Is-fat-a-family-affair ? Judi Hollis, Ph.D. says yes, it is living a lie.

Is-Fat-A-Family-Affair: Hollis' book "Fat Is A family Affair" may help us let fat go, so we’ve reviewed it.

To let go seeking solace and satisfactions in food will mean we will have to grow up.

Growing up means we will have to change our addictive relationship with food.

Saying No to Food can mean Yes to Life.

Is-Fat-A-Family-Affair makes a good question for all of us overweight and obese folks to ask themselves.

Because, as we grow up we get so many things from our family environment. In addition to the genes transfer, we learn how to live in the world.

We acquire many of our habits, interpersonal skills, and coping behaviors. We learn to like one thing and dislike another. Food choices, preferences, and portions are passed on to us.

Is-fat-a-family-affair? Well, research indicates that if one parent is overweight or obese, there is a good chance the offspring will be too. If both parents are obese or overweight, the odds are almost certain the offspring will be likewise.

“Fat-is-a -family-affair” as Judi Hollis explains, “because we’ve been living with a dishonest person (ourselves) who sought to survive by living a lie.

To win love and admiration, we acquired an “As If” personality, becoming what others needed and losing our sense of inner self.” I call it being the hollow man.

“And when that true person cried out to be heard, we drowned it out with food.”

Recovery from an Eating Disorder requires a sincere journey to find the real self.

“Most of us are unable to find the way on our own because we wear blinders when forks loom up in the path. It is easier to trudge the well beaten, painful path than to risk the unknown.”

Is-Fat-A-Family-Affair ?

The habits, bias, and outright prejudices, “I don’t eat shellfish, daddy always said, they aren’t meant to be eaten!” is an example of our family learned choices and the reasons for them. We have thousands. And often proud of them.

Of course, family helps us stay fat, as long as we keep the faith, and… Keep Eating. As long as we ignore our Hungry Heart’s message:

“Something is Wrong with my life.

Maybe, I have a Food Addiction.” See how Food Addiction relates to your life.

To recover from an Eating Disorder, we must let go our Food Addiction:

To do this we have to give birth to our real self.

Our Hungry Heart needs to find a way to be heard. And then carry that message with us into a new life. Where love is not equated with food.

In the family, we got nurturance without being vulnerable through food. But then it is food addiction which is killing us.

“Food is that single, solitary, lonely substance that is ever ready and never fails. Food never expects anything of us. No small talk, not even a shower.

People are not that predictable or dependable. Sometimes they expect too much.” Sometimes their hungry hearts want love in return for love.

Early in life, we chose the controlled security of food, and food itself became uncontrollable. Now to recover we must give up food and return to Others. This affects everyone in our lives.

Of course, is-fat-a-family-affair makes renegotiating relationships much tougher than fasting. It can be very hard. Recovery from an eating disorder means turning to nurturance from people.

In fact, you are going to have to mess up your food deal. You won’t be able to eat in the same old way anymore. Old attitudes and behaviors have to shift and go.

Give up the defiance.

You have to see abstinence, dieting, or weight loss as a reward rather than a deprivation. The reward will be that you are able to feel and live your own life. Not an “As If” existence.

You gain a new sense of priorities, “Progress, not perfection.” You can let the old “judge” go. You are committed to your new food, eating, diet plan. Food Addiction is an American Epidemic.

You probably know that fat is a family affair.

Is-fat-a-family-affair? It started early, loving food is a lot safer than loving people. Seeking solace in food is a way to stay in control, without risk.

Rather than risk not being cared for well enough, you decided to do it yourself with food.

You must learn to change this unnatural relationship with food into a new relationship with others. Our attachment to food resembles a relationship addiction.

Food has to become as substance to fuel your physical engine. Nothing else. It is not love, sex, God, SKA music or Rock and Roll. It is just food. Weight Loss is possible, Find our how.

Chose: Eat to Live or Live to Eat.

Yes, newness and change can be terrifying. No doubt about it. It will be hard to weather the many changes and new experiences in your life. In fact, it can be hard as hell. No joke about it.

It is a life changing event. And for life. You can get a handle on Binge Eating, see how.

Fat doesn’t have to be your family’s affair.

A simple, but, workable definition of addiction is, When you don’t have it, you feel bad; and when you do have it, you don’t feel good. Is this your relationship with food?

What is the answer to dealing with fat-is-a-family-affair, and our preoccupation with food? You might consider your Spirituality, in relation to food.

Is-Fat-A-Family-Affair ? The ANSWER

1, Accept that what is wrong is more than just a weight problem.

2. Accept the seriousness of your condition and the uselessness of simple half way measures.

3. Accept that it is difficult to change. All other life projects may pale by comparison.

4. Accept fully and completely exactly who and what you are. Give up the struggle to “be someone else.”

5. Accept you may need help, perhaps lots of it. There is no birth of consciousness without pain. Is your life sidetracked by obesity?

Is-Fat -A-Family-Affair?

Well, your willpower has died of obesity.

Overeaters Anonymous Can Help.

We asked Is-Fat-A-Family-Affair? Judi Hollis says YES in her great book “Fat Is A Family Affair” and recommends that OA knows how hard it is. Consider a copy of “Fat Is A Family Affair” for yourself. Here’s a direct link.

NO to Food is YES to Life.

Is-Fat-A-Family-Affair? Find help at OA…Overeaters Anonymous.

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