We can with courage and awareness emerge to genuine love relationships.

Love Addiction: Do you ever say, “It will never happen to me?”

We can with understanding and insight move to authentic intimacy.

Personal Love Relationships can become all consuming.

Try this Quick Quiz:

1. Have you read, “Women Who Love Too Much?”

2. Are you a survivor? The responsible One?

3. Have you seen the older work: “Leaving The Enchanted Forrest” by Covington and Beckett?

4. How does an "Love" Addiction start?

We’ll gain some background on the development and effects of partnership problems. Setting Relationship Boundaries to recover from Love Addiction.

Discover Ways to make your to life togeather better. Addiction-Recovery has some Letting Go help for us.

There Is Nothing, But Thinking Makes It So.

Inconsistency and unpredictability are the trademarks for living in an alcoholic family. Alcoholism rears its ugly head. Passive aggressive verbal attacks are often a trademark of abusive relations.

Abusive Relations

In homes affected by alcoholism feelings and thereby actions are repressed and twisted in the attempt to adjust and survive.

In unhealthy relation problems the tracks laid down are often very difficult to alter.

So what are the keys to how Partnership Problems develop?

Lets start with a positive: trust in inter-personal relations. The single most important ingredient in a nurturing partnership---in any human inter-personal relation---is honesty.

The alcoholic family’s law of “Don’t Talk” obviously kills not only honesty, but any sense of trust. Alcoholism kills candor.

"LOVE," your love addiction Love Story may need love rehab. And it is possible. Learn how to save a love relation. We can begins to see our Personal Relations as Spiritual Practice.

Why Relationships fail: A premise you can take to the bank:

Giving to others is not bad, but routinely giving at the expense of your own well-being is destructive.

It is not a healthy enduring partnership.

Self sacrifice happens in many ways, for example, “If you just ignore it, maybe it will not hurt.”

“If you just ignore it, it may just go away.”

Not Really!

Have you ever said to yourself:

“I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster for a real long time. I want off.”

Love Addiction is like codependency where suffering and/or dysfunction is associated with or results from focusing on the needs and behavior of others. And being addicted to it.

These folks are so focused upon or preoccupied with important people in their lives, their love relations, that they neglect their own true self.

Understanding relationship addiction, a process of “Non-Living,” can help. Because it is toxic and codependent.

Women are the main consumers of Personal Relationship Addiction. How can they move beyond “The Enchanted Forrest?”

How can they move from Interpersonal Problems to genuine intimacy?

Are Affection Addictions a substitute for alcoholism, for alcohol addiction? They certainly share common obsessive characteristics.

An obsession is constantly thinking about the person you’re in a partnership with. A compulsive aspect of your behavior.

Just can’t help dropping by or calling. A need to protect the supply. Unreasonable possessiveness. Controlling the personal exchanges in the process.

Obsession is not love. It is not the enduring quality of true caring. Genuine trust personal intimacy. Addictive relationships are one sided affairs. Change is Possible.

We believe the fairy tale myth of romance.

That myth is, fall in love and live happily ever after.

Real intimacy is only moments away, we believe.

There is, of course, a fine line between desirable and undesirable degrees of behavior. Between genuine love and toxic situations. Just as between abuse and intimacy.

Care taking and nurturing are, of course, forms of healthy inter-personal relations. However, it is by degrees, and that is the same with most all addictions.

The single most important question may be: “Is there chronic neglect of yourself in favor of someone or something else?”

That question is probably the key to abusive relations.

In Personal Love Addictions the operative words are denial, anxiety, and fear. Is it possible to have an Affection Addiction? Do you?

Relationships Addiction is intermittent reinforcement.

Relationship Addiction, unlike alcoholism or alcohol addiction, operates more like food addiction. Just as over-eaters can’t quit eating food entirely, relations addicts can’t live and thrive in isolation, and not relate to others.

We, "who love too much" addicts have to learn to abstain from “trigger,” “urge,” and “impulse,” individuals. Affection addiction almost stimulates itself.

Just as any other addict, stay away from your type of stimulant, a person who triggers your addictive behavior. And this advice applies whether it is a person, alcohol, drugs, sex, food, gambling, or love.

Sometimes, a reprieve from the involvement shows how you can survive on your own.

A reprieve gives you time to clarify your feelings, recharge depleted energy, and overcome fear of abandonment from dysfunctional or unhealthy involvements.

You can leave the prince‘s kingdom. You can reclaim your personal power.

Remember: “ When it gets dark enough you can see the stars.” Discover how Addiction is a Spiritual Disease.

Relationships Addiction has personal issues.

"We Who Love Too Much" Addiction has many of the same characteristics as codependency. In fact: Codependency often forms the core attachment of Affection Addictions.

Shame and low self esteem often play a major role in restraining, stifling our true selves. True intimacy slips away.

Our boundaries get enmeshed, fused with those who have either invaded us, breaching our personal boundaries, or overtaken our border outposts. We are being consumed from within.

Setting and maintaining firm appropriate personal boundaries can contain Relations Addiction.

Otherwise we are overrun by the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People. Recall that Self Sabotage is when the knife in our back has our fingerprints on it. Let Us revisit The Knife in our own backs: Self-Sabotage.

Really healthy personal relations are open, flexible, and allow and plan for the fulfillment of one anothers needs and rights.

While often intimate and close, their intensity has a flexible ebb and flow which respects each contributor’s needs.

Healthy relations allows each to grow as an individual person.

Compare that to the boundary binding in Affections Addiction. The ways and defenses of unhealthy relations don’t tend to work well to build healthy partnerships.

As you surrender your imaginary power over others, you gain a more realistic view of your own life. Then maybe you can take a ”reprieve” from the Prince’s Magic kingdom.

Perhaps, you’ll muster the courage to seek genuine inter-personal love relations. They do really exist. Is The Mind of The Addict driving you crazy or worse?

Personal Love Addictions like alcoholism addiction can become obsolete.