Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness leads to Sobriety and Serenity for Personal Addictions Recovery.

Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness is a personal recovery tool.

Simply Let Go Let God. Experience the wisdom of The serenity prayer.

Experience Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness at the Third Level of Human Potential. It can free you from addictions and codependency.

You are probably aware of the First and Second Levels of human endeavor. The limits and possibilities the physical arena offers. And secondly, the multitude of spiritual aspirations attempting to engage you.

During much of our history, we humans were used to the illusions of absolutes, to which we could turn for spiritual and emotional security instead of to addictions.

Today, life is changing, technology is affecting the nature of society…the pace of change is speeding up. In the next 25 years we’ll make four times the progress we saw in the entire 20th Century.

Follow this trend further, and you get to a point where change happens so rapidly that there appears to be a rupture in the fabric of human history. As we hurtle into the future, this rupture will force us to revaluate our concept of what it means to be human.

This reappraisal will most certainly require us to SEE Beyond Our Illusions. Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness becomes our anchor in this sea of change.

Then this natural SEEING can become a fundamental of our owner’s manual for our body and its embodied brain, which should have been issued to us at birth or before. Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness can be your self help roadmap.

Your Owner’s Manual

It should cover your body, because your mind is only as good as the hardware on which it runs. And second, your embodied brain in order for it to protect itself from the false and illusory input it constantly receives.

But, since we didn’t get an owner’s manual we must learn how to take care of our own body. Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness is offered toward that goal.

But, this Awareness is something you have to acquire for yourself. It is an approach without expectations. It is not based on theory, but, on human experience, and not constricted by a particular view of the world.

Many of our past concepts, upon which we based who we are, have shifted. We find ourselves having to search for points of reference in a world of head spinning change.

So, our Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness is not something to be organized, taught, transmitted, or served up in a wrap from any system. And it is not passed-on through a laying-on-of-hands.

You have to find it for yourself.Through this Awareness you can replace fear and ignorance with joy and courage. This is the way of Awareness which Steve Hagen author of Buddhism, Plain and Simple, explains as:

Believing what we SEE, instead of what we…or others THINK. Discover Your Serenity Life Practice, Just Let go. Let Explore: Go Let God Awareness

Take a look at Albert Einstein's comment here.


It is an approach to Awareness, whose single minded purpose is a way of SEEING. It embodies the admonition:

Be A Lamp Unto Yourself.

But, to know what this Awareness is, and especially what it is not, you have to practice it, to experiment with it, in your own life, in order to discover the experience which underlies the words.

The essential process of your Awareness is individually developed, as you put it into practice. Your Awareness doesn’t belong to any group and is not the exclusive expression of any institution. It is yours, as you develop and use it.

You Can Say NO To The Herd.


Unplugging is specific to a particular aspect of your life. Don’t try to unplug from everything all at once. Unplug day-to-day, thing-by-thing, situation-by-situation, and person-by- person.

Each situation should be dealt with individually and in its own particular way. Since life is not a rehearsal, you don’t have time for SNUPs, Martians and Drain People.

So, what do you do about my SNUPs, Martians, Drain People and others who continue to try to sabotage you and your Recovery?

Perhaps it is enough to say, “Just let them go.”

No need to disturb the alligators until you are across the river. Otherwise, you are destined to “teach pigs to sing.” Don’t. It will only annoy the pigs and waste your time.

Ancient wisdom says, ”What we resist is what we get.” Resistance only helps to keep a situation stuck. It is far better to Let-Go and let them go their way, and you go yours.

And the truth is, you must discover the wisdom to Let-Go for yourself. No one else can do it for you. The wisdom to Let-Go will come from how you learn to view, SEE the world…and your place in it.

Artificial Stress maintains its power over you only so long as you allow it to intimidate you. The challenge, as Susan Blackmore suggests, in The Meme Machine, is to Unplug before your habitual reactions incapacitate you and your addictions recovery. Susan Blackmore's site is worth your time.

Take action.

Re-define Your Life.

Risk redefining your life. Let-Go, Let-God.

* The robin doesn’t sing because it’s happy,

* The robin is happy because it sings.

Courage is the exhibiting of valor in the face of absolutes. It’s about your examining and exploring the most basic questions of your life. It’s about relying on the immediate experience of the present moment.

It’s not about beliefs, formulas, or traditions. It is about present freedom of mind.

By SEEING beyond your illusions, the ambiguity of situations becomes an opportunity for open exploration and engagement.

You then believe what you SEE instead of what you or someone else thinks. You experience freedom. Abstinence, sobriety and serenity become possible. Author’s Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness Information.

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It Is Your Move. Rediscover your life.

Take action, make the decision, here and now.

Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness is here for you.

* And Remember: There are a few sages, but not one stupid tree. It is not the answers which enlighten us, but, the questions.

Letting-go enables us to creatively work with the inevitable. A creative approach to ensure your Addictions Recovery.

Of course, we still have to cut our own wood and carry our own water. So…

Don’t get in your own way. Finf your Activities of Daily Living for Sobriety and Serenity.