How to Survive any Kind of Addiction

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

It feels good when you do something you enjoy. However, when this particular something

turns out to be harming you and the people around you perhaps it’s time to stop.

The problem is it’s not that easy to just walk away when you’ve already gotten used to the act.
Your addiction needs to be managed, and here are some tips that can help no matter what
kind of addition you have:

1. Don’t give it up in one go. Be gradual about it. The main reason why most people
fail to let go of their unhealthy vice is because they want to drop it everything in an

And if you’ve been drinking unhealthy levels of alcohol for the past month
or year or decade, simply dropping the habit is almost impossible. Your body will
crave it so bad and you will end up relapsing. The better approach is lessening the
importance of your addiction in a gradual manner.

Decrease the number of cigarette
sticks you consume per day until you can finally stand not smoking. Limit your
gambling money until you get bored of betting with just a small amount to spare.

2. Turn your mind to other things, but make sure that it’s not another vice. There’s no
benefit in changing your addiction if it’s just as unhealthy as the first one.

why don’t you find something productive to do?

Get involved in community service,
for one, or try to learn a new activity. Just make sure that the activity you involve
yourself in has benefits rather than disadvantages.

3. Spend time with people who are not addicted to something. When you are in the
company of people who are unhealthily obsessed with one thing or another, they
might rub in the same level of addiction towards you. Even if their addiction is not
the same as yours, it could convert you into someone addicted to another thing.

The goal is to get rid of any kind of addiction, so surround yourself with people who can
help you rationalize between the things you need and the things you want.

4. Set a penalty for when you give in to the urge. Make it a hard one. For example, set
a fine for every time you use up a cigarette or drink a bottle of beer.

Force yourself to do unforgiving chores whenever you spend unnecessarily on shopping. To get rid
of that unhealthy habit of gambling, make yourself do additional work at the office.
More unappealing penalty is better so that you will not be encouraged to break bad.

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