Sharing-Your-Recovery insight enhances your own understanding.

Sharing-Your-Recovery from Addiction is the gift of growth opportunities.

Sharing-Your-Recovery from Addiction can help others with supportive options for their sobriety journey.

Sharing Your Recovery through The Serenity Prayer.

Sharing-Your-Recovery from Addiction can be a personal growth tool for you and a special healing gift for those still along their Recovery journey. Sharing has an important place in our human values.

Sharing is personal, an opportunity for us to open a door, share different insights, a giving experience.

Below you’ll find links to several different Addiction Recovery topics offering the opportunity to share. The therapeutic value of sharing is offering the courage to change.

The Mind of The Addict is a sight to behold. See It.

Sharing helps free oneself from closed inner thoughts, for example, the double bind of drinking, which drove us to Addictive Behavior in the first place and can push us to relapse. Sharing our Recovery is grounding for achieving Self-Help.

We learn from each others successes.

Carrying a helpful recovery message to another in process we have an opportunity to see our own individual and spiritual growth. We can become clearer in our thoughts. We are reminded that recovery works.

Sharing-Your-Recovery can accelerate the process of your own and others restorative healing.

Many of us share a history of one type of addictive behavior or another. Of course, some of us as recovering addicts also continue to struggle with abuse or codependent issues.

In this we have more in common than we differ.

Addiction is a Spiritual Disease, discover why and how.

We can all enhance our coping skills and mobilize our recovery resources. It helps to discover what others found to be effective, practical and useful.

Immediate self-help through sharing---when we need it---is preferable to waiting for the perfect mystical moment.

Perfection is pretty hard to find.

Now is so much better than sometime. Share-Your-Recovery.

We may not all be experts on the human addiction experience. But then, there may not be an expert on every element of the human addiction experience. But, we all know our own experience and what helped us.

So we can share the gift of our personal perceptions. These sharing relationships in recovery may help others on their personal journey.

Addiction is such a personal experience in movement and thought, actions and form. Although it certainly affects others.

Deadly effects from SNUPs Sabotage to our sobriety.

Perhaps the most any of us can do is to share our experiences, strengths, hopes, and insights which may give others the helpful resources of inspiration and motivation, essential substance abuse recovery tools.

It is essential to realize we are not really different, not the only ones with the problem. Recognition gives us some feeling of hope. We are not alone.

Maybe we can help someone to learn to accept sharing and then to think more clearly or creatively. Perhaps, in addition to the form, they can, like an artist, affect context and direction of their lives.

Sharing-Your-Recovery, the experience of your Self-Help endeavors and the resources you’ve accessed, often through real effort, may be a Hand Up for another’s climb out of the addiction morass.

Codependency and Addiction are about us, not about them. Recovery means to let-go and establish new boundaries in relationships, especially with ourselves.

Sharing can often free our energies and enable us to work creatively with the inevitable. Truly rediscover our life.

Is your addiction in your Head? Probably.

There are many, many ways to wisdom, that is part of the richness. Sharing-Your-Recovery can stimulate another to change their life.

We have much to do together. Much to share. Let us do it now.

Make your Recovery a true human experience. Sharing is a resource for genuine personal awareness and action.

The links below take you to Addiction Recovery topics of mutual concern. Share your thoughts, opinions, comments, or suggestions. The input spaces are down each page a bit.

Sharing-Your-Recovery could mean Addictions-Recovery-Success.

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