Mindful-Awareness helps us to accept that things are as they are, and not as our addiction cravings would have them.

Mindful-Awareness helps us to see how our addiction cravings are the reflection of our existential anguish.

Our addiction anguish, our suffering , and our addictive behaviors, emerge from craving for life to be other than it is.

Addiction carvings come from “the gnawing mood of unease that haunts our clinging to ‘Me’ and ‘Mine.’”

Mindful-Awareness is initiated and sustained by insight and understanding. We can learn the process of letting go of unhealthy relationships. We can also learn the letting go of anger.

Our Awareness is not seeking a shattering insight into a transcendent truth, but, freedom of our hearts and mind from the compulsive yearning of addictive cravings.

The basis of our addictive behavior is the desire to be free of anguish, pain and suffering.

We constantly want life to be other than it is. This wanting, desire, causes us anguish and suffering. Serenity Life Practice can enhance your awareness.

Insight and Awareness knows “Desire is the birth mother of pain.”

Enhance your Personal Spiritual Practice.

We attempt to sooth, to temper, this suffering with substances and behaviors like alcohol, drugs, porn, sex, gambling, shopping, games, and a myriad of other activities.

All activities to which we become attached, then addicted. Then we crave for them when we feel anguish, to take us out of pain and suffering.

Buddha said that anguish stems from our inability to look reality in the eye at all times.

The problem is this substance or activity, we select from out there, only sets in motion more suffering, more craving, so our anguish only grows. The hole just gets deeper and darker.

Each addiction brings its own special baggage. Problems trail behind an addictive behavior like tin cans after a wedding wagon.

WE reviewed Stephen Batchelor’s “Buddhism Without Beliefs” A Contemporary Guide to Awakening, published by Riverhead Books, New York. Make Personal Goal Planning part of your Mindfulness.

We need Mindful-Awareness to understand the origins of our attachments, our anguish, our cravings.

When we understand the origin of each of our attachments, each illusion, each delusion, each craving, we can letting them go.

The attachment’s cessation can be realized . We can cultivate the understanding and the letting go process.

The truth of each attachment, each craving, each anguish, requires being acted upon in it’s own particular way. Understanding anguish and letting go of it’s origins.

We then realize it’s cessation and cultivating the path of letting go. Let your awareness loose, mindfulness is possible.

Mindful-Awareness reveals how our anguish maintains it’s power over us, only so long as we allow it to intimidate us.

We are the ones who give our pain, our anguish, life.

We must act before our habitual reactions incapacitate us.

Letting go begins with understanding, then letting go of the past.

“There is nothing particularly religious or spiritual about this path. It encompasses everything we do.”

“The underlying origin of our anguish, our craving for resolution, for relief, for comfort, is that no conditions are permanent, no conditions are reliable, no thing is self”…Buddha False Assumptions can destroy your awareness.

Mindful-Awareness shows us how anguish emerges from craving for life to be other than it is…

We can use our intelligence, our understanding, to grasp the realities of our existence. We don’t have to accept the illusions of others, no matter their prestige, power, or ancient lineage.

We are able to understand ourselves. We can realize things are incomplete, unable of providing that permanent well-being we initially projected onto them.

We can realize our unreal expectations, which we created or accepted, are illusions. We must learn to embrace the anguish experienced in an uncertain world.

We need to take stock of our life in an unsentimental and uncompromising way.

Mindful-Awareness is a process of deepening self-acceptance. As we are. There is nothing unworthy of acceptance. We can let go let God.

We include below a link to Stephen Batchelor’s book. He writes with clarity and understanding on life, Zen, and Buddhism. Very helpful author.

Mindfulness Meditation can forma ground for Your Awareness.

Mindful-Awareness can help Addictions Spiritual Orphans.

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