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Permanent Weight Loss Is Possible.

Permanent Weight Loss Is Possible.

Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise : the Food-Addiction truth.

Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise gives you the truth about Food-Addiction and weight-loss.
Real usable facts are an essential starting place.
Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise makes a Food-Addiction fat road for some and weight-loss success for others.


Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise doesn’t have to mean pain and then gain. Diet and Exercise work.
Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise : What do we know for sure about weight loss?

Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise, the truth about Food-Addiction may just make us hungry or want to reward ourselves.

Some of us eat more and make worse food choices after our bout with the gym. Must be more to it.

So what are we to do?

Well, we know physical activity is crucial for good health. The heavier who are physically active folks test out as healthier than the average of normal weight who aren’t active.

On the other hand, those deprived of adequate food, in prisons, labor camps, and some spas most always see weight loss and some times better health with it.

We can and do have CHOICES...Your weight is really up to you.

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Jul 11, 2012
Remember YOYO
by: Anonymous



Ain't no body gonna make you do it. You gotta do it on your own. MOVE. Don't matter how or when. Lots of folks sell it. But essentially it is FREE.

Free as the wind and the sky you walk under. MOVE

Yea. That's right. Every little bit counts.

Even those sexy moves you make to your self at evening tide. Yea THAT counts too. Little off for my usual prose.

Man. Woman. It all counts. Just Do It. MOVE

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