Use Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting with Personal Addictions Recovery Tools for Alcholism, Drug Addiction, and other Addictive Behaviors

Addiction Recovery is your right and expectation. Do It.

Develop Your Self-Help Goal Setting

Effective Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting can win serenity and sobriety for you.

Become the addiction and recovery expert for your personal sobriety and serenity journey.

The first premise to consider in Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting is that your recovery from addictive behavior is rooted in a simple, but profound realization which you should never let slip from your view.

You may have been diagnosed with an addictions disease label, but, whether it is alcoholism, drug addiction, or another addictive disorder involving sex, food or gambling, you are still first and foremost, a human being.

Like a stone thrown into the center of a placid lake, this simple human fact affects every aspect of your recovery-strategy-goal-setting.

Those of us who have been diagnosed with an addictive behavior are not objects to acted upon. We are fully human subjects who can act, and in acting, change our situation.

As humans we can speak for ourselves. Don’t let that right slip from your control.

This is why our site says as part of your Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting: Let Self-Help knowledge become your Addictions Recovery Ace-In-The-Hole.

You are a self-determining organism. You can take a stand about what addictive craving is distressing you.

You need not be a passive victim of your addiction, disease, or illness.
Keep in mind that your addiction is an Embidied Brain-Mind Disease.

Take Charge ofyour own Addiction Recovery.

Of course, as you should be aware, our site is not therapy or counseling, nor does it provide clinical advice and treatment. You are strongly advised to consult with your personal physician or professional mental health provider.

Knowledge, skills, and inspiration can be lifesavers, but a live professional health helper can often make the difference. I know from experience.

So, become the expert in charge of your own Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting. You don’t need to get main-streamed. You aren’t trying to become normal. You are working on becoming more fully human.

Forget normalization. Your Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting is to become the unique, awesome, never-to-be-repeated, serene human man or woman you are capable of being. There’s room for all in the river of Self-Help recovery.

You are a question in search of an answer.

Seek it in your own way with the recovery resources available to you. Self-help by reflecting on how addictive behavior was a coping device for you. Maybe, not at the end, but probably in the beginning.

The addictive behavior label doesn’t preclude you from attaining abstinence, sobriety and the peace of serenity.

Yes, your dreams and life may be shattered in the wake of substance abuse or an activity of addiction. But, your challenge is still to say YES to life.

Become the fully self-actualized person you are capable of being. Be at one with yourself and the universe.

Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease offers a real insight.

Fully consider your Spiritual Options when making your recovery plan.

So, where is all the Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting? Well. Your perspective is the most important aspect of strategy. As you think, you become. Make this fact a part of every moment of your existence.

Regardless of addiction labels, to be fully human is to be in search of an answer. Your answer. That is your perspective.

The quest is the goal, not the goal itself. Just as the challenge and the journey is the reward, not the destination.

When our dreams, goals, and aspirations seem closed off by our addictive behavior, we lose out future, our present loses its orientation, and in relation to that future our life becomes a succession of unrelated, disconnected, and meaningless moments.

We lose our way in the forest of things, labels, and immediate feelings with their consequent actions. So again, what is our recovery strategy?

In making Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting choices, information is power and sharing that information is power sharing. Increase you sense of self-help effectiveness by taking access to useful information.

There are choices to be made, real choices. Choose to make this site your staging area for recovery. Be one who has survived addiction, and because we are human hearted, this is no small accomplishment, you are a hero. Consider a Sobriety Plan for your recovery.

Recovery is a Journey...Enjoy the Trip.

So how does your recover-strategy-goal-setting prepare you to enter into the journey of recovery?

Say, you’ve had a heart attack, actually your heart has been attacked, not your physical, anatomical heart, but your breakable, emotional heart.

The personal heart that grows weary, the hardened heart, the heartless one, the cold heart, the heart that aches, that stands still, that leaps with joy and the one who has lost heart. Your very human heart.

So, where do we start our recovery-strategy-goal-setting?

Lets start where most of us found ourselves in addictions. In that place of being hard of heart and not caring any more. Apathy and indifference were our constant companions. Despair hung around the corner. It was our survival mode in order to remain alive.

If addiction is the time of the hardened heart. Then hope is the fuel of the recovery heart.

Hope is not just a feel-good word. Hope and physical life are intertwined for our survival. They are bound at the hip. The loss of hope will cause a deep sense of hopelessness, of despair, to settle over our human hearts.

Even in heartbreak, we must maintain a glimmer of hope, in order to survive the internal mindscape struggle that is at the heart of this dark night of the soul, our addiction despair.

Yes, there is risk. Because under your hardened heart lies your breaking heart. How much suffering can your breaking heart hold before it shatters.

Yet it is only you who has the power to take the risk, to care about something. Something as simple as being sure your hair is combed, or your clothes are clean. That you have breakfast.

Little things. Small steps, but, with great significance in moving toward caring, toward recovery from your addictive behavior. It has to matter to you. Resolutions should offer results which touch the personal core of your being.

Practical resolutions which move you toward maintaining sobriety and abstinence. Ones which encourage you to rejoin and fully participate in the human community again.

That is what your Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting is all about. A start as simple as a razor and a toothbrush.

Recovery-Mindfulness offers a window on your options.

You'll be surprised the Color comes back to life with Recovery.

Break out of the hardened heart and begin to care again. What to care about? Care about everything. Your strategy is to find actions which inch you ever closer to your desired goal of recovery. There are many small opportunities, let the big ones be.

Can you remember turning the corner from just survival to being an active participant in the process of your own recovery? Sometimes, not caring can have lasted a long time. Say yes to a simple invitation.

Begin the small steps to taking a stand against the black night of addiction despair.

Have a survivor’s mission that you feel passionate about. Strong spirituality can help. The temptation to give-up will continue to return. You’ll probably need to make daily affirmations to succeed.

Your recovery journey will be ongoing. Your all too human heart will take time to recover from the deep wounds of addictive behavior. You’ll grieve the losses you sustained, and struggle with sneaky despair. But, you will overcome. You’ll feel whole and valuable again. Is Women's Spirituality and Practice an option for you?

Your Life Is Yours, Make of What You Will. Light is better than Dark.

So, what is your recovery-strategy-goal-setting?

As Doctor Deegan affirms: “It is your self-directed process of reclaiming meaning and purpose in life. It is your strength in the face of adversity.”

As we stated on an earlier screen: It is preferring to remain in the ambiguity of your situation instead of adopting some rigid ideology that promises illusions, like addictions, to free your from it.

Embrace the dignity of risk and the right to failure.

In your process of Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting for growing and changing, be bold, brave, and daring enough to remain human hearted in your personal addictions recovery.

So, one last time, what is your Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting?

You are carrying it out now as you read this material. That your strategy, to find information and knowledge about addiction. And to find the inspiration, skills, tools, and resources to accomplish your personal addiction recovery.

Resources are those things---whatever they are---that support you and help you cope. You are not isolated.

Look around you for/at your potential resources. They can be spouses, partners, family, friends, members of a congregation, community or groups like AA, CA, or others. Support can be very important when it comes to coping with setbacks or potential relapse.

Social support can be a major recovery tool. With support, you realize, perceive, that you are cared for and loved. You then know you can count on others and that you are valued regardless of you situation or label.

Your driving force is your perspective. Draw on your social supports. Let it happen.

Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting wins Addiction Recovery .

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