Overcome-Compulsive-Eating, break the binge diet cycle forever.

Overcome-Compulsive-Eating, learn to recognize signals of physical hunger.

Overcome-Compulsive-Eating is knowing when to stop.

Overcome-Compulsive-Eating starts with the success triangle. Three actions you can take to get on the right road to food-addiction recovery.

1. First, see your personal/family physician.Yes, he or she really can help. And often diets need medical monitoring.

2. Second, consider genuine professional help. You actually deserve the very best.

3. Third, buy and read Geneen Roth’s “Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating” a Signet Book, published by New American Library. (We review it here.) SNUPs can Sabotage any Eating Plan you devise.

Overcome-Compulsive-Eating, Yes, there is an end to the anguish.

Roth reminds us, “We eat to satisfy emotional as well as physical needs, and unless both are acknowledged and dealt with, we are setting ourselves up to feel deprived and go hunting for more food.”

Note: Been through years of the “Big Guys” diet programs, and this woman Geneen Roth knows of what she speaks.

You absolutely can not do better. Is Your Life Sidetracked By Obesity? Change It.

Overcome-Compulsive-Eating: Bingeing is when enough, isn’t enough.

Roth speaks, “to the people who, at any weight, are using food as a substitute for participating in their lives.

She hopes to inspire you to treat yourself and your eating with insight, awareness, and compassion and that this insight and compassion will in turn extend to everyone you touch...

Most of all, breaking free on your own.”

Roth’s most telling comment: “By the time I was twenty-eight I knew how many calories were in any food that was presented to me. I knew how to lose weight and how to gain weight.

I knew how to maintain my weight. I knew how to diet and how to binge. YES... You Can Overcome Compulsive Eating.

But, I didn’t know when I was Hungry.

“Even more painful, I didn’t know it was OK to be hungry. No one ever told me, or if they did, I had forgotten that being hungry was normal.

My body was my enemy. My body had betrayed me. And I could not trust its messages…

Most of the time we eat in response to our minds. Most of the time we feed our bodies without consulting our bodies.” Overcome Obsession and Dependence on Food.

Eating Awareness: Birds don’t sing in caves.

“Those of us who have spent months or years or decades dieting learn that someone else always knows better and that if we listen to what they tell us, we’ll have the body they tell us we’ll have.

Unappetizing, unattractive, and at times nauseating combinations of food becomes palatable if they promise slender arms and legs.”

Need we mention the current “cleansing craze?’ Discover The Addicted Self...Get to know yourself.

Roth’s Great Suggestion:

“Don’t eat at your regular times for a day or two, and if you find that it helps you get in touch with your hunger, try not eating at your regular times for a week or longer.” Consider Daily Meditations for OverEating.

Roth’s Insight:

“Men use sex the way women use food.

Diets don’t give you the option of eating frozen peas and mashed potatoes when you are lonely. Diets, based on caloric consumption, do not leave room for being lonely.

Or sad or angry or joyful. Diets exclude our psychological and emotional needs by assuming that we are going to feel the same way about ourselves, our relationships, our lives, on day one as on day six.

Diets exclude all feelings except for those of wanting to be thin. Diets remove from us one of the few characteristics that distinguish us from other animals. Our choices.” Is Your Fat a Family Affair? Check It Out.

“I ate a piece of cake in front of God and everyone.”

the above comment is by a Roth “Breaking Free” workshop participant.

Roth ends the story: “When you lie, sneak, pretend to others, you lie, sneak, pretend to yourself.

When you tell yourself you are not worthy of eating in full view, you tell yourself you are not worthy of being seen and known in full view.

You send part of yourself under cover, the vulnerable, frail, and most human parts, the parts that reach out and connect with others.

You cut yourself off from what you want and need the most: empathy, intimacy, relationship.

You cut off the possibility of receiving your warm embrace. Except from a soggy cookie.

Compulsive Eating Groups estimate 50 to 95 percent of their lives is spent in wanting. Which means at least half their lives in shadows, wanting without living, and dying without living.” Maybe Stress Reduction Will Help.

Awareness is the crux of Breaking Free

You Break Free from compulsive behavior, “because as soon as you are aware that you are compulsive, you’re no longer being compulsive…

Awareness is attention that observes what you are doing without pushing you in a particular direction.

Awareness is a voice that just notices. Just notices.

We don’t need tricks to help us lose weight. We don’t need diets of specific foods. Awareness is the process of joining yourself, of keeping yourself company while you live.

Compulsive behavior is marked by an awful absence of self. It is as if you had left town.

Awareness is marked by the steady unobtrusive presence of self. It is precisely that difference which changes the entire nature of compulsive behavior.

Awareness brings perspective to an otherwise unbearably smack-up-against-it situation.

Awareness assumes that you want to learn, grow, spread your wings, fly. You need to practice in large open spaces.” Learn That Addiction Is a Spiritual Disease.


“Society teaches us to mistrust ourselves. Society tells us that we‘ve got to diet to lose weight. Society warns us to be afraid of our selves.

This is new territory, to Overcome-Compulsive-Eating you’ve got to be a trailblazer.

You’ve got to trust yourself more than you want to be thin. Because there are no guarantees. This isn’t a diet, this is life.

Trusting yourself means being willing to discover the truth about yourself. And to value the process of discovering that truth.” Unrealistic Expectations are at the ROOT of Failures.

You Actually Can Trust Yourself.

Overcome-Compulsive-Eating by considering Addictions Spiritual Orphans.