Feeding-Hungry-Hearts requires finding your real personal non-food satisfactions.

Feeding-Hungry-Hearts can change and recover successfully.

Why we call our weight loss and dieting approach Feeding-Hungry-Hearts.

Feeding-Hungry-Hearts answer is that very few weight loss or dieting efforts show long term success. Food and fat just creeps back.

We all really know this weight loss fact to be true. My hungry heart often chooses food over love.

Hunger is deeply personal…it is the unanswered side of our dreams; it is born of the need for completion, fulfillment and serenity.

As Geneen Roth explains in her book which we review here: Feeding The Hungry Heart is our experience of compulsive eating.

But, we can overcome the emotional hungers which lie behind our secret food binges.

Our compulsion speaks in our individual personal language based on the unique ways our different hungers drive us. That is whether our hunger is grounded in frustrated relationships or unexpressed feelings.

We trade eating, drinking, drugs, tobacco, sex, gambling and a number of other behaviors for love. For many of us food does equal love. We truly have found nourishment for our hungry hearts.

Understand Food-Addiction and you can understand Feeding-Hungry-Hearts.

Weight Loss is within You, not necessarily Out There.

The drive to eat compulsively is not an uncontrollable instinct; it is a cry for help.

The problem is that it doesn’t really satisfy for long, and often brings with it more troublesome consequences.

Addiction and compulsive behaviors often follow. Even the very serious conditions of bulimia and anorexia can result. Feeding-Hungry-Hearts need full attention and care.

Certainly, it is not news to many of us that obesity and being overweight are a national obsession.

Over half of us adults in the US are on a diet and probably half the kids should be also. Those who do manage to lose a few pounds often gain it back the coming year.

The real problem is an internal emotional one: You can never get enough of what you don’t really want. Does Compulsive eating have you by the throat?

Realize the Lonliness of the long distance binger. Here is Help.

Binges are often lone, desperate acts punctuated by hysteria and self-hatred. A binge from the inside can be a deep and dark place.

It can be a descent into a world in which every restriction you have placed on yourself is cut loose.

The forbidden is obtainable, within reach. Nothing...not friends, not family, not lovers. Nothing matters, but the compulsion, in our case FOOD.

Binging is the only way many of us know how to give to ourselves without holding back. We are like the blind dog in the meat house. But, with us, binges are acts of rebellion.

“I am tired of feeling deprived, of being told I am wrong, that I am bad. I am tired of restriction: Rebellion.

Cravings, Urges, Impulses, and Triggers are our way to obesity.

As Karl Menninger explained: “Mental illness can be a striving for health, gone wrong. Binges can serve an important role in our lives.

In addition to being the direct line to a self that is calling out to be valued, they provide emotional release from situations that are difficult to handle.

For Feeding-Hungry-Hearts, fat, although a solution to problems, is not usually an effective one.

You know, somewhere deep down you know, even while you are swallowing chunk after chunk of whatever you can find, that food never quite gets to what is really bothering you.

If the reason you eat is intangible…a desire unfilled, a need unexpressed, feelings unspoken…no tangible substance is going to be able to meet it satisfactorily.

Like trying to fit a star into the shape of a circle, there are always empty spaces; there is always a hunger that you can’t define.

Feeding-Hungry-Hearts: Look again at your feelings about fat and fat people. Chances are, they’re myths. Are you Sidetracked By Obesity...You can get back on track.

Taking care of ourselves is our first responsibility. Self care is self respect.

Start giving yourself what you need in ways other than food. It will not happen forcefully or with pressure; the process is natural, evolving as your self-concept changes. As you see self responsibility as self care.

Part of the process of un-convoluting your body image is realizing that your intrinsic value as a human being is not related to your extrinsic body weight, regardless of what the media tells you.

You can be fat and sensitive, creative and competent. Fat has little to do with intelligence or vitality.

Many of us forget that the abilities to give and receive love, to compromise, to listen, to hear, the qualities upon which our lives depend, do not weigh by the pound. How to Overcome Compulsive eating. You can Do It.

How do you know where self acceptance will take you if you've never allowed yourself to feel it.

Change is a natural result of awareness.

Food on a physical level is nourishment, but, on an emotional level it is not. We need emotional nourishment instead of trying to satisfy our hungry hearts with food.

Breaking free, as Roth says, is about realizing that other people’s opinions of, and projections onto our bodies has little to do with our bodies; they have to do with these people, their preferences, and their values, not yours.

Breaking free: We want to change in order to love ourselves, but we’ve got to love ourselves in order to change.

Happiness is difficult to find in ourselves, and impossible to find anywhere else.

Geneen Roth is my hero, she tells it like it is, not everyone does.

Geneen Roth closes her excellent work with this marvelous thought:

“In the moment between wakefulness and dreams, a question occurs to me: Could it be that happiness comes in moments…yellow-eyed cats, childhood smells, the glisten of moonlight, the clink of chimes?

Could it be that I am already happy, that I have been happy all these years without knowing it, but that happiness passes, rises and falls, goes away and comes back?

I wake up content, and work while the day passes from amber to pale lilac afternoon."

In Feeding-Hungry-Hearts, We become what we do.

Do You Agree? Fat is A Family Affair.