Food Addiction: Obligatory Eating will make you over-weight and FAT!

by George Harris

Obesity Can Kill You.

Obesity Can Kill You.

Food Addiction: Obligatory Eating will make you over-weight and FAT!

The solution is Mindful Awareness of your eating stimulus. They are probably inside your brain.

Obligatory eating is fueled by guilt. Probably started with Mama and her, “Eat your dinner, Helen. Think of all those hungry children in China.”

Well, the majority of those hungry children in China are gone, yet we are victims of Forced Feeding most often by those we “love.” Love isn’t obesity, obesity can mean diabetes, amputations and staggering medical care bills.

Still, we eat the cookies Margo brought yesterday. Take the second helping of turkey stuffing grandma made, and always have some of Jon’s Bar B Qued southern ribs. That sweet and syrupy sauce is the best east of the Mississippi River.

Losing weight is really Simple, Yes. Certainly, just eat less calories than you burn. Simple as that. And there are thousands of folks willing to help you do it. For a price.

But, until you confront your obligatory eating, you’ll be doomed to failure. S.N.U.Ps, Martians and Drain People have you in their grasp. They will help you Sabotage any weight loss program, or diet regimen.

To lose weight, as an obligatory eater, you will need to confront the issue inside yourself, and very probably confront the people in your personal world who feed you.

They are

loving you to DEATH. One cookie at a time. Just like they will do to an alcoholic with, “Harvey, Lets have just one more for the road.”

Nobody mentioned the possibility of a DUI/DWI.
Nobody mentioned the possibility of a diabetic ulcer amputation. Or heart disease. Friends these folks are, well-meaning, but we must help them help us.

It is tough to say “Mom, No, Thanks, I just can’t afford to gain back the 40 pounds, it took me two years to lose it.”

But first you have to become aware of what is happening, stop living in a dream state. Cookies do count, so does Aunt Harriet’s Creamed Pumpkin Pie.

Mindful Awareness of what you are doing in the minutes of your day counts. The alcoholic has one immediate goal in sobriety, abstinence. No drink alcohol, Jon.

But you have many more temptations, and tempters.

Weight Watchers, God bless them, have their magazine full of great food recipes. Temptations galore.

But, maybe there is a message here. You can have great food, but only in appropriate amounts, depending upon your body’s needs.

Start today trying to be aware of WHY you are eating what you are eating. Food Addiction is a family affair. Recovery from obsessive eating is your affair.

Give awareness a chance, we do become what we do. For better or worse.

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