Sober-Living requires abstinence, so we can achieve a degree of sanity and serenity.

Sober-Living, abstinence, primarily involves, first and foremost, not taking a drink.

Sober-Living requires “going the distance.”

Sober-Living, to go the distance: “Let us reflect on what is truly of value in life. What gives meaning to our lives and set our priorities on the basis of that.”

The 14 Dalai Lama from Offerings

Good advice. Lets see where we are.

The problem: Millions of people have the disease of alcoholism. Experience assures us that any drinking at all leads to trouble for the alcoholic or problem drinker.

The answer: Not drinking at all…staying sober, that is living sober…becomes the basis of our recovery from alcoholism.

Here’s why not drinking, abstinence, is the answer to alcoholism.

We know alcohol is addictive, and it effects and changes our thinking and our reasoning. One drink can make us feel we can tolerate another, and then another and another…We can never go back to drinking, not even one drink. Period.

Living sober can be Real Living, in fact, a joyful experience. Far better than the problems and miseries we had while still drinking.

In The Los Angeles area you have an excellent resource for Sobriety Living in the Casa Nuevo Vida Sober-Living facility. A link to their services is below.

You can find Sobriety living at Sober Homes for Men...Los Angeles.

Discover How to Stop Alcohol Abuse urges, triggers, impulses, and cravings.

Sober-Living means enjoying a life time of Abstinence.

The Secret is How to Stay Sober....Find a Sober place first.

But, a word of caution. Anyone can get sober. Most of us have done it any number of times. The “Real Trick” is to stay clean and sober and live in serenity.

Now lets look at some of the “tricks.” Learn The Activities of Daily Alcohol Recovery.

Sobriety-Mindfulness can help keep us on track.

A Powerful Trick is to develop your personal Sober-Living Network.

Lets start with sobriety.

Sobriety is living without drinking alcohol. We find, develop, and associate with like minded people. We build our sober-living network, friend by friend.Just like laying bricks. We have to work at it.

Our mind is open. The recovery from alcoholism has no “right way” or “wrong way” only the successful “your way.”

You need a balanced diet of ideas. But like good food, good ideas do us no good unless we make intelligent use of them. We must translate them into sobriety action.

Sobriety in Action.

Our process is 1. Choice, (sober), 2. Commitment, (total abstinence), 3. Action (sobriety and serenity).

We do whatever is necessary to stay away from the first drink. If we do not take the first drink, we never get drunk. Simple as that. We avoid the one, first drink, that starts it.

We have in our possession the solution to alcohol addiction. Our recovery is in our hands.

Sounds simplistic. Yet, we know that this is what works. Give up alcohol completely, absolute abstinence. We say:“I am not taking a drink just for today.” We go day-by-day.

Every recovery from alcoholism began with one sober hour. The hour that starts with this moment. Not tomorrow, not next week. Now, just as simple as starting now.

We are somewhat like Scarlet O’Hara in “Gone With The Wind” whose response often was, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

We just don’t drink today. Just today. Alcoholism Recovery can help you with Goal Setting Tools.

Sober-Living realizes we can’t change our body chemistry back to moderate social drinking.

Many people just deny this fact. They just ignore the condition, accept no treatment for it, suffer and die. Sad. And unnecessary. Because, there is another way. Abstinence and Sobriety offer life.

We recognize we have an incurable, potentially fatal ailment called alcoholism. So instead of persisting in drinking, we prefer to figure out, and use, enjoyable ways of living without alcohol.

We take comfort, refuge, and supportive strength from our Sober-Living Network.

We have made our choice, taken our commitment, and are ready for action. It is time we get busy with a life that will use our mind and channel our energies toward sobriety, serenity and health.

Just to stop drinking is not enough. A sterile thing. To stay stopped we need to put in place of drinking a positive program of daily action. We need to learn how to live sober on a daily basis. Day-by-day.

The Serenity Prayer is our blueprint for action. AA also offers the 12 steps. And there are others. We must act because, if we save our health, our life, we will be able to value and cherish those who are important to us.

With courage, we can accept those things we are able to do, and chose to let go and not do, those which we can’t do or accept, and, in addition, we trust ourselves to be wise enough to know the difference.

The Serenity Prayer is a Miracle tool for Sobriety

Our personal Sobriey-Prayer can also be of real help.

Sober-Living is enhanced by using the processes of the Serenity Prayer.

“Easy Does It.” This is our day’s ideal speed.

And no “Pity Pots, or “gunny sacking” either.

And, in addition, we remember, as the old saw says, “sorrow is born in the hasty heart.” Other troubles including an alcoholic bout, can be sorrow too.

Steer clear of emotional entanglements. You don’t need an addictive relationship.

Find other satisfactions for your hasty heart instead of relationship addiction.

Everything in its own time.

Tying up our sobriety to any person, even another recovered AA member, or to any circumstances is not only unwise, but dangerous.

When we think, “I’ll stay sober if…” we are already in trouble.

Don’t make your sober-living, your sobriety and serenity, dependent upon someone else’s behavior. It’ll be, “If only he/she would…”

It is like an addictive relationship, “when he or she is happy, I’ll be happy too.” Relationship Addiction recovery requires letting go of all old illusions.

We simply have to take whatever steps are necessary to preserve our sobriety. Our health. Other people’s reactions are “their” problems, not ours. We don’t have to be their sin eaters.

Self responsibility is our taking care of ourselves.

So, what to do?

Willpower all by itself won’t cut it. And going it alone probably won’t either. It isn’t easy to admit we need help. Full enjoyment of sober-living isn’t a one person job.

Look, even temporarily, at a few new ideas. And maybe some you threw out while drinking. Like spiritual practice. Maybe, just maybe.

Live and let live. But first: Live.

When we give up our extended adolescence, we grow up.
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