Help for Codependency-Dual-Addicted

by EAR
(In Recovery)

Recovery from Dual Addictions is Possible.

Recovery from Dual Addictions is Possible.

Real Help for Codependency-Dual-Addicted

We Codependents, can have any combination of issues or addictions: gambling, sex, love, drug, alcoholism, codependency, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, bipolar, anorexia, bulimia, other eating disorders, manic depression, or attention deficit disorder.

The issues and combinations are nearly endless. Codependency isn’t minor. The problems from it can progress, become fatal, or cause relapse unless we address those issues.

It’s common for codependents to medicate emotions. There are any number of choices: alcohol, illegal drugs, OTC, OPP, food and sex. Codependency hurts. Addiction’s urges, cravings, and triggers just come at us.

Again, it’s about crossing lines. When we cross the line from social or problem drinking, or pseudo addiction into true alcoholism and addiction, alcoholism becomes a primary problem of its “ own.”

But, at some time, to continue our healing, we need to address the issues underneath. Codependency is one.

Bac in the seventies, when people got sober and stopped self medicating, the problems they medicated would suddenly appear. ( They’d just pop out.)

Sometimes they would come out of nowhere. We didn’t have answers for them yet. We hadn’t named the pain. When an unnamed problem without

a solution appeared, the recovering person with the underlying problem felt disappointed, confused, and crazy.

Sobriety-which promised so much, let them down. It’s time to forgive ourselves for having issues. It’s not like addicts and codependents are the only people with problems.

We don’t live in a “we” and “them” world. It’s one big “us.” We’re people learning lessons. Everyone has something and some of us have two things. Some have three or four.

Don’t rush it. If you’ve recently begun recovering from alcoholism, don’t force another recovery on yourself. When the time is right it’ll happen.

When and if another recovery issue presents itself, or if you’re in recovery for one issue and your recovery
stops working, see if there’s another problem underneath.

If trustworthy people say it quacks and waddles, check to see if it’s a duck. Ask questions! We’ll get answers because now the answers are here. Welcome Double Winners. Stop resisting. Surrender. Win two or three times!

Thanks for listening…We reviewed
“the New Codependency” Help and Guidance for Today’s Generation By Melody Beattie…Published by Simon and Shuster…

Get yourself a copy and enjoy a better life.
Good Luck…EAR

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