Serenity-Life-Practice, our personal, private if we choose, sobriety alignment with the ineffable.

Serenity-Life-Practice entails fully engaging our recovery sobriety into a deeper intimacy with our personal world.

Serenity-Life-Practice helps our Addiction Recovery awaken to a higher level of consciousness.

Serenity-Life-Practice doesn’t have to be based on meta-physical presuppositions; we may just want to cultivate health, wholeness, and completeness of our sense of self.

Fullness of being is universal, enough motivation to live a conscious way of life.

But, there is no quick fix to conscious awareness, just as there is no quick fix to sobriety and seeenity.

It is a life of sustained practice.

We awaken each day and bring as much awareness and care and presence to every moment of our living.

We want to have the capacity to do that more fully in the next moment and the next moment after that. The Serenity Prayer is our grounding for Addiction Recovery.

Bring Serenity to The Mind of The Addict.

That is our Serenity and Spiritual Life Practice.

Our spontaneous impulse toward recovery, wholeness and growth.

We are more than just dedicated to a life of meditative conscious awareness.

We are full persons with lives to live; we have interests and opinions. But we also have a personal Serenity-Life-Practice.

We just pay attention to our motives. They awaken a sense of higher consciousness. We perceive a moral context for our own existence.

It is a moral awakening of self.

What emerges is authentic care for an inherent sense of meaning. A fundamental recognition and respect for life and its many unfolding varieties. For real Serenity consider Relationships as Spiritual Practice.

Serenity-Life-Practice means evolving conscious awareness.

See how an outstanding experience teacher puts our need for personal practice.

Andrew Cohen: “Since the day I started on the spiritual path, it has been clear to me that there is something higher than the individual.

When one truly awakens to that higher reality of Spirit, one has the potential to become a different kind of person, a more evolved person.

And if such a one can demonstrate a higher level of spiritual awareness that is tangible and obvious to other people , then it puts him or her in a position to convince others of that which is higher in such away that, ideally, will inspire them to make the effort to evolve themselves.”

Andrew Cohen continues: “Old enlightment was only about transcendence, about letting everything be as it is, about the power of Now.

It was about attaining freedom from the world process. The focus was on the liberation of the individual, not the evolution of culture. But now we have this postmodern understanding.

We’ve realized that the individual is a product of culture, and therefore the evolution of the individual is the evolution of culture. That perspective changes everything.

We must find ways to make spiritual practice, for conscious awareness, more than just something we do on a cushion.

Most of us, when we use the word ’practice,’ have our own little box around what that means.

But we’re trying to enlarge that box and develop new forms of practice that will lead to higher consciousness, conscious awareness, in the process of making social contributions.” Find Serenity in Let Go Let God Awareness.

The fact that we are all one is not a theory.

Serenity-Life-Practice: The way you can tell the depth of a person’s enlightenment is by the breadth of their service to others. Zen Master Kobo Daishi

As we notice ‘patterns that connect’ our inner and outer worlds, we realize that this draws us into a deeper intimacy with the mystery of existence.

Faith is always going beyond where our eyes can see.

Even better, we can see the outer world, The Other. Your Serenity may come from a Spiritual Practice.

Womens Spirituality and Practice may be of interest..

Addiction is a Spiritual Disease, see how.

Serenity-Life-Practice sees Relationships as Spiritual Practice.

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