Sober living offers alcohol addiction recovery.

Abstinence can break the cycle of alcohol abuse.

Take the Sober path to Recovery Sobriety.

A Sober Life lived in sobriety means embracing a non-drinking abstinent self. We are powerless to change the past. And many of us are powerless over alcohol and our lives unmanageable. Abstinence is our best tool.

When we try to control, what can not be controlled, we condemn ourselves to feel that life is unmanageable. If we focus our success, our love, and our energy on control we will be constantly frustrated. Life will be unmanageable.

When we feel we can control the world around us, we become responsible for this world. We take on responsibility for the actions of others. Then things go different than expected. We feel guilty.

The center of your inner wisdom is your problem solving self. It is a direct channel to your alcohol addiction recovery. Really, you know you can’t drink yourself sober. Lean to let go.

Our recovered selves accept, not judge. To accept ourselves means to know ourselves. No more hiding or pretending, only self knowledge and acceptance.

Abstinent living is based on allowing ourselves “to be,” and “to experience.” This means allowing our spontaneity, our curiosity, and allowing our “being” without the compulsion “to do.”

Getting dry and straight is the first step.

Abstinent Living says that “to be is to love.” We allow ourselves to experience without the need to control.

Our addiction recovery power over alcohol lies in how we define our life. Too often, we choose to be a victim.

But, when we learn from life, accept our alcoholic past, recognize the reality of the present, and accept our future as it comes at us, we can recover. How to Stop Alcohol Abuse triggers, urges, cravings, and impulses.

Sober is what Addictions-Recovery offers.

You can enjoy the spice of Living...try it.

Living and Alcoholism Recovery is a personal spiritual path.

The way to alcohol addiction recovery is a spiritual path that takes us through our pain to a place of healing and self forgiveness.

We can have the type of peace and sobriety that allows what we call our inner child to rest in the assurance that exploration into the world will be safe.

Abstinent living allows us to accept the inevitability of each day as it comes and goes. We can only state our personal intent. Sober recovery enriches our daily life.

An alcohol recovery affirmation is our own sober tool. Use it often.

“I acknowledge my fear and still love myself through this feeling, seeking only to learn what it has to teach me.”

Daily Abstinence Living Affirmations.

“I am accepting of who I am.”

“I affirm that I can reach out to others and let go of my compulsive self reliance.”

“I can let go and let God.”

Say these affirmations after a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself. An honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

Recovery from alcohol addiction is about self-esteem. We work through the pain.

How to let go alcohol? Make abstinence your tool. Find a sober buddy or companions.

Realize that you have the power to control your thoughts. Exercise this power to stop negative unproductive thinking.

Teach yourself new ways to see the world. New things to do living sober.

Realize how addicts sabotage their alcohol addiction recovery.

Discover the Activities of Daily Alcohol Recovery.

The Sobriety Prayer Supports Your Abstinence.

Do Daily Alcohol Recovery Sobriety Affirmations.

“I am no longer bound by mistakes of the past. I free myself to live in the present and to trust in the future.”

We are fully human without shame or recriminations.

Guilt is the great divider. It separates us from each other. Self recrimination is a way of shutting people out and staying ck in ourselves. Guilt is all about us.

Become ready to change by giving up the demand to be perfect. The price paid for striving to be perfect is death.

Seeking perfection causes death of our spirit, of our specialness, of what is uniquely ours to share.

To have flaws is to be alive, our differences give us our individuality.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery is owning our own power. To think about change, we need to own our power.

We are the creators. What we think, we create, and that is what we become. We own our own power to create ourselves.

Allow yourself to begin your journey of recovery. Alcohol Addiction is powerful, be gentle with yourself. Know that you will always be who you are.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Affirmations.

1. I am complete just the way I am.

2. I have the power to claim all of me.

3. I can and will depend upon myself to define me.

4. I love all of my parts, even those I do not understand.

5. I practice humility, it allows me to experience sober recovery on its most serene level.

6. I let go and let God.

7. My living is abstinence in action. Develop Your Personal Addiction Recovery Tools.

Self-forgiveness could mean successful Alcohol Addiction Recovery.

Forgiveness means making space within---for us to go on with our lives--- and not to be consumed by the actions of another. We focus on our Abstinence Living.

We need to judge ourselves less, and accept ourselves more, to be able to do this with others. Our reactions to others are but a mirror of our feelings about ourselves.

We need responsibility without guilt. Guilt focuses all of our energy on ourselves. We can learn detachment. Letting go.

Detachment is a realization that we can not control others nor do we have to be controlled by others. Learning detachment is one of the great secrets of a happy life.

Learning Detachment: Letting Go.

Detachment: Letting Go is to finally realize we can not control others, nor do we have to let them control us. This is the happy sober life secret.

This is the Zen of Living.

We see.

We understand.

We feel, but we do not need to react, and therefore to be controlled by the events.

This detachment: This letting go, is the foundation of addiction-self-help.

We are often too quick to react and condemn that we do not take the time to see other’s acts for what they are, a manifestation of themselves, and not a comment on us.

To achieve detachment---letting go---in some ways means not to see ourselves as important and central to the events which surround us. That is detachment.

Others’ thoughtless acts do not have to hurt us. If we over-react and judge them, we rescue them. And thereby deny their taking responsibility for their acts. We deny ourselves the power to protect ourselves.

Free yourself to be fully in the moment. No longer a victim.

We use daily recovery affirmations and practice daily self-acceptance. We learn to live in the present.

We wear the world as a loose garment.

Meditation on Living is along our road to alcohol addiction recovery.

We become addicted seeking fulfillment from outside in, rather than from inside out. If we reconnect with our deeper values we can be inner directed in an outer directed world. We can be in, but, not of, as the masters say.

I own the power I have to see what is available for me in the world. I own what I want. I follow my personal spiritual path.

The Serenity Prayer is a guide for transmuting ourselves from fearful, limited, addicted beings into radiant recovered alcohol addicts who have become human.
Discover The Ultimate Letting Go.

The Serenity Prayer Is Our Guide.

Sharing Addiction-Recovery-Succcess. Share your personal experience, insight, or self-help tips, or ideas.

Have you found or need to find a special Addiction Recovery help or inspiration? We all help ourselves when we extend our understanding and knowledge to others.

Sharing healing resources is away to let-go and help others realize Recovery opportunities. Your personal experience is something only you can share. Thanks

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