Let-go-let-God enables you to live a firsthand life, rather than a secondhand one.

Let-go-let-God frees your addictions recovery from SNUPs, Martians and Drain People sabotage.

Let-go-let-God means:

let-go-let-God As Confucius Said:

“To put the world , the nation, and the family in order;We must first cultivate our personal life.We must first put our hearts right.”

And in turn how do we put our hearts right?By learning to let go, and let god.

But to know what let go and the awareness it brings is, and especially what it isn’t , you have to practice it in your own life, so as to discover the experience which underlies the language.

Of course, SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People will attempt to sabotage your efforts and cause you Artificial Stress.

What is Artificial Stress?

Artificial Stress is stress we make for ourselves. Artificial Stress is stress which we put and we hold in place by our illusions, fears, absolute beliefs, and simply plain old ignorance.

Artificial Stress can be from either internal or external stimulators of its self induced pain and destruction. Let-go-let-God frees us from Artificial Stress for successful addictions recovery.

This is possible because Artificial Stress does not arise from natural consequences or events. Artificial Stress arises primarily from the sabotaging illusions of the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People.

This is why let-go-let-God Awareness can be your roadmap out of the morass of Sabotage Stress. Outskirts Press: Authors info Let Go Let God Awareness.

See the damage Sabotage Stress can do. You Can Discover The Mind of The Addict.


SNUP means Serves No Useful Purpose. For example is your life full of old magazine articles saved for the never tried recipes?

Got a great collection of wine glasses and decanters? 78s and Long Plays too? And pictures, pictures and more pictures.

Is your closet full of several size clothing unused, leftovers from previous dieting disasters.

The upfront disadvantage to SNUPs is that they often eat up your extra time and energy. The excessive maintenance they require, especially the live ones, burns up your daylight. Let-Go.

Without Let-go-let-God awareness, your past steals your present.

So what to do?

Acknowledge the SNUPs as snups. Don’t spend a lot of time figuring out why or reminiscing or feeling guilty. Reviewing and rehashing the past can itself be a way to avoid action in the present.

Simply select a SNUP and take action. Let Go.

Start with small targets. Things you haven’t used for a long time. If you try to take on all your SNUPs at once you can become paralyzed. Small steps will get you started without overwhelming you.

We call these unneeded things simple SNUPs because they are not usually the most destructive ones. The most troublesome SNUPs are your UFOs.

UFO means:

Unrealistic Expectations

False Assumptions

Obsolete Relationships

Unrealistic expectations are just what it says, our expectations about ourselves, our world, and our future which are not realistic.

Take a moment to reflect over your own personal expectations for addictions recovery. Let go unrealistic expectations for addiction treatment, whether for alcohol rehab, other substance abuse, or any addictive behavior.

Discover The Mind of The Addict. Know Him?

Examine Unrealistic Expectations.

Our UFOs Can destroy an Addiction Recovery.

False Assumptions are believing what you think instead of what you can See.

False Assumptions arise from what you think, or what others think instead of the reality you could see, if you opened your eyes without expectations, without fear, or without assumptions. Let-go-let-God.

With Let-go-let-God Awareness you can react to what you actually SEE reality to be and not as you or some illusionist thinks. Review False-Assumptions. Obsolete Relationships…are just that: Relationships you no longer need…obsolete...out-of-date…worn-out.

Review especially your addiction related relationships and those with codependency attached, of course, relationships are not only with people, places, and things, but with ideas and behaviors.

These are obsolete relationships which means they are no longer valid, useful, or productive to your addiction recovery, your sobriety or spirituality. Whether you needed them in the past is not relevant. Let them go.

Your abstinence and sobriety don’t need the beer bust, dealer’s phone number, half price night, or the boy’s evening out. Your serenity and peace need something else. Your self help needs you aware and sober.

Indeed, many of our ideas, personal agendas, and addictive thought practices are outdated. We have, or should have simply let them go. Let-go-let-God.

These obsolete relationships no longer serve our best interest for creativity, recovery success, or personal growth. Sometimes we need to just…let it go. Let-go-let-God.

Perhaps it is time to temper or adjust our expectations. How To Overcome Obsession and Dependence.

SELF SABOTAGE…The monster who lives within.

Certainly the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People can sabotage our personal addictions recovery.

But, our UFOs, our self-defeating ideas, beliefs, and attitudes, and their associated behaviors including the actions we initiate in response, are nothing short of Self Sabotage. “How does your self sabotage work?" Why would we sabotage our own addictions recovery efforts?

Because, non-conscious forces contribute to our “self concept.” These beliefs have built up over a long period of time.

Our concept of “ourselves” may, for example, have accommodated the self-sabotage so we are comfortable with our current addictive , self-defeating behaviors. Although we know we would be healthier and better-off if we did otherwise.

We prefer the frying pan to what we think is the fire of sobriety and recovery. Although that doesn’t have to be the case. We need to let-go-let-God and to learn to work creatively with the inevitable.

These self sabotage actions stem from our non-conscious concepts of ourselves. It is what we think, rather than what we could See if we choose to See. Discover The Mind of The Addict. Do You Know This Person?

Does the knife, which stabbed you in the back, have your finger prints on it?

Do you sabotage yourself, mess up your addictions recovery abstinence and sobriety, or other positive personal actions and continue to put your well being in jeopardy?

The real problem may be the way you think about yourself. The beliefs you hold about who you are. Your UFOs. Our self talk says a lot about us. Too often it is negative. Make it more positive or don’t say it.

Let-go-let-God help with your load. Perhaps, prayer and meditation can contribute also.

Let-go-let-God can empower you with the awareness to find the courage to face recovery success.

Your personal copy of Let-Go, Let-God Awareness will not give you all the ins-and-outs of addiction recovery, but it will give you an understanding and an awareness resource for use in your personal recovery. Thank you, for letting me share with you. Here's Some Ideas to Consider.
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