SNUPs-Sabotage Your Personal Addictions Recovery. Unplug Them Now.

SNUPs means Serves No Useful Purpose. People, Places, and Things.

SNUPs Sabotage can cripple your recovery.

SNUPs-SABOTAGE Your Personal Addictions Recovery Plans, UNPLUG Before Snups Sabotage Your Sobriety, Serenity, and Spirituality.

What are SNUPs?

SNUP means Serves No Useful Purpose. For example, your life is full of magazine articles saved for the never tried recipes. Your closet is full of several size clothing unused, leftovers from previous diet disasters.

These SNUPs and others trivialize and sabotage not only your attempts at behavioral change, for example, Personal Addictions Recovery, sobriety, abstinence, weight reduction,or stopping compulsive gambling, but can affect your entire ability to function.

Look at this sorta strange sentence which follows. As we explore it, you may find you better understand the internal and external sources of SNUPs-Sabotage to Personal Addictions Recovery and how your sobriety, abstinence and serenity are affected by the Artificial Stress SNUPs-Sabotage creates.

SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People use UFOs to Teach Pigs to Sing for Rehearsal and Reruns. SNUPs-Sabotage your life.

We’ll explore the implications this sentence contains for recovery, step by step. So first, let’s examine SNUPs.

The up-front disadvantage to SNUPs-Sabotage is that it often eats up your extra time and energy. The excessive busyness SNUPs require in maintenance burns-up your daylight.

“Not enough time.” Is that the excuse you use for not attending your weekly Recovery meetings or Weight Loss therapy sessions or simply doing what you want or need done?

If so, you rob your vital Addiction Recovery activities by over-committing energy and attention to the unimportant ones.

In addition, being too busy all the time can exhaust you. Tired, you may fail to see what is really important to your recovered life.

Is Sabotage a problem for you? See what you can add to this list of simple SNUPs.

Simple SNUPs

Balls of twine. Drawers of nails. Jars of screws. Stacks of newspapers. Paper bag collection. Left-over, used, broken appliance parts. Records and recordings you no longer play. Undone past taxes. Books read, unread, and never to be read. Outdated computer stuff.

Keys to no where and nothing. Sports equipment from bygone days. Kitchen gadget you just keep. Children’s old school papers. Years and years of papers. Board games you no longer play. And pictures, pictures, pictures.

You are not alone. One of the most intense SNUP developments occurred during the middle Ages, long ago. Enormous time and energy were spent debating how many angels could fit on the head of a pin.

Did you mentally add some of your own SNUPs to the above list? Do you need to review your responsibilities to these time, talent, and treasures thieves? The basic problem is that many SNUPs demand high maintenance. Especially, live ones.

SNUP Maintenance

Every item or idea you invest with attachment can become a SNUP. SNUPs-Sabotage grows as it begins to require more and more maintenance. Whether that is dusting, inventory, monitoring, accounting, feeding, polishing, protecting, investing, or updating.

Each minute or dollar you spend on maintenance is precious resources…time and money…you no longer have to respond to the Personal Addiction Recovery Opportunities of the present moment.

Your role as curator of your own private SNUPs-Sabotage museum simply robs you of your current Recovery possibilities

Your Past Steals Your Present

Perhaps, two of most vulnerable groups are seniors and those in recovery. Seniors particularly need to avoid the Aging Traps set by SNUPs.

Seniors, in particular, often trivialize their current life through maintaining the SNUPs of past loves and triumphs: mourning the missed opportunities from times dead and gone.

People in Recovery often do the same, including beating themselves with their past Addictive Behavior and its continuing consequences for their spirituality, sobriety and serenity.

So, what to do?

Acknowledge the SNUPs as SNUPs-Sabotage. Don’t spend a lot of time figuring out why or reminiscing or feeling guilty. Reviewing and rehashing forever the lost opportunities from your addictive past can itself be a way to avoid action.

Simply select a SNUP and take action.

Start with small SNUPs-Sabotage targets. Things you haven’t used or needed for a long time. If you try to take on all your SNUPs-Sabotage at once you can become paralyzed. Small steps will get you started without overwhelming your recovery.

If you get confused, get help from someone you trust not to judge, but only help you. Finding a non-judgmental helper may be awareness in itself.

We call these things simple SNUPs because they are not usually the most destructive sabotage. The most troublesome SNUPs are your UFOs.

UFO means:

Unrealistic expectations

False assumptions

Obsolete relationships.

UFOs are stealth SNUPs because they consistently operate at a subliminal level as though they were a part of your bone marrow.

UFOs are part and parcel of your fundamental belief system. And many times they are non-conscious prompters of addictive behaviors for example, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, and other Addictions.

We'll start to explore the detrimental results of Unrealistic Expectations on the next screen: Expectations.

Then you'll begin to understand how illusions generate expectations which limit, restrict or sabotage your sobriety options and the Personal Addictions Recovery choices you make.

Just how much does your Unrealistic Expectations undermine your Personal Addictions Recovery efforts? You’ll find it very interesting and helpful as you examine your UFOs on their individual screens:




Take a look at Expectations next.

See How SNUPs infect The Mind of The Addict.

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