You can get off the Diet-Sabotage Shuffle.

You can learn through awareness and personal action to stop Diet-Sabotage.

We’ll discover what motivates Diet-Sabotage.

Diet-Sabotage requires immediate action. You can learn to spot and deal successfully with those who try to sabotage your dieting and weight loss.

The SNUPS, Martians, and Drain People can be deflected from sabotaging your weight loss plan.

What motivates Diet Saboteurs?

It should come as no surprise that many people are threatened by change. It will mean their lives may be directly affected.

Changes in particular can affect Martians as they are usually very close to us. This also means that by being so close their sabotage often goes unchallenged.

Later we'll see how Martians go about their Diet-Sabotage.

Perhaps, in your case, some of the people around you may actually believe they want you to succeed in your weight loss plan.

Yet, by achieving your dieting goal, you may change in the process, or their relationship with you may somehow be altered if you succeed in your weight loss program. You don't have to be Sidetracked By Obesity. Learn How.

This possibility can seem real and be very threatening in martial relationships, especially those based on an addictive relationship.

Maybe, the threat of change, your newfound awareness and self-control, is making your diet saboteurs feel self conscious. Perhaps, concerned if you look better, they’ll look worse.

Again, we’re reminded that few are genuinely happy when someone else wins the lottery.

Some folks like being the shapely one or the pretty face, while you are “Mr. or Ms. Personality.” But Fat.

Your progress is in any case threatening. See if you are affected by The Mind of The Addict.

Open, honest communication can break through Diet-Sabotage.

See sabotage at work and how to break through.

“Surprise! I picked up dinner, a pizza, the Meat Marvel, from George’s Place.”

Helen didn’t understand.

David knew she was really into her new diet program.

Helen said to herself,

“David tells me he’s thrilled that I’ve started to lose weight. I am just confused.

Then as I lose a few pounds, and he starts undermining my success. Feeding me a Meat Marvel pizza. I wonder what’s going on here?”

If you’ve been into a diet program and losing weight before, you probably understand Helen’s frustration.

Maybe it was your mother who gave you the two pound box of dark chocolates for Easter, even though she knew you were determined to avoid fat and sugar.

We know they love and care about us.

So why do they behave in ways that feel more like diet-sabotage than supportive?

Discover how SNUPs Sabotage your Weight Loss.

What motivates Diet-Sabotage?

It is important to realize that although Diet-Sabotage can be exasperating, Martian’s actions are seldom planned to be or intentionally cruel.

You’ll probably find upon open inquiry that saboteurs think they have valid reasons for they behavior and understand their reasons.

The important lesson here is that immediate open communications can usually cut through the web of misunderstandings, hostility, unspoken feelings, or unresolved conflicts.

Of course, in any case, the SNUPS, Martians, and Drain People have to be confronted and their sabotage dealt with.

In reviewing Dr. Samper’s work in weight loss, we found a knowledgeable writer who produced a great workable program: “Lean For Life.”

It’s true value is in directing our effort to personal behavioral activities, which often make or break a dieting attempt. Want help with your diet Self Sabotage?

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Who are your saboteurs?

Look closely at your relationship with those people who came to mind as possible Saboteurs. Ask yourself:

1. What do you think made them engage in your weight loss Diet-Sabotage?

2. Are these folks usually supportive concerning other parts of your life?

3. If so, what can they do now---or stop doing immediately---to be supportive?

4. If they are never really supportive, what are you getting from the relationship which motivates you to continue it? See how to deal with SNUPS.

Discover the Martian’s secret for sabotage.

Diet-Sabotage: See how Drain People really operate.

Change the Odds.

Remember: Asking for something greatly increases the chance of getting it.

Personal: Most of our judgments of others are not nearly as harsh as our judgments of ourselves.

So don’t set yourself up. Do the hard thing. Sit back and relax and say, “It is OK to be me.”

And no Mindless Eating. Act mindfully, rather than reacting mindlessly. And no Sin Eating either

A Strategy for Dealing with Diet-Sabotage.

When you feel someone is messing with your weight loss , take action immediately. Deal with it directly.

A confrontation is seldom necessary. However candor is your best approach. Four Steps that may help:

ONE. State the problem in a specific manner:

“You know, I am really into my diet program. And it certainly isn’t always easy. When you give me Dark Chocolate candy; it only makes it more difficult. “

TWO. Explain your feelings, be as specific as you can, and why you need help with the resolution:

“I’m frustrated. I know you do care about me. Yet, some of the things you do make my dieting tough. You are important to me and I know we can work this out. “

Detail what you want. Don’t assume the other person knows how to support you.

“I’d like it if sometimes our time together didn’t focus on food and eating so often. Instead of going to dinner next week, maybe, we can go to a new movie. Maybe, sometime we can just go for a walk.”

FOUR.Enlist support. Describe the results you want and expect and the benefits of your success. Reaffirm your goal.

“I’m going to look and feel healthier. I want you to know how much it means to know that you’re supporting me.”

Easy No. But definitely worth the effort. Discover Samper’s “Lean For Life.” a truly helpful program.

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” Water Bagehot