Evolving-Personal-Spirituality The majority of Addiction Recovery success is from rational and spiritual influences.

Spirituality within your personal lifestyle is often very effective and satisfying.

Addiction Recovery is well worth our efforts to consider a spiritual practice.

Evolving-Personal-Spirituality : The question is, “Why evolve your own spirituality?”

Our reason for suggesting you do so is, only if you don’t have a working belief, a faith, in one of the myriad teaching already available.

The reason for spirituality: Addiction Recovery is often enhanced by the inclusion of a spiritual focus and participation. In addition, the level of participation is often related to the level of addiction recovery. Why?

Our finding alternate non-addictive involvements to replace our addictions displaces our anguish on to a positive focus. This is especially true if we adopt an “other” focus, outside our selves.

So what comprises a “good” spiritual practice?

Often the arts, like spirituality, escape the purely rational.Some sense the spiritual in the marvels of nature. A rainbow, a sunset, the sheer majesty of the mountains affects us all.

The best spiritual practices affect us emotionally, like poetry, music, and paintings. There is an emotional bonding with these activities.

There is an art to poetry and to spirituality.

Often our connection is not easily verbalized. We try to put our sense of wonder into words, that’s where poetry verse is helpful. Yes You Can establish your own Spitituality Practice.

So, Why does Evolving-Personal-Spirituality enhance Addiction Recovery?

Sincere, full, participation in spiritual exercises benefits Addiction Recovery because basically, Addiction is a Spiritual Disease. Discover how Addiction is a Spiritual Disease.

Define your own Spirituality.

See Why Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease is.

We are more than rational beings. We respond to symbolism, essence beyond the reach of words.

We seek the ultimate reality. We seek to no longer be adrift.

Our primal anguish is for completion, fulfillment. We welcome spiritual awakening, an enlightenment. Consider the benefits of a Serenity Life Practice.

Evolving-Personal-Spirituality suggests …Don’t become…Be.

This requires aligning ourselves, our life, with the flow and direction of the universe, moment by moment. We come to know the Power of Now.

We can evolve and develop our personal concept of spirituality into an individual practice. We can have the timeless revelation of personal enlightenment.

In this, we can be free of the dogmatisms of the past. We can ride the waves of our life, and escape the narcissistic material obsessions many subscribe to. Develop and Enhance your Relationships as Spiritual Practice.

So, How do we go about Evolving-Personal-Spirituality?

Well, we work at it.

If you seek, you will find. When you are ready, a teacher will appear. And no, it isn’t as easy as saying it.

But it is possible. Let your spiritual impulses have some free reign. Loose the bounds of restraint. But, don’t delude yourself.

Let your personal spirituality come naturally. One rose, one rainbow, at a time. Prayer and meditation are special. Use them as the vehicles they are. Adapt your thinking to Awareness and Mindfulness, Start Now.

Evolving-Personal-Spirituality is seeing the transient nature of life, of all things.

And we just have the present moment.

Evolving-Personal-Spirituality frees us from being Addictions-Spiritual-Orphans.