Food-Addiction: Are you part of the “Hungry Heart” epidemic?

Food-Addiction making you fat? Obese?

There is Diet help and Weight Loss hope here for regaining control.

Food-Addiction is being inordinately preoccupied with food or eating food as well as the anticipation of the pleasure the eating will bring.

Eating Addictions comes in all shapes, colors, and intensity. Food is an animal preoccupation and an addiction for many of us as well.

Food-Addictions can be very serious, not just fat and certainly not funny.

Eating Disorders have a variety of names and spellings, such as aneroxia, anorexia, bulimia, bulimia nervosa, compulsive over-eaters, binge eating, food junkies, and food addicts.

Over eating as an Addiction is like alcohol, drugs, sex, or gambling and is treatable.

We offer a straight-forward approach to Food-Addiction. This approach includes inspiration and motivation to deal with the addictive behavior and suggestions for dieting and weight loss. It is always a positive learning approach. Experience Feeding-Hungry-Hearts, know the basis of our addiction.

Overcome Compulsive Eating with genuine help.

Experience Quick-Weight-Loss.

Compulsive Eating is Food Addiction.

Genuine Weight Loss can be yours, take a look.

We can STOP the Compulsive Eating.

To best understand addiction to food, you want to grasp the multiple ways it manifests so many aspects.

As we mentioned, in food obsession-addiction there are any number of eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa, and Bulimia are two serious problem areas.

Of course, from obesity springs forth our major interactions with food-addiction. Weight Loss programs, Diet plans, low fat, low cal, low carb, and a lot of money spent.

We try to cover each major concern with a screen or so linked to it. Let me explain, “When you finish those screens you’ll have a clearer goal for your diet and weight loss, a REAL plan for weight control you can be successful with.

REAL means Regular Eating And Living.

Behind individual aspects of over eating and the Fat it often brings we’ll see how each behavior or preoccupation feeds our hungry hearts, our sense of being unsatisfied.

Personal-Recovery-Tools addresses the underbelly of food-addiction. The root cause as well as the day-to-day steps to food-addiction recovery.

All Diet, Weight Loss, and Eating Disorder screens related to Food-Addiction are attached and available from links below on the page. Book Mark this page and you have easy access to them.

The real question here is whether our food addiction really satisfies our hungry heart?

How did we get our hungry heart? What makes it so hungry? Sidetracked By Obesity? Life on Hold?

Addictive food Eating is akin to Binge-Eating. Discover Resources.

Is-Fat-A-Family-Affair is something you should consider.

Sidetracked-by-Obesity ? Take a Hard Look At Your Hungry Heart..

Lets take a really hard look at the real reasons for our hungry heart.

Well, since many of us had no adequate training or education for adulthood, we have to make it up as we go along. Some of us can hardly run fast enough to keep up, or hang on. So as the Ancient Chinese proverb says:

“If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.”

When expressing our real need to someone else was squashed, we felt ridiculed and shamed. The needs of others came first. Ours could wait.

We ignored our own interpersonal and life satisfactions. So now we try to make up our lost satisfactions with food.

Food-Addiction is our Ever-Ready best friend and constant lover.

We become skilled at substituting food for other satisfactions our hungry hearts yearn for, yet, our hearts stay hungry. Is Your Life Sidetracked By Obesity?

Favorite Foods taking your life down?

Some useful REAL facts.

Brain neurons which fire together wire together. Action and mind are linked. The brain decides which items, actions, ideas, or values, to save. Repetition is the key to permanent imprinting.

Imprint your mind positively by personal actions and positive self talk and affirmations. Don’t get good at bad habits.

Smelling and just tasting our favorite foods can elevate the dopamine in our brains. Dopamine is associated with our feelings of pleasure and reward. Want the Great Secret to Diet and Weight Loss?

“Look within…The secret is inside you.”

Eating, like illicit drugs is highly reinforcing. This is a real round-a-bout. A cat chasing its tail.

Our evolutionary history of eating for safety, heritage, warmth, and relief of stress or pain simply hammers our new diet or weight loss plan.

Our good diet intentions dissolve under the ages of our body learning to survive. To deal with Food-Addiction we must join forces with our powerful, natural ability to positively imprint our subconscious.

We have used words like fat, diet, weight loss, obesity and eating disorders, but, we have to be careful how we use these words to imprint our non-conscious.

Our non-conscious brain/mind only knows “Yes.” Our subconscious doesn’t understand Not or No.

An example: If I say, “I will not overeat.” My conscious mind hears it as I say it. But my subconscious, my non-conscious hears and imprints, “I will overeat.” Our subconscious imprinting seems to leave out the “Not.”

Make all your Diet and Weight Loss self talk positive. Don’t use will not, can’t, won’t. Use positive statements: I will, I want, I am, I will follow my program.

Food-Addiction is embedded in our brain/mind and sensory systems. For example, eating chocolate or even looking at a picture of it turns on the pleasure centers in the brains of cravers far above those who don’t crave chocolate. Can you relate to Fat as a Family Affair? Maybe?

Cravings, Urges and Impulses got you all the time?

For the cravers, viewing pictures of chocolate activates the same part of the brain known to be involved in drug addiction. Once fed some things, chocolate for instance, and some drugs, our hungry heart gains a new master.

Simple anticipation is replaced with neurological compulsion. In Food-Addiction our own bodies can become enemies. We quickly learn to use words like fat, diet, obesity, and weight gain.

The key here seems to be that as long as we live , we need to keep learning how to live.

Apparently that includes eating.

Whatever we learn to do, whether negative or positive, we learn by doing.

If you are struggling with some type of Food issue the screen links below can offer you some real help with issues such as Overweight, Dieting, Weight Loss, Eating Disorders, And Belly Fat.

In considering weight loss be sure and review the effects of Martians diet sabotage.

Food-Addiction is riddled with Martian Sabotage. Learn to UNPLUG. Addictions all have a similiarity.

Share Your Dieting Success or Concerns.

Probably diet and weight loss are natural areas for sharing recovery successes, tips and ideas.

We all profit when we share. Sharing helps free us from closed inner thoughts, and is an open an opportunity for others to gain useful recovery ideas.


Weight Loss Tips: Secrets to Diet Success.

Most of us have have several personal dieting stories we can tell. Do you have a great story about weight loss? Diet or weight loss Success? Help us. Share it!

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Jill Knapp had to lose her addiction to food to get off 100 pounds. 
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Jill Knapp had to lose her addiction to food to get off 100 pounds. 
Jill Knapp Wife,Mom,Diabetes Advocate Before weight: 237 For years I was depressed about being over weight. I had know Idea about food addiction back …

Jill Knapp had to lose her addiction to food to get off 100 pounds. 
Jill Knapp Wife,Mom,Diabetes Advocate Before weight: 237 For years I was depressed being over weight. I had no idea about food addiction back then. …

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