Knowledge of Addictions Can Help Ensure Abstinence and Sobriety.

Self-Help Knowledge builds self confidence.

Addiction Recovery Tools and knowledge to apply them grounds your recovery.

Knowledge of Addictive Behavior and Personal Awareness can ensure your addictions recovery.

You can use your new knowledge to find Awareness and to learn the skills necessary for recovery from addictive behaviors for your abstinence/sobriety.

Yes...Addictions Recovery is possible.

Particularly, if you acquire the necessary information, and follow the right steps. Don't be seduced by seemingly easy shortcuts, there are none to abstinence and sobriety.

No easy way, no free lunches, if you truly want meaningful personal relationships, spirituality, and freedom from Artificial Stress.

Your recovery from addictive behavior requires planning ahead. Then means proceeding at a pace which leads to your maintaining your sobriety.

We have arranged the site's informational content to make natural progress from your abstinence decision through needed knowledge of services and treatments to a full life with sobriety and sabotage free relationships.

Of course, you progress at your own pace.

So, as you would with any serious undertaking, and your addictions recovery is certainly that, you want a strong enduring foundation with specific clear immediate expectations and the resources to accomplish them.

Sabotage blocks Addictions Recovery. Your determination to maintain your abstinence boundaries is essential. Freedom from Artificial Stress and substance abuse then strengthens your abstinence and enhances your sobriety.

what works is developing new approaches and relationships to enhance daily life.

Find Self-Help at Addictions-Recovery,

We can realize Addiction Is A Spiritual Disease.

There Is Nothing But Your Thinking Makes It So.

We think you'll find that help here. Lets start at the beginning.

The Knowledge material is focused on modification of addictive behaviors. You can use it to address a wide range of addictions.

For example, some behaviors might include, food, sex, porn, gambling, work, hoarding, collecting, technology, or internet use.

Some behaviors called addictive may appear to be more compulsive or obsessive. Addictions come in all sizes, shapes, and flavors.

We could be in deep water here, because not everyone agrees on the terms or their meanings. Others address the addictions problem as dislocation, that is poor psychosocial integration including meaninglessness with stress and despair thrown-in as root causes.

Our material's content places an emphasis on stopping the addictive behavior and then passionate living for something positive.

It is certainly true that many people with addictive behaviors are dislocated and cut-off from the myriad intimate relationships normally between people and groups, from the family to the spiritual community.

Human contacts are essential for every person in every type of society. In essence, people’s essential need for meaning and spirituality. The sources of self-concept core values from which we all operate in the world.

A spiritual approach helps people transcend their circumstances, over-come self-concept deficits, and whatever is restricting or hindering their defiant human spirit. Then they can discover new meaning and purpose in life.

Failure to meet your human and spiritual needs probably means failure of your long-term personal recovery from addictive behavior.

Your Personal Addictions Recovery needs to include spiritual healing: the process of reconnection to your true self, others, and to God, as you accept the concept.

Your personal sobriety plan can assure abstinence.

Addiction Recovery Starts With Self Care.

Emphasis on abstinence and sobriety is necessary, but, with equal focus on healthy and meaningful living. Which is finding hope, and a sense of optimism which accepts reality while affirming faith and meaning.

You want Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for restoration of your total self to wholeness. This includes the services and treatments necessary for addiction control.

Your journey must include restoration to the fullness of life, in essence, personal transformation. You want success in your quest for meaning and discovery of life purpose.

Then you can confront and accept the reality of your addiction, no matter how bleak or painful the conditions. This is a necessary first step for healing.

Say “yes” to life.

Do Not Blow Out Your Candle and Curse The Darkness.

You can exhibit courage and strength, along with persistence and hope, in the face of setbacks and seemingly hopeless relapse situations. Affirm your courage and faith. You can rediscover a purpose and passion for living.

Let-go, Let-God Awareness enables you to live free of addictive illusions and the Artificial Stress they create. You can block the sabotage of the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People. Here's How To Stop Alcohol Abuse.

We must meet the inevitable on equal footing in the next emerging moment.

With this Unplugged Awareness you can learn to accept love, and to have respect for your real self. This is most important because you have to first love yourself, before you can love or respect anyone else.

Loving one's self can be difficult for some. And that difficulty can get in the way of your personal addiction recovery. Let-go,

Let-God Awareness will certainly call upon your personal courage to see people and things as they are. Only then can you really accept them. And perhaps, in addition, you can see and accept yourself as well.

In your pursuit of knowledge for personal addiction recovery, don't blame the egg, for not being a chicken. You have to play it as it lays.

If you want to let go of addictive behavior and the Artificial Stress including the associated fear, tension, anger, doubt, guilt, and ambiguity and prevent it from sabotaging your personal resources and potential addictions recovery success, you'll discover a good start on the Sabotage Screen.

For now lets explore Skills. Knowledge includes our Spiritual Practice.

Knowledge and Skills Can Ensure Your Personal Recovery Success