Meditation has many paths to its Serenity. You’ll discover how to meditate so that it leads to abstinence and sobriety.

Meditation can make the Recovery difference.

Meditation help is here for you.

Yes, there are many paths to meditation, as to sobriety and serenity, and addictions recovery.

Why should you learn this skill for your personal addictions recovery from alcoholism or other substance abuse?

Scientific research suggests that we humans have a built-in brain/mind craving for a “unitary experience.” A oneness with the universe.

Meditation is the inherent stillness of the mind on the way to the path of realization.

So, whether you see yourself as religious or god oriented, does not seem to matter. We all have this hard-wired brain/mind connection for an internal sensing of the universe.

How to make it help us in our sobriety journey to addictions recovery is the question.

Our human brain/mind has a quality of plasticity or malleability, it can be a shape shifter. It enables us to grow and adapt.

One obstacle in our pursuit of how to meditate for abstinence, sobriety, and serenity is that we are often in a hurry and get ahead of ourselves.

We are like Zartan in the story of the searcher.

The Searcher

In his pursuit of God, the novice, Zartan begged an appointment with the master, Baba Roko.

After some time, Roko reluctantly agreed to a meeting.

“Master, as you are probably aware, I have pursued the vision of God’s Infinity in many ways. I have fasted, I have flogged myself, I have burned candles and incense, I gave all my possessions to the poor, and I have studied and prayed. But, still no sign of God’s Infinity.”

Baba Roko did not respond.

Zartan, the novice, began his litany again.

Roko abruptly interrupted, “For God’s sake, Be still!”

Zartan was silent… Infinity.

God speaks through the Voice of Silence.

The way to ascend unto infinity, is to descend unto one’s self.

If you wish to search out the deep things of the universe, search out the depth of your own spirit.

And when all of these deep things are searched out, there is after all, no addicted “self,” where you can descend, there is no codependency “spirit,” whose depths are to be fathomed.

Only the void, no addictive behavior, only a bottomless abyss. The elements are all empty in their ultimate nature. But relax! The truth is unfolding itself right before your eyes. This is all there is to it, vast emptiness. Silence. Serenity. And indeed nothing more.

As you learn meditation, or how to meditate, just listen. Simply listen, without grasping. Just let the thoughts come, and like addictive cravings, drift away, without interest. Welcome all that happens.

Simply, let it come, and let it go... Don’t get in the way.

Welcome this coming and going. Welcome it with objectless, directionless attention. Attention, the real “non-dual” core state of your mind, is free from duality, free from addictive behavior, free from choosing.

Welcome, this timelessness attention. Liberate your mind and behavior from the constricting identification with abstract absolutes…and their UFO illusions. Let the serenity of your abstinence and sobriety bring the peace of silence.

The Serenity of Silence is defined by the individual who initiates and develops his or her own approach to meditation.

Of course not all meditation has to be approached in such a serious manner. We can learn how to meditate on everyday activities. Walking meditation is a natural. Here’s another;

Discover the awareness of letting go.

Awareness-Mindfulness an help in Addiction Recovery.

See how Addiction works as a spiritual disease.

See how your Awareness can help your Addictions-Recovery.

Develop this Technique at Stress Relief and Management

Of course, we can focus our attention about everyday things. Check ot this idea.

The Quieter you become, the more you can Hear.

B>When you learn how to meditate, how to let your mind alone, as Alan Watts explains in The Way Of Zen, so that it works in the integrated, spontaneous way that is natural to it, you’ll begin to show a special kind of Recovery Awareness.


Your addictions recovery awareness flows through a simple four step process. Avoid extremes. Let your quiet abstinence and sobriety courage flow naturally. Experience joy, not guilt and fear in your day-to-day life.

1. Your Addictions Recovery Awareness should first look at understanding your pain, your anguish, the need for your addictive behavior. Start with one abstinence/recovery problem at a time, and do it through the process.

2. When you realize (SEE) the source of a particular addictions or codependency/relationship addiction stress or pressure and its real generator, you can then address it. Perhaps, Unplug it. Let-it-go. An entire universe of pain is born of desire. Desire is the mother of pain.

3. Third. You can Unplug. You can let-go the cause, the origin, (or origins), of your addictive behavior, your anguish. And then, you can realize that the source, the origin, has also gone away. Ceased.

4. By recognizing the route, which leads you from seeing your alcoholic, or addictive behavior, your pain, to the source of that stress, to being able to let-go that anguish, you can then see and reflect on each origin of pain and the process of its ceasing.

Your insight grows as you move along the Recovery Awareness process. In this, you will also recognize that Self Sabotage affects us all.

Self Sabotage can destroy abstinence and sobriety motivation, frustrate achievement, delaying you from reaching your addictions recovery goal.

Watch out for sabotage to your meditation candle or you’ll be in the dark.

See How SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People Sabotage Addictions Recovery


Don’t blow out your candle and curse the darkness.

With Personal Recovery Awareness you become a lamp unto yourself. You chose to show courage by facing the Artificial Stress which addictions created for you. And you chose to find the origin of each solution in and for yourself.

Yours is a personal, individual approach to Recovery Awareness. Your path is open and without expectations. Your sobriety is not based on theory, but on your own abstinence experience and of SEEING the world as it really is, here and now.

You are beginning to learn how to meditate and to let your mind alone. You allow your embodied brain to operate your mind in its own natural integrated spontaneous way. Your SEEING becomes your natural functioning ability.

There is a natural unfolding. There’s attention to something, but there’s also attention in which there’s no object, nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to touch.

SEEING encompasses everything you do. It is simply your recovered authentic way of being in the world.

It begins with how you understand the kind of reality you inhabit and the kinds of beings we are, who inhabit such a reality.

Your vision of how the world works underpins the values that inform your ideas, the recovery choices you make, the words you utter, the meditations and deeds you perform, and the work you do.

Shambhala Sun offers some great ways to meditate. Take a look.

Mindful Focused Meditation Grounding

Your Recovery Awareness provides a grounding for mindful and focused meditation and contemplation which in turn can further deepen your understanding of the kind of reality you inhabit.

So what does your Recovery Awareness promise?

Nothing specific really. There is nothing to attain. In reality, what you are fundamentally is, “Nothing to obtain, nothing to achieve.”

Being yourself has nothing to do with accumulating anything, not even knowledge. There is nothing to grasp, nothing to find.

Your non-conceptional, non-addicted self needs no improvement.

But, lets go at it from a different angle.

By doing nothing, you’re right where you are now. In the midst of addictions. And, if you continue to do, as you’ve always done, you’ll just get more of what you got before…addictions, codependency, sabotaged, stuck, stymied, and stressed.

Be The Mind Mirror

1. Be ready to reflect the elements of the present arising moment as they are.

.2. Be the mind of the moment. One that is constantly relevant to your abstinence and sobriety and to the present.

You have the courage to tolerate the ambiguity of not knowing, of having no expectations, of trusting “object-less” attention, and of being relevant to what is in the next naturally unfolding moment.

So, take decisive action:

Let-go the burden of expectations. Let-go the Artificial Stress.

Here are some marvelous ideas on Meditation-Methods from my colleague Jason

See How the SNUPs and the Artificial Stress of your UFOs afect your Sobriety and Serenity.

Albert Camus, one of my heroes, wrote a short poem.

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.

Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.

Just walk beside me, And be my friend.


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