Serenity Self-Help Tools free you for successful Addiction Treatment and Alcohol Rehab.

You can Enjoy Serenity and Sobriety, See How.

Serenity, Yes. But Sobriety First.

Serenity Lives. Discover and enjoy sobriety and abstinence with the self-help tools you’ll find in the material below.

And what will you find in your self-help sobriety and tranquility?

You’ll find peace and probably your very own personal “sweet spot.” Your sobriety will be very individual. Your own personal sobriety. No store bought thing. Not ready made, one size fits all. Just yours.

Lets start with a working definition of your personal self-help goal.

Serenity is that peace of mind which happens when you embrace yourself as worthy of love. And embrace other humans as also being worthy of love. But, yourself first.

Recovery is your individual and unique way to completeness and personal peace. It is the recognition that you are indeed lovable. For sure.

There is a real peace of mind,which arises when you embrace your self as worthy of love.

Serenity is evidenced and enhanced by small acts of quiet renewal. These actions, like acts of random kindness, create personal moments when we meet our truly human self. We are part of the whole.

Serenity, of course, is bolstered by powerful self-help tools, for example, personal prayer, affirmations, meditation and active spirituality.

Very important when problems demand our time, resources, and attention, while at the same time they obscure our addiction recovery or alcohol rehab vision.

When we look closely at the basis of our sobriety and our self-help tools which support it, we find an interesting fact.

Most of us, may be born with all the happiness we’re going to get.

This leads to the old saying: “Most folks are about as happy as they decide to be.” So make up your mind now, to let go, and enjoy the peace of serenity.

Here are two areas for Letting-Go.

See How To Stop Alcohol Abuse. NOW.

We gain Serenity when we Let-Go-Addictions.

We also acquire Calm and Peace as we Let-Go-Codependence.

You can learn to Let-Go-Pain.

Discover Serenity Living Sober with or without a Spiritual Handle.

It is a fact that most of us are really happier than we often feel. In the midst of expectations, we tend to overlook our actual situation.

At least we are alive. With introspection and some degree of awareness, we begin to appreciate our lives.

Can we appreciate the smile of a stranger? The thanks of a neighbor, or the trust of a family member?

We decide to use the personal self-help tools available to us: letting go, trust, faith, prayer, affirmations, meditation, and other aspects of our personal spirituality. It is then we experience the gift of serenity.

Let your inner non-expectant self free. Let your inner being guide you. Stop second guessing your own decisions. It undercuts your confidence and your recovery.

You are where you are, because that’s where you are now. Later you can and will be someplace else. Simple as that.

But in each case be right here now. This minute.

Yes, prayer, affirmations, and meditation are tools which can enhance our serenity. But, so can a cool drink of water. Watching the Chickadee at the bird feeder can also. My mom always said, “they have to live too.”

This morning the squirrel left with the last peanut, after a Blue Jay stole the rest. It is these, “life’s little moments” which can make the backyard a special corner of your serenity world.

Have no backyard? Create your own personal mental spot within your mind-scape. You may want to pause there when you meditate. If even only for a few quiet, private moments. You are every place you go. Plan for yourself.

Take a breath. See how marvelously your body breathes. You inhale and your lungs fill with air. Exhale slowly, let the outgoing breath take your tension, stress and worries with it.

Breathing can be a marvelous tool for relaxation. In the Meditation screens we cover several different types of breathing exercises.

Curious? Want to take a quick look. You’ll be pleased and surprised.

The-Addicted-Self can make a conscious recovery.

Make Sobriety Living Sober your Sweet Spot.

Do you have a “sweet spot?” A special place, condition, or situation where you can be at ease? Make sobriety your sweet spot.

It can include your personal treasures: favorite people, special music, and other mementos. Do you have a “thank you” board for cards, letters, notes, and keep sakes you get “thanking you?”

Your personal “thank You “ cards and notes can be there also.

Sobriety is having the awareness to make the decisions best for your abstinence, sobriety, and spirituality. So your codependency, addiction treatment, or alcohol rehab is successful.

Thought and meditation are the tools which help your intuitive awareness reflect acceptance of the inevitable. In the process you can discover your own personal serenity “sweet spot.”

Sober your natural sense of inner peace and wellness reflects your individual recovery courage. You do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

Probably nothing says it like the Serenity Prayer. It is almost as if we can’t say it enough.

Examine The Mind of The Addict. Who is There?

Our Daily Prayer

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.”

A Life Sobriety Practice can have a spiritual foundation.

How to Enjoy a Sense of Peace in a World of Turmiol.

The Serenity Prayer has been familiar to Alcoholics Anonymous for many years. Different religious faiths have used their versions of the prayer for thousands of years.

Make this Prayer yours, it doesn’t belong exclusively to any group or organization.

It means getting sober and rejoicing in your sobriety. It is the formula for a serene, sober healthy spirituality and life.

Our addiction, for example, like alcoholism, we may not be able to change. It is always waiting for our return. But, there is something we can change.

We don’t have to be substance abusers. With courage, we can be abstinent and sober. Maybe alcohol or drug addicted, but not now. Now we are sober and clean.

Serenity helps us balance the multitude of forces and events which swirl through our lives. The impulses, cravings, and urges which get triggered by our personal environment.

We can let go. We can stop trying to control what can’t be controlled or that we don’t have the power to control.

Empower yourself to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. Change what you can. Then move on. Let go. Focus on the possible. Your Abstinence. Your sobriety. Here and now. This moment.

Accepting events without a good or bad judgment frees you to forgive, to let go, and build on what is.

When you accept, you empower yourself to recover, to heal, to transform and to release unresolved hang-ups and mental and emotional stuff from your “gunnysack.” You can give up your pity pot.

Accept what and where you are in your life, accept what you think and feel, even if it cuts across the grain to do so. When you stop resisting, the discomfort stops.

Your old map of reality is not the territory. You don’t need to protect it. Let the SNUPs, Martians and Drain People go with their UFOs and illusions.

Remember them? Take another look.

Take another look at the SNUPs, Martians and Drain People

Trying to hold on to the old map only creates Artificial Stress. The suffering from trying to control the inevitable, the uncontrollable. Better to open your head and heart and let the old map go.

Realize you have only one moment. This one. Right now. Life's happiness is making a treasure of each second we have. As thought it is the last wonderful moment of time.

Moments to find joy, moments to relish.

Embrace this moment. Perhaps feel this moment by focusing outward on the needs of others. Or inward on your sense of peace.

Explore you own personal path to the peace. You have unique and courageous efforts to offer.

We grow spirituality by facing our addiction recovery journey as an opportunity for service.

We can lose our spiritual compass in the throes of addiction. When this happens we need to listen. Allow our inner self to rediscover our spiritual journey and renew our addictions recovery commitment.

Take your serenity with you everyday, everywhere you go. It can be your constant supportive companion on your addictions recovery journey. When the triggers set off the addiction urges and cravings, you'll be ready for these impulses.

Welcome and be mindful of your sense of being at peace with yourself, with those in your life, and with your life. Being mindful, conscious, allows what does not serve you well to fall away.

Our Artificial Stress and our suffering is directly related to how much we resist the fact that things are as they are. Remember the words of wisdom: Let it be. Let it be. Whatever it is.

Welcome and enjoy your own serenity. Below are some real useful tools.

Find Peace of Mind and Freedom from Addictions'Thoughts

Let-Go-Addictions is a major Addictions Recovery tool. Here is self-help.

Let-Go-Codependence is also a major Serenity Tool. Here's real help.

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