Sobriety-Living-Sober primarily involves Not taking a drink of alcohol. Period.

Sobriety-Living-Sober is the only way to break Addiction’s power. Stop engaging in the drinking behavior.


Sobriety-Living-Sober. Anything more complicated will probably turn into a mind trick.

Your success or failure at personal addiction recovery will probably hinge on your internal dialogue, your silent self talk.

We often get in the way of our own success (happiness) because we don’t understand how our minds work. And, in addiction, the tricks they play on us.

We tend to look at the past and future through rose colored glasses. We down play painful past times. And oversell ourselves future experiences.

So distrust your brain, and trust your SEEING, your Awareness, a little bit more. Focus on living sober.

For example:

Sobriety-Living-Sober can be seen as an impossible goal when we take our first sobriety test. That first test can be like the sobriety prayer.

God grant me the serenity to accept

The things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Various versions of this prayer appear to have been used for centuries in different faiths. AA made it a household word.

Here is an excellent example of the Serenity prayer at work. How To Stop Alcohol Abuse cravings, urges, impulses, and triggers.

Develop your Letting Go with these useful Tools.

To Live Sober find out How-Addiction-Works.

Sobriety-Living-Sober needs the Serenity Prayer.

Don't Stand In Your Own Shadow. Step Into The Light.

Many find it a marvelous guide for Sobriety-Living-Sober.

If meditation is medicine for the mind, then the Sobriety Prayer is medicine for a satisfying healthy emotional life.

So, for a satisfying life, what’s the first thing that heads our list?

The Serenity Prayer is a clear way of seeing the world.

No illusions.

A way which is accompanied by inner peace…and the strength of courage.

Sobriety-Living-Sober can help us keep our personal balance in the swirl of addiction treatment or alcohol rehab. Sobriety Affirmations strengthen our resolve. Serenity comes.

Serenity is a state of mind to be cherished, prized. May you find it so for yourself.

Sobriety-Living-Sober means Clean and Living Sober.

A key to sobriety is that behavior which is rewarded, drinking or sobriety, will mean that piece of behavior becomes learned. And often ingrained. Repetition is a powerful self teaching tool.

Most important: This learning happens even if it is an accident. Reinforced behavior is in. Unrewarded behavior is out. Simple as that.

Reinforce your sobriety for personal recovery and a life of serenity.

Sobriety means living sober. Discover the Activities of Daily Alcohol Recovery.

Living Sober is the way of The-Sobriety-Prayer.

Explore your approach for Serenity

There Is Nothing We Know, But Thinking Makes It So.

It is easier to stop an old addiction by replacing the old one with a new and different activity. You can eliminate core addiction cravings by displacing or replacing them with more positive, naturally satisfying ones.

You’ll find any number of ideas within this site for a new approach to life and living sober. You’ll find it. Others have. Positive life alternatives can challenge addictions and replace substance abuse illusions and attachments.

Sobriety-Living-Sober. What’s involved?

Recovered alcoholics often will usually say: “Stopping is not enough.”

Abstinence, just not drinking is positive. Yes. But it is a sterile-non-activity. It doesn’t mobilize our neurons to feel good or to support us. We need to put a new positive activity in place. We can learn to actively live sober. This is why AA works. Positive activity.

It is not just what we don’t do, it is what we do also.

24 Hour Plan.

New activity helps us to do our 24 hour plan, which can restart at any time of day, anytime. It is a choice. At 3 a.m. we can decide not to drink for the next 24 hours.

Just 24 hours, one day at a time. Life is daily, now. Today is all we have. You can go one day without a drink. You can pass the sobriety test. New activity helps.

It is the first drink which triggers, sooner or later, the compulsion to drink more until we’re in trouble again. We self sabotage our sobriety, plain and simple.

Sobriety-Living-Sober. Total abstinence is the only way.

The trick is to stay and live sober.

We often focus on what we want, what we lack. No matter what, new activity offers new satisfactions on which to focus.

Seek awareness. Awareness can be our recovery sobriety tool.There is really nothing in your life which can not be part of your spirituality. Liberation from addiction is a lifelong process.

Often, one of the most powerful and potentially frightening realizations is that there is no new normality of freedom to replace the old one of addiction slavery. Fear is a menace to sobriety.

The true basis of happiness is the love of something outside self. (William George Jordan)

Consider a spiritual new activity. It could help you transcend your circumstances, over-come self-concept deficits, and whatever may be restricting your defiant human spirit.

Then you can discover not only a new activity, but new meaning and a purpose in your recovered, rediscovered life.

If you fail to meet your human and spiritual needs it could mean failure of your long-term personal recovery from addictive behavior.

Your Personal Addictions recovery needs to include spiritual healing: the process of reconnection to your true self, others, and to the universe, of which you are a part.

Abstinence and sobriety are necessary. But, have equal focus on healthy and meaningful living. Find hope, and a sense of optimism. Accept reality while affirming in your life both faith and meaning.

Sobriety-Tools are you Personal Inner Resources.

Regardless of your personal inclinations, Spirituality is in your Life.

Stop The Urges, Impulses, and Triggers in Their Tracks.

Sobriety-Living-Sober means attaining and maintaining abstinence. As part of this attainment we must realize the statue of limitations has run out on most of our childhood traumas. We need to let our parents go free.

We need to Let Go Codependency.

So what to do for Sobriety-Living-Sober?

We know it is difficult to remove by reasoning or logic a belief or idea not placed in our mind by logic in the first place.

So, should we expect a person whose booze problem is out-of-control to try to do anything about it? Or are alcoholics helpless in the face of their addiction?

Is Sobriety-Living-Sober beyond the alcoholics own personal intervention?

If we say yes, we are saying that a person can get so far out, they can’t get back on their own. Yes. That happens. The prisons and mental health wards are running over.

However, if you are reading this, the assumption is that even if you have received the dreaded response, “Call me back when you’re sober,“ you are now able and capable of making your own choices.

Even if you’re in Addiction Recovery, Alcohol Rehab, Sleep-Off, or Substance Abuse Treatment, Sobriety-Living-Sober is essentially a choice, and your choice.

ACTION. The history of successful Alcohol Rehab and Alcoholism Treatment has proven that those who suffer addictions are required to do something to recover.

That something is to refuse to drink alcohol or use other substances to control their condition. Addiction is addiction.

Of course, no one likes to be told what to do. But, there is nothing more pointless, or more common, than doing the same things, over-and-over, and expecting different results.

It really is a poor idea to lie to oneself. Make a commitment to sobriety.

Ready? Lets take a look at an effective Alcohol Rehab program.

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