Meditation from "How to Become a Buddha In Five Days"

by Gene

To overcome confusion and distractions practice the contemplation of breathing: it will clear your mind and increase the power of your concentration.

To overcome anger and hate, practice the contemplation of compassion: it will throw light on the causes of the anger and hate present in your mind and in the minds of those who have aroused them in you.

To overcome desire, practice the contemplation of impermanence: it will throw light on the beginning and end of all things.

To overcome lust, practice the contemplation of death: it will throw light on the decay of all things.

Confusion, distraction, anger, hate, desire, and lust obviously constitute NEGATIVE THOUGHTS.

But it is not enough to eliminate negative thought.
We must construct POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

What are positive thoughts?

Loving kindness, compassion, shared joy, and non-attachment are wonderful , profound mental states.

They can bring a source of vitality and happiness.

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