Recovery from Addiction’s Anger: Seven Tools for Serenity.

by Brian w.

You Can Only Enter Recovery By Your Own Gate

You Can Only Enter Recovery By Your Own Gate

Recovery from Addiction’s Anger: Seven Tools for Serenity.

We must recover from Addiction’s Anger if we are to progress in our recovery from addictive behavior. Addicts often have unresolved anger issues.

Sometimes lots of anger issues. Usually going back to early childhood. Either with one or both parents being a drinker or user. Asking ourselves why we didn’t have “good” parents just like the other kids.

Remembering that Christmas in dry Jemison Alabama in 1938 when Daddy and his half brother Wyatt decided to make big money by buying half pints of legal booze in another county and bringing it home to sell at Christmas time.

Of course, like alkies, they proceeded to start drinking a bottle or two to relax. Drank both of the large suitcases full of half pint bottles. And then raised some hell.

Made the mistake of asking my mother if Santa was coming on Christmas day. Daddy over heard and came in kicking one of the cardboard suitcases toward me. “Here’s your Christmas present.”

He had kicked in the side of the suitcase. So much for Santa. Learned to keep quiet. Keeping quiet is part and parcel of an alcoholic family, breeding ground for Co-dependence behavior.

Maybe your anger is over sibling preference. Or abuse, physical, psychological, or sexual, all part of the alcoholic silence syndrome. The family secret: silence.

So now we

are adults and still angry. But, we must earn to let our parents rest in peace.

Seven Tools for Serenity will help with our Recovery from Addiction’s Anger.


1. STOP straightening people out. There is little to gain except stress.

2. There is nothing to prove. There are none so deaf as who will not hear, or blind as will not see. Don’t waste your time. Stop clarifying your position further.

3. No, IT isn’t out there. It’s in here. You can’t make anyone else happy. They (and you) have to make yourselves happy. Over self-confidence has sent many a ship to the bottom.

4. YES. Participating in organized programs with others, who share your concerns produces better results and outcomes. A fact.

Relaying on your own “WILLPOWER” isn’t enough in most cases. Don’t go alone into that good night.

5. Sobriety is always number one. Stay with your Recovery program’s plan. The Serenity Prayer always helps. We must get beyond abstinence to a full life.

6. There is nothing , but, thinking makes it so. Absolutely nothing. As you think, you do. And we become what we do. Positive affirmations can bolster your resolve and spirits.

7. Become a caretaker of yourself. As Brother Dave Gardner used to say: “You know what you want, Pray for it yourself.” Self-management of your emotions is the goal.

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Oct 19, 2012
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