Sidetracked-by-Obesity? Life aside, diverted, delayed, deviated, adrift, on-hold?

Getting sidetracked makes us wonder about our part in the case of overweight and obesity.

Obesity destroys Health more than Smoking.

We’ll take a close look at the causes and effects of obesity.

Sidetracked-by-Obesity? We’ll also examine relevant childhood obesity facts. However, it appears that overeating, especially the wrong kind of foods is at the base of obesity.

If we didn’t overeat the “wrong” stuff we wouldn’t be obese. Is that too simple?

Probably so. We live in an addictive nation, if not one addiction then another. Food addiction is just getting to be very noticeable.

Most intriguing is morbid obesity. It becomes disabling, if not deadly. What happens to these folks. Perhaps, just like gulf swimmers, get out too far and can’t get back.

Or is it food addiction, compulsive eating, and binging, affected by the commercial marketing and industrialization of food and eating? Or just simply love hunger?

Sidetracked-by-Obesity means Food and Eating Out are really big business. We’ll see. Sidetracked-by-Obesity is Food Addiction, pure and simple?

Many feel that fast food causes obesity, but, that may be only part of the story.

Perhaps, even more important is the causes of childhood obesity. The causes of obesity in children is puzzling. Maybe these numbers don’t relate to you. But, what does your scale say?

No group’s food choices is more controlled or subject to control, or could be controlled than children. Yet, far too much child obesity.

Adolescent obesity is not a real puzzle. Florence, my mate, spotted the answer one day.

She said. “I’ve never seen a fat skateboarder.”

And come to think of it, not many fat skiers either. Maybe something there!

If you’ve been Sidetracked-by-Obesity, you might want to consider weight reduction, unless you’re as talented as Fat Joe. Some folks make a career out of being overweight, Sumo wrestlers for example.

Of course, obesity kills more than 100,000 Americans a year. And costs the nation an extra $147 billion. You can avoid Diet Sabotage, see how.

The cause and effect of obesity are complex and related.

The causes of obesity, at first seem simple. Overeating. That brings up the question of “Why we overeat?” Inherited? Lack of love? Anguish? Food addiction?

Especially into morbid obesity and often invalid-hood.

Well it begins with nature, genetics. But nature doesn’t have to be destiny, or does it? Even late bottle weaning gets involved with overweight and obesity.

And more minority youths over whites become overweight. Actually studies find obesity relates to your area of residency.

The deep south is our hot spot. Being a Forrest Gump, Coden and Bayou La Batre boy that got my attention.

Obesity is also related to resources, land use, environmental and other factors. Notable is the relationship to parents’ weight.

If one parent is overweight, there is increased risk of obesity. Both parents overweight and you’re almost doomed to be obese with a significantly lower quality of life and to carry obesity health risks.

Britain found overweight is now the norm in their “Fat Family” society. Following along are heart disease, diabetes, and other life threatening diseases. Stop Food Addiction, Overcome Obsession and Dependence.

Causes of Obesity: Is Mindless Eating involved? Probably Yes.

We eat about 30% more when we eat “Low-fat Snacks.” Go figure. So then “low-fat” is unlikely to solve our obesity epidemic.

With two-thirds of us overweight and one-third obese, we as fat families, need as individuals and as a nation, to take immediate and effective action. Perhaps, replacing food with something more satisfying may be apossibility.

The question is: What is more important than losing some weigh?

One issue is obesity health risks, almost the same mid-America states with the highest obesity are also those with higher diabetes rates. Seems obvious.

Also these same states are the ones where more people smoke everyday. No simple answer. But connections.

Of course, obesity rates in many developing countries now rival ours and other high income nations. Seriously, ask yourself: Is Fat A Family Affair?

United States Obestiy Statistics are horrendous.

Sixty-five percent of Americans are overweight or obese. But, this isn’t the complete picture. Statistics don’t tell of the amputated feet and legs from diabetes’ complications. Diabetes’ complications, the major cause of amputations.

Nothing is said of the bankruptcies from medical bills. Increased treatment costs. More Taxes. If the Tea Party wants something to do for America, tackle obesity.

Can we as a nation respond? And what is each of us to do? Promote physical activity and healthy eating?

Weight, obesity included, is in the end, energy in and energy out. No obesity in prisoner-of-war camps. Cutting down food erases obesity. Period. Ever eat a Bowl of M &Ms without stopping. Compulsive Eating.

One Disturbing Note on Sidetracked-by-Obesity.

The last note Sidetracked-by-Obesity is a disturbing one. While so many of us are fat, overweight, and obese, there are others who are not fat-fat families.

During the time it took you to read this screen about 180 preschool children died of hunger and malnutrition. Twelve a minute, around the clock, more than SIX Million a year.

More than 800 million people---two and a half times the US population---live everyday with hunger, or as the pros call it “food insecurity.” Perhaps more like hell would be appropriate.

Winning the fight against hunger would probably help us all. The world has the resources and the knowledge to win the food fight.

We have not yet shown we have the will.

Individually, Sidetracked-by-Obesity shows that our brain/mind is still our best chance for achieving control of our weight.Checkout some of these Links for Ideas. You may want to look at another approach to weight loss and dieting.

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