Rehab Recovery offers you a real chance for Addictions Recovery.

Rehab Recovery makes abstinence and sobriety lifesaving possibilities.

Successful Recovery is not abstinence or sobriety alone.

Unfortunately, Rehab and Recovery is often equated to be abstinence and sobriety by some. Actually, it starts with your positive move toward new healthy attitudes and activities.

Begin your Recovery now, moving through rebuilding your life, and moving on to a new and fuller life. Recovery is more than to simply restore, reinstate, or reestablish aspects of your old life.

The old life’s thinking got you where you are. Addiction is a brain disease.

Alcohol Rehab and Recovery is clear. The only effective way of ending alcohol addictive behavior is to stop it. Anything less will almost surely aggravate the situation.

This is true whether it is alcohol, alcoholis, drugs, food, sex, porn, gambling, or other addictions.

Total Recovery is the same for anyone with any kind of addiction.

Total involves your entire life and being: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. Just one is only partial addiction recovery.

That's Good, but, not enough for a full totally recovered life.

Rehab means Addictions-Recovery.

Our Let-Go-Addictions screen has some positive ideas.

Pity Pots and Gunny Sacking aren't Recovery.

Our Addictions Recovery will have no pity pots. And no gunny sacking either. We’ll play it straight, as it lays. Day by day. We'll be living sober. We'll understand why sobriety is a lifelong commitment.

In choosing your addiction treatment plan don’t bite off more than a hippo could chew. We want to escape addiction slavery.

Remember, Addictions Recovery, for example, from active alcoholism, a booze problem, or drug abuse, takes some time.

And going through Addictions Recovery deserves full consideration and a measure of care, from yourself, as well as others. This includes using self help tools or voluntary group involvement.

These tools include sobriety prayer and sobriety affirmations.

Today, we have legislators and celebrities who seem to use treatment to escape from the backlash of public misbehaviors. Unless you have their money don’t plan your Recovery program as a vacation from life’s stresses.

Treatment time may be a reprieve for you. But it should be a “life working” one.

Sobriety can be both fierce and beautiful. Beautiful because it is often even more than a homecoming.It can be a new beginning. Don’t accept less.

Sobriety living sober can be liberation from slavery, and can enable serenity.

But, it is fierce because it entails relinquishment, letting go, risking, and enduring losses that are very real and often very painful. The old self must go. That can be tough.

The loss of attachment is the loss of something real; it is physical. Alcohol is the beloved enemy.

Not many become an alcoholic or drug addicted person in just a few weeks. We can not expect our personal addictions recovery from this illness in a magic instant, either. There are no Fairy Godmothers.

Addictions Recovery really entails the rest of your life. So…try to relax.

Be good to yourself.

Good in that, when it hits the fan, and you begin to get teed-off at something, take a phone and talk to your sponsor or other recovered individual.

Sobriety living sober knows self discipline is genuine self care.

Recognizing the need for others input is a major personal asset in your rehab and rehabilitation.

In addition, we want Addictions Recovery tools which maintain first things first. And just as abstinence from alcohol for an alcoholic is essential, so is abstinence for most other addictions.

Some addictive substances, often called “soft addictions” like food and sex, we continue to need or want for life. Learning to “cut down” is next to impossible for many.

Witness the difficulty people have trying to keep from regaining “lost” weight.

In Recovery, above all other concerns, we must remember we cannot continue to drink, shoot up, surf porn, or over eat.

Abstinence is the first order of business. No ifs, ands, or buts. Period. Often, it is a matter of survival. Life or death.

Our Addictions-and-Recovery screen can help.

Addictions Recovery means the following above all else.

If you aren’t alive and capable, if you first don’t save your own life, you can’t cherish any other.

Someone who has been through Rehab and into recovery says:

“The transition to enjoyment of sobriety sometimes begins when newly sober, we keep in touch with others equally new at the game.” Great advice.

We are more at ease with someone like ourselves, just setting out on the Rehab, recovery adventure.

We can rise out of slavery to Addictions Illusions through successful Rehab, Rehabilitation and Recovery.

We must realize no one can completely escape the near occasions of temptation. It is then we understand that there is nothing more pointless than doing the same things, over and over, and expecting different results.

We should then fully understand that “NO” is a complete sentence. That is why we just say, “No, thanks.”

Recovery Planning Starts Now.

Follow your instincts, your immediate needs and interest.

You can rummage around this site for more ideas. There will be time for other areas. Do first things first, when they are needed. Use Site-Search to find any topic.

As part of your self-help recovery remember: “We each have a favorite way of learning.” To get an idea about your own way of mental processing, think about how you make a Rehab To Do List.

Do you see words? Images?

Or do you hear voices reminding you of the tasks at hand?

Do you talk to yourself as some of us do?

Your key is to know how you learn, and how to call up, access most efficiently your personal mind-scape storage. The idea is to know what works best for you and your Rehab.

Remember some forgetting is normal. Things you don’t use get pushed into the background so you’re free to learn new things quickly and not have a system overload.

Your treatment is a time of opportunity. A time not only for personal recovery, but, for growth and exploring new avenues of interest. It could be an adventure of a sober lifetime.

Make it so.

Discover the Awareness you want.

Sharing Addiction-Recovery-Succcess. Share your personal experience, insight, or self-help tips, or ideas.

Have you found or need to find a special Addiction Recovery help or inspiration? We all help ourselves when we extend our understanding and knowledge to others.

Sharing healing resources is away to let-go and help others realize Recovery opportunities. Your personal experience is something only you can share. Thanks