I-Am-Addiction, when you know me you’ll be overcome with uncontrollable drug seeking behavior and use.

I-Am-Addiction when you embrace me guilt will be your constant companion.

I-Am-Addiction when you adopt me every system in your body will become involved.

I-Am-Addiction. I offer you a pretty tough way where possible outcome consequences are disabling and include the opportunity for prison or death.

It will take your brain 90 days to reset itself if you choose to partake of rehab. The sleeper effect, a gradual reemerging of competent decision making and brain functioning will probably return after you’ve abstained for three months.

Even the sight of white sugar powder will trigger and unleash a drug craving. The clink of glasses will activate your alcoholic brain/mind urges like a Christmas tree. Smells and aroma of spirits will put you back in the game.

I can lead you to excessive behaviors. You’ll know intoxication is good and you’ll want to do it again. That’s addiction.

I'll rob you of your self-respect, your job, family, spouse, and even your life.

I-Am-Addiction. Can you confront me?

Yes. Probably with help.

You can learn to Let-Go-Let-God.

I-Am-Addiction you need Addictions-Recovery

Do You Know My Impulses, Urges, Triggers, and Old Friends?

You’ll need medical stabilization before you can really confront me. Before you body’s brain/mind can gain control of your daily life.

You’ll have to give up your search for immature gratifications. You’ll have to give up your self-seeking behaviors. And give up your dependent childlike responses.

Recovery? Overcoming me will require you to grow up. You’ll have to start acting like an adult. Take up a grown person’s mature role of self responsibility. All your left over dependency issues just get in the way of your recovery.

To get me out of your life you’ll have to learn to take responsibility not only for yourself and your behaviors and actions; but also for the other people in your life.

To no longer have a need for me, you can no longer see yourself as powerless in the face of addictive cravings and urges. As Addiction I can no longer have a place, a presence, in your recovered life. Ever. Ever!

Then you’ll be able to say: “I am no longer an addicted person any longer.”

I-Am-Addiction whether substance abuse such as alcoholism, or other drugs, or food, or behavior like sex, porn, or gambling.
The mind of The Addict is a scary place, experience it for yourself.

Is Addiction an attempt to relieve our pain, respond to desire?

And whether you first sought relief or a reprieve from shame, stress, or boredom. It all doesn’t really matter.

You chose the addictive path whether the substance of choice for use was usually considered an addicting thing or not.

You chose to use a substance or behavior to produce temporary pleasure in hopes of dislodging your pain, stress, or shame. I understand, I am addiction.

Let me give you a few inside secrets.

You need less addictive, healthier means to ease or let go your pain.

You think of your pleasure, your pain, as a sort of simple absolute, an innate thing. It is not. Pleasure is a piece of evolved body/brain/mind machinery for turning off various parts of the brain itself.

Pleasure is like sleep. It can turn off parts of your brain so you can keep the memory of the things you are trying to learn. It, pleasure, protects the short term memory buffers of your brain.

I-Am-Addiction. Pleasure is my free ride. But, pleasure has a bug, a “virus,” me, which is, if you gain control of pleasure, you keep doing it. That is whatever produced the pleasure in the first place. It feels good.
Spirituality offers women real hope for addiction recovery.

Is Addiction a Brain Disease, if so where do we "Catch" It?

If you can control your pleasure centers, you can turn off your brain.

Now, that is a very serious bug which gives birth to me: Addiction.

So you, whether, a football fan, a pop music devotee, a TV or computer game addict, or just can’t get enough pain-killers, sex, porn, or religion, have an addiction.

They are all suppressing your normal regular human goals. And they are doing something else. They are destroying your possible regular normal life. Call it what you want.


I am a very serious bug.

I am the symptom of our times.

I am the search for immature gratifications.

I am self seeking behavior resembling a dependent child.

We need to Grow Up.

Yes, I-Am-Addiction, I know I am like a giant buffet in America. And over much of the world for that matter. Addictions Recovery means letting go Obsolete Relationships.

Now my last bit of advice, There Are Alternatives To Choose.

When you turn to experiencing ANY experience, from solace to the exclusion of meaningful involvement in the rest of your life, you engage in your addiction.

Activities which give rise to a satisfying adult life also enable you to give me up, give addiction up. So you can unplug, let go.

Satisfying activities of real adult life are the tools for overcoming addiction. In fact, they can prevent addiction in the first place.

You can get more satisfactions living without me than you can get from sustaining me. And that’s a fact.

Yes, I-Am-Addiction.

And your recovery rests on maintaining balance, that precious middle ground. That area where you work creatively with the forces of the inevitable. Seek unity and order in the midst of complexity. Balance.

I-Am-Addiction. I am tired, give me a rest.

The amount of your self discipline demonstrates your degree of self care.

Thank You for Listening.


The Ultimate Guilt Blocker.
Give Serenity Life Practice a consideration for Recovery.

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