How to Stick to Your Diet and Fitness Plan on a Regular Day

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Celebrities can shed pounds like they’re shedding clothes, which is inspiring for all of us common folks. However, the regular working adult does not have the luxury of hiring fitness coaches and personal nutritionists. Most of what we can afford to do for our dieting goals involve do-it-yourself shopping and a lot of common sense. Here are some tips for maintaining your health and sticking to your diet on a regular day.

Practice Discipline During Mealtimes

For a while, you will have to stop going out for lunch with some co-workers, especially when you’re still trying to adjust to your new diet. Bring your packed lunch with you when you really need to go to the cafeteria with them, or when you couldn’t bear to eat alone. After you’ve gotten used to this routine, seeing your favorite foods in the eating places will become a part of the routine and they won’t bother you anymore. It helps if you have visual reminders that help you resist the junk food. Bring your calorie journal along, or solicit the support of your friends.

Make Time for Exercise

Exercise is the partner of a good diet, and without it, you’ll be feeling miserable about being hungry and not seeing much improvement. When you exercise, you will notice the changes in your body more. When you’re on the treadmill or

carrying weights along with other people in the fitness center, you really feel good. Exercise releases adrenaline, gets your heart rate up and lets you sweat out your pent-up work stress.

Find Friends That Share Your Fitness Goals

Having a support network is one thing, and having your support network along for the ride is another thing. Convince some friends to go with you to the gym or start a healthy eating routine with you. When you have each other, monitoring your eating habits can be easier. You can be each other’s diet police. Arrange to meet after work to run around the park or go to yoga class. Buy matching gym bags, bring your tennis rackets to work so you can play a round of tennis afterwards, or keep tabs on each other’s calorie count.

Motivate Yourself

Motivation can be in the form of a screensaver on your work computer that tells you why you’re trying to lose weight. You can also use your social media networks to stay motivated. During your break, why not find out if your fitness trainer has a twitter or facebook page so that you can subscribe? Join online communities that discuss the many ways to keep your health in top shape.

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