Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise makes a Food-Addiction a fat road for some and weight-loss success for others. Why?

Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise doesn’t have to mean pain and then gain. Diet and Exercise can work.

Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise : What do we know for sure about weight loss?

Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise, the truth about Food-Addiction may just make us hungry or want to reward ourselves. Some of us eat more and make worse food choices after our bout with the gym. Must be more to it.

So what are we to do?

Well, we know physical activity is crucial not only for good health, but for any health. The heavier who are physically active folks test out as healthier than the average of normal weight who aren’t active.

On the other hand, those deprived of adequate food, in prisons, labor camps, and some spas lose weight.

Of course, you can starve to death too. But, usually die from some associated medical connection first.

Understand Compulsive Eating, you can then deal with it.

Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise: Want the Absolute Weight Loss Plan?

Well here it comes: EAT LESS than you burn each day.

Now the real problem is doing just that each day.Day-by-day, Hour-by-hour. FOR LIFE.

The Weight Loss Tips you get here may seem to be simple. Yes, they are like a lot of things, look simple, but seemingly impossible for many to manage. But it is the answer.

“Simple.” Responsibility for one’s own behavior seems beyond many of us. Two million men in prison in US should clarify that or the morning paper.

One in ten Americans is taking an anti-depressant of one form or another. Why, because they experience life as not very comforting to them. Probably true.

Existential Angst in one form or another brings discomfort and pain, we look for relief “Out There.”

Many of us depend on booze, drugs, sex, food, porn, and other diversions of one form or another to keep us going.

Of course, sometimes with an occasional tear through several hundred dollars worth of Cardboard Crack which seems to help. Better known to the Bingo Industry as Pull Tabs.

Gambling is another of our “get through the day” pills. Gives life a little “Sparkle” for the moment.

A favorite saying is from a country western song:

“Just trying to get to New Orleans.”

Kris’ music says: “Help Me Make It through The Night.”

But food is the biggest crutch. No pun intended.2 out of 3 of us is OverWeight or Obese. A really big crutch.

My lunches at Golden Corral for the salad bar while doing Weight Watchers daily…meal by meal…says there are some really big folks in our country, and getting bigger and biggger.

Has Binge Eating got you in it's grasp?


OK. You Want the Absolute Answer Don’t You?

Well it takes Constant Vigilance. Temptations are everywhere. The SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People are ready to sabotage you at a moment’s notice.

The best food friend you can have is a good WW leader, who is knowable, honest, and helpful. Cause it seems you've got few "friends" when it comes to weight loss.

”Friends” compete with you, then cut you in your “failure”, show envy when you succeed, and they don’t. But what did you think the world is really like?

Ask the chickadees or nuthatches.

In the main are you part of the 99% or the 1%? The world is not always friendly, contrary to what we wish would be.

The world can be a completive self centered place. True, non-competing, understanding friends are rare, and to be cherished.

Therapy has been called the purchase of friendship. Pretty close. Giving you good honest advice like a real friend would.

Diet Sabotage comes from your SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People.

Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise: OK Here is The Secret Weight Loss Formula.

Everyday in everyway I will pay absolute attention to how much food I put in my mouth. Tracking food intake has been proven to help with control.

I will weigh my self each morning in my jammies. Accountability to someone or something can also help with control.

Any day I go up even an ounce I will cut back one goodie that day when feeding my self. I have abandoned the Fast Weight Loss kick.

I will seek my own council or professional help. If I seek and choose to use an organized program, I will conscientiously follow it, and not snipe.

I will pay special attention to Free Food. Costco and Sam’s Samples are examples.

I will not set my “friends” up to feed me. Hinting at a great food place. “I have been thinking about trying that new Mexican restaurant.”

I will learn who and what are my SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People and take action to deal with them and their diet sabotage.

I will find some other diversion instead of food to pacify my internal wants and cravings.

I know that:“There Is Nothing, But Thinking Makes It So.”

And finally I will walk or crawl if walking is not possible,For ten minutes a day. Not more not less for the first month.

And for the rest of my life. Yes life.

Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise: Is your First Class Life Sidetracked By Obesity?

You now have the Benefits of Diet and Exercise. Successful Weight Loss for a healthy mind and body.

Go in Peace. Fat No More.