Food Addiction

by Becka
(new york)

I have an addiction to food and i always am thinking about food no matter what I'm doing. I don't actually know that food addiction is real but when i typed it on the internet i found out that it is real, and being depressed cant help it at all. then i got to start thinking if i am depressed, i'm pretty much always moody but i 'want to be but i am, i just cant help it. when i walk into the kitchen i could eat all the food there no matter how full i am and its very frustrating. does anyone have any ideas on how to help??

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Oct 09, 2010
There is recovery help available.
by: Anonymous

Becka....Often the suggestion of help is seen as interference. This is not meant to be that.

If you have a regular Doctor you have used or seen in the past, hopefully one you sorta trust to tell you the truth. Consider seeing him or her and sharing your feeling about food, and possibly depression.
Eating may be away you are trying to deal with depression. Finding something which makes you feel better if only for a little while.

It sounds simplistic, but, often real solutions are just that. Of course, a community mental health clinic might also be of help.

Sorry this suggestion is late. Just saw your note.
In any case, you are not alone. Most of us Americans overeat. And struggle with it.
But some do prevail and learn to manage it.

The best to you.

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