Let-Go-Pain can empower our self-help Addictions Recovery to challenge our personal, economic, and social-justice condition.

Let-Go-Pain is not acceptance of what is, but, of what could be.

Let Go Addiction Pain NOW.

We can Let-Go-Pain and rise to a vision of our spiritual conviction to connect with the full dimensions of our hopes.

You do not have to follow where the path may lead. You can go, instead, where there is no path. And leave a trail.

It is funny about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it. Somerset Maugham

Your spirituality can inspire you to trust yourself beyond the world’s and your own internalized oppression. You can Let-Go-Pain.

You can self define the social, political, and employment influences binding you and your addictions recovery.

Let-Go-Pain can transcend our addictions self, the self which created the self-defeating pursuits and addictive substance abuse habits and behaviors in the first place.

Addictions Recovery is not an intellectual or rational process. It is a socio-spiritual-mindscape approach which addresses our deficiency in spirit and in power.

Our liberation from substance abuse or a booze problem requires change in consciousness and in our circumstances. Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab, or addiction treatment takes great courage.

Let-Go-Pain is the letting go of addictions and opting for a life of abstinence, sobriety, and serenity. It is also about drunk driving, especially about Alcohol and Drunk Driving.

Let-go-Pain does take great courage. But you can do it.

You’ll have to let go of who you think you are. So be patient with your brain/mind. It is overworked, exhausted and confused from useless battles against unnecessary enemies. We both know that.

Our real Let-Go-Pain self which will emerge in recovery is spontaneous, experienced, loving, giving, communicating, and enjoys a good laugh.

Our real self accepts and loves ourselves and others. It expresses joyful or painful feelings. No judgments. No fear. We are valid human beings.

There is a special part of us that is not dominated or defeated by anything or anyone.

Turn loose. Let Go.

Here is some additional help with the idea of letting go. Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness can really help.

Let-Go-Pain means also to Let-Go-Addictions.

Our false, addicted self is a cover-up. Inhibited and fearful.

Our false, addicted self is other-oriented. Often aggressive and/or passive. The critical parent.

Our Alcoholism, booze problem, drug abuse or other chemical/behavior dependence can be defined as reoccurring trouble, problems or difficulties which come with drinking or drug use.

Our wants and desires replace one another like pigs at the trough, each wanting their fill.

Our other-focused attention has turned responsibility for our life and happiness over to our ego and to other people. We “need” to refocus on our “needs.”

Shame and low self-esteem have been our constant companions.

All of this has played pure hell with our personal boundaries. Both inter-personal and mental-mind to accomplish this. Dodging, denying, almost any method to survive.

Is there a way out?

Yes. Sharing. Lets start with some understanding.

Let-Go-Pain isn’t the certainty that some body else is wrong.

Let-Go-Pain is not learning to live with lowest expectations.

Let-Go-Pain is really an inside job.

There is little in the world hidden from he or she who will reveal herself or himself to themselves.

Major Understanding Coming.

To get to the point of addictions recovery, we had to survive. We used all kinds of coping devices and defenses to accomplish this. Dodging, denying, almost any method to survive.

So on one hand we are toughened up, even if at times almost psychotic.

Yet with our emerging Let-Go-Pain awareness we’re beginning to view our old belief system. It does not come easily. It is an on-going process throughout our recovery.

Our starting point may have been “sick and tired” of our addictive suffering. Perhaps recognition of some shame-based compulsive behavior. Like spending or gambling away dollars we didn’t have.

We begin to realize that our unhappiness doesn’t come at us, it comes from us.

Our suffering is something we picked up by mistake. Ultimately, we learn we can not control life. The more we try usually the worse it gets. Let-Go-Pain.

We can learn to risk, to expose our true self. Take a chance. Be vulnerable. We may be accepted, rejected, or come somewhere in between.

But we can learn to let go of trying to change or control other people, because WE are what is bothering US about them.

Many times, when we experience our selves stuck, stymied, or stressed, our first reaction is to resist, to struggle.

But, what we resist has a way of persisting. The result is that very often we just stay struck and stymied. Let-Go.

Best of all, we can let go the impossible and terribly self-punishing job of thinking we are responsible for how the world turns. Give it up.

You are responsible only for your inner world of thoughts and feelings, impulses and desires, and your personal resulting actions.

Anything you have to control, controls you.

The problem with self-control is that it is part of a personal war inside you. No one ever wins in a war. No one.

Suffering now so you that you can be happy in the future makes as much sense as throwing yourself overboard so that later you can feel relief about being saved.

It is really in the same boat with the self sacrifice of letting the waiter eat your dinner.

Illusions are illusions. Period. Go beyond Illusions with Positive Affirmations.

Discover Illusions Within Unrealistic Expectations.

Illusions are often shared, while delusions are usually our personal preserve.

Your feelings, good or bad, painful or pleasurable, are not the masters of your life, they are merely moments within it.

This too will pass.

Let-Go Illusions. Let-go-Pain.

Transforming Yourself

Transforming is change of form, a forming over, a restructuring, a remodeling, rebuilding. The structure should be better after you have rebuilt.

In many ways, real people are transforming their lives to become more free, whole, and fulfilling through self-help, self-reflection, through groups, and counseling. Consider one of these for yourself.

But, likewise, we can not just turn it over, letting go. And walk away. We experience not just intellectually, but also deep in our hearts, our spirits. We need to know fully what we are letting go.

Understand it. And then let it go. We can actually learn to let go and let God by practice.

See How Your Addictions-Recovery Knowledge is An Ace In The Hole.

Don't Self Sabotage Your Recovery Rebuilding.

We closed our Let-Go-Codependency screen with the following poem.

It is good to see it again.

The Secret

No, it is not enough to despise the world.

It is not enough to live one’s life As though

Riches and power were nothings. They are not.

But, to grasp the world, to grasp And feel it grow

Great in one’s grasp like wise Not enough.

The secret is to grasp it, and let it Go.

Wang Wei (699 AD)