Meditation-Quotes shows how to practice meditation.

Meditation-Quotes includes usable free online meditations.

In Meditation-Quotes we rediscover that life is always arrived at in the immediate moment.

Meditation-Quotes asks, “What is Meditation?”

Steve Hagen responds: “Almost everything we do is done for a purpose. In Meditation, however, we let go of hope and fears, plans and outcomes, and simply come back to Here and Now…Meditation is awareness…

The enlightened mind remains forever Here in whatever is taking place Now, in this very moment.

In Meditation, we pay attention wholeheartedly without attempting to do anything or get anything done or make anything right.

In Meditation, we go back to where we are already---the ever-present shifting, changing Now, Give Mindfulness Medation A Chance.

Mindful Awareness : “Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.” Alan Watts

Hagen cautions, “Meditation though simple, takes diligence to return again and again to what is taking place…

Meditation is to return to the simple and still clarity of Here and Now…

In Meditation, we see our thoughts---for all they obsess us, tease us, distract us, and disturb us---are insubstantial…

We can’t do meditation for any reason other than to be aware. Meditation is Awareness…

Meditation is something you do. It’s not something you just read about or think about.” Awareness Mindfulness can offer you a Way.

Meditation-Quotes suggests you try one or more of the excellent free online meditation sites we feature at the end of this screen.

The Meditation issues of sitting, which position, or type of practice you want, especially when you start---is important. We leave the cushion choice to you. However, posture is important.

Meditation-Quotes reminds us, "We can’t be more sensitive to pleasure, without being more sensitive to pain.” Alan Watts

We want a grounding in spiritual awareness.

Hagen recommends, “Place your mind on your breath. Be aware of breathing in as you breathe in. Be aware of breathing out as you breathe out. Don’t force your breath in any way.”

Breathe naturally. Don’t think about it. If you slip off, then go back to your breath.

If your mind wanders, bring it back. The simplest way is to silently count “one” on the intake breath, “two” on the out-breath. Visit Shamballa Meditations for the Real Thing.

Meditation-Quotes accent meditation practice for life:

And for support of our Addiction Recovery. Not a quick fix or temporary relief. Sobriety is for life, living sober. Serenity is our hope for the future.

“The practice of refining the mind has no end. Regularity is our ability to be present. Breath is free. And always immediately here and always alive…”

Where we find peace, contentment, stability for addiction recovery is never “out there” or in the future, but right here, right Now.

And in returning to the breath, we invariably return to Here and Now. Personal Awakening is possible...Consider.

Yes...Breathing Is the Key...And It Is Always NOW.

Over time, breath leads us into the deeper aspects of Meditation. As you will find, breath is thus a passageway for sanity, intimacy, wisdom, and compassion. And in addition, supports our addiction recovery.

Steve Hagen stresses, “Constancy is the single most important factor in maintaining a meditation practice…”

“Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes.” Alan Watts

Meditation is continually returning to life so that we don’t miss it. Meditation is awareness of the present moment..

What we find in relation to our Addiction Recovery is that happiness is difficult to find in ourselves, but is impossible to find “out there.” Recovery Mindfulness can make Sobriety a real posibility.

Meditation is Awareness.

Meditation-Quotes suggests Steve Hagen's Free Online Meditation audio instructions.

Shamballa Meditations: Free Online Meditations.

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