Practice can support sobriety.

Yes, the Serenity Prayer will work fine.

Sobriety-Plan sees Addiction as a Spiritual Disease.

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