Sobriety-Mindfulness is bringing heart-mind to this moment.

Sobriety-Mindfulness is awareness we can cultivate by paying attention.

Sobriety-Mindfulness is being alert to something, both in its presence and in its absence.

Sobriety-Mindfulness brings living sober to mind and reality. Our heart-mind opens and makes sobriety ours.

“The mind is the surface of the heart,

The heart the depth of the mind.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Mindfulness attention is awareness. However, sometimes we confuse “mind” in the word “mindfulness” as having to do with thinking about or confining attention to cognition.

Fully living sober demands more than just abstinence, introspection or mental gymnastics.

Simply put, mindful awareness is bringing a full complete attention to whatever is occurring Now, at this moment. Attention is not the same as thinking. Sobriety-Living-Sober is possible. See How.

Mindfulness requires a quiet mind, and an open heart.

In many thoughts heart and mind are not imagined as separate. So, Mindfulness is seen as bringing heart-mind to this present moment.

But, maintaining this heart-mind balance is not easy. The quality of the heart-mind is spaciousness and clarity, the source of our capacity for discerning sobriety’s wisdom.

Our open heart allows us to feel deeply and to act wisely. It is not something we have to get , but, rather something to be revealed.

Something we can cultivate through paying attention. We grasp that something in Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease. See why addiction is a spiritual disease.

Sobriety-Mindfulness benefits from Recovery-Mindfulness.

Sobriety-Mindfulness means learning to ride the waves of our life.

We are all seeking solid ground. Yet, if we look closely we see there is really no such place to stand. Our usual sense of turf is undermined.

So, we learn to ride our life’s waves. We do this instead of trying to construct an imagined state of stability.

We learn to live without solid ground. We take each day as it comes. We make friends with ambiguity.

Heart-mind makes living sober today’s work. Today we have to choose. We have to decide once again. Our old vows are not enough.

Each day brings its own choice. Sobriety, abstinence, each day, is our mindful human choice.

When we take up the practice of mindfulness, we acknowledge our capacity to be present and awake. We lay down our burden of self grasping. We can let go our anguish, our pain. We can grasp the Mindfulness of Awareness.

Sobriety-Mindfulness allows us to let go our Addiction.

The essence of letting go our anguish, our addiction, is to let ourselves see, how much clinging to the way we want our life to be, is nothing more than a process of self torture.

Self Sabotage is the monster who lives within.

Let go, drop it, and allow yourself to fall openly, unguardedly in love with your life as it is and everything in it.

As much as fear, helplessness, anguish, pain, anger, embarrassment, grief, self-grasping, guilt, uncertainty, and ambiguity are part of our collective inheritance and experience, they are not in themselves problems.

Rather, they are emotions rooted in the seedbed of our sense of separation and isolated self-hood.

Being so, perhaps their primary work is to drive us into a fundamental reckoning and eventual exhaustion with our usual way of attempting to walk through the world.

Let Them Go. Discover The Mind of The Addict.

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Mindfulness addresses The-Addicted-Self.