Relationships-as-Spiritual-Practice escape the merry-go-round of self-inflicted high drama.

Relationships-as-Spiritual-Practice requires taking our attention even more deeply into the Now. The present Moment.

Relationships-as-Spiritual-Practice experiences love as a state of Being. Not Outside, But deep within.

Relationships-as-Spiritual-Practice includes a review of Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”---A guide to Spiritual Enlightment.

Tolle lays out the relationship battle ground. “Millions are now living alone or as single parents unable to establish an intimate relationship or unwilling to repeat the insane drama of past relationships.”

Some go from one addictive relationship to another, “from one pleasure and pain cycle to another, in search of the elusive goal of fulfillment through union with the opposite energy polarity.” Know The Mind of The Addict. Change is possible.

Darkness makes for lots of High Drama.

“Still others compromise and continue to be together in a dysfunctional relationship in which negativity prevails, for the sake of the children or security.”

Others hang in relationships based on addiction, love addiction or affection addiction. Still others stay through the force of habit, fear of being alone, or some other mutually “beneficial” arrangement.

Some even stay through unconscious addiction to the excitement of emotional drama and pain.

Abuse becomes more common in our “egoic mode of consciousness,” where we have become increasingly identified with our abstract mind, our thinking addiction. We live our illusions.

“Most relationships are not rooted in Being and so turn into a source of pain and become dominated by problems and conflicts.”

Addictive Relationships are prime examples. Some of us are simply addicted to love and affection. The abstract concept, our illusion, not the real stuff. You can Overcome Obsession and Dependence.

Relationship Insanity Is Real.

Relationship addiction is when you “continue to pursue the goal of personal salvation through relationships.

You will be disillusioned again and again.

“But if you accept that the relationship is here to make you conscious instead of happy, the relationship will offer you salvation.

And you will be aligning yourself with the higher consciousness that wants to be born into this world.

For those who hold onto old patterns, there will be an addict’s increasing pain, violence, confusion, and madness. Addictive Relationships can be consciously addressed.

Relationships-as-Spiritual-Practice is your possibility instead.

How many people does it take to make your life into a spiritual practice?

Never mind if your partner will not cooperate.

Sanity---Consciousness can only come into the world through you.

You may wait forever.

Do not accuse each other of being unconscious…Instead of fighting the darkness, bring in the light.”

“If you both agree that the relationship will be your spiritual practice, so much the better.

You can then express your thoughts and feelings to each other as soon as they occur, or as soon as a reaction comes up.

So then you do not create a time gap in which an unexpected or unacknowledged emotion or grievance can fester and grow.” Consider Relationships as Spiritual Practice.

Relationships-as-Spiritual-Practice is open free communication.

Learn to give expression to what you feel without blaming. Learn to listen to your partner in an open, non defensive way.

Give your partner space for expressing herself or himself.

‘Be present. Reflect back the realization of your oneness with all that is.”

Every challenge described is actually a disguised opportunity for salvation.

At every stage, freedom from unconsciousness is possible. You can letn to let go Obsolete relationships.

Being “Present” means Being Here Now.

“If you are consistently or at least predominately present in your relationship, this will be the greatest challenge for your partner.

They will not be able to tolerate your presence for very long and stay unconscious. If they are ready, they will walk through the door that you have opened for them and join you in that state.”

If they are not, you will separate like oil and water.

The light is too painful for someone who wants to remain in the darkness.

The light is very painful for an addict who wants to remain in the darkness.

Addiction, the addictive state, being an addict, means the darkness is still there.

The consciousness being in the present, Now, is the light." Here is how to understand Relationship Addictions.

Attached to your pain at the hip?

“To suddenly see that you are, or have been, attached to your pain can be quite a striking realization. The moment you realize this, you have broken the addictive attachment.

Once you know that , you also realize that you are responsible for your inner space now---nobody else is---and that the past can not prevail against the power of the Now.

Do not use the pain body to give you an identity. Use it for enlightment instead. Transmute it into consciousness."

All problems are illusions of the mind. Focus your attention on the present moment, Now, and tell me what problems you have at this moment. Not in the past. Not in the future. In this moment. Move away from Love Addiction, to Conscious Relationships.

Is there a difference between happiness and inner peace?

Yes. Happiness depends on conditions being perceived as positive; Inner Peace does not.

Relationships-as-Spiritual-Practice experience the Joy of Being.

Experience The Power Of NOW.

Relationships-as-Spiritual-Practice offers insight to Addiction.