Natural-Spirituality enables us to sense the personal relationship between us, ourselves, and the universe.

Natural-Spirituality is sensibility to our vast, intricate, and lovely universe. It evolved our consciousness.

Personal Spirituality supports our Addiction Recovery

We recognize superstitions as beliefs without evidence, and simply not true.

Natural-Spirituality is a part seeking the deepest interrelations among all the elements of our life.

Our practice of Mindful Awareness arouses our natural sense of awe.

Carl Sagan sets the stage, “The universe is mainly made up of nothing, our something is the exception. Nothing is the rule. Darkness is common place. It is light that is the rarity.”

Mindful Awareness gives us the feeling of being at home in the universe.

Mindful Awareness opens the way to levels of consciousness that are otherwise inaccessible to us. The only down-side is that we are denied self deception. No illusions.

No UFOs. No Unrealistic Expectations. No False Assumptions. No Obsolete relationships. You can have Mindfulness Awareness, take a look.

Our Spirituality arises spontaneously from the breadth and richness of our insight.

Personal Spirituality makes us realize “why something exists rather than nothing.”

“We are…leaves no need for any other reason. We embody reason.”

In us, the universe becomes conscious. Enhance your Personal Spiritual Practice with Mindfulness Meditation.

Evolutionsary Spirituality brings being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Bertrand Russell suggested: “What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the desire to find out, which is the exact opposite.”

We can find our actual place in the fabric of nature. Our Natural-Spirituality. “It’s not like we have someplace else to go.”

We attain a spiritual understanding of our natural circumstances. Saga stresses, “We are stuff made of atoms forged in the fiery hearts of distant stars.” Consider Serenity Life Pracice. Experience Serenity in Your Life.

Our Spirituality sees we are consciousness arose, the universe witnessing itself.

Our Personal Spirituality requires a courageous intent to greet the universe as it really is, not to foist our illusory predispositions on it, but, to courageously accept what our explorations tell us.

We work creatively with the inevitable. We access and use our personal experience, our Mindful Awareness.

Believe what you see, and not what you or someone else thinks. No spiritual illusions. Let Go Let God, and be at peace with yourself.

Be a light until yourself.

No true action can reveal itself when your body and mind are scattered, broken, or tied-up in concepts, strategies, illusions, or dogma.

Find your own Personal Spirituality. Natural-Spirituality discovers Relationships as Spiritual Practice.

The time is Now.

Personal Spirituality is the courage to go beyond what your eyes can see, to what your spirit can know.